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Nicola Sturgeon March 2021 update

Nicola Sturgeon 2020It has been a bit of time since I have commented on Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope.  In June 2016 I wrote the following:

On September 14 2018 Nicola Sturgeon enters the nineteen year Saturn period, and her Saturn is dreadfully placed, in Aries in the Seventh House.  Aries is the sign of Saturn’s fall, and it is prominently placed in the Seventh House.  Her luck will desert her, and her ability to handle other people, and to negotiate successfully, will be substantially degraded.

Any student of British politics will be able to tell you that this forecast has been somewhat problematic. I commented on this in February 2020:

Her Saturn dasa started on September 14 2018, if one takes a 365.25 day year.  The previous 16 years, from September 14 2002, were covered by Jupiter.  Her Jupiter is fortunate, being in the First House, but with the switch to the Saturn dasa one would expect things to deteriorate.  Clearly this is not what happened.  She maintained her position as First Minister of Scotland, and her party, the SNP, did very well in the December 12 2019 General Election.

So how does one explain Nicola Sturgeon’s continued success?  One might argue that things are not going well.  As a government, the SNP is racking up debt, and schools in Scotland are falling down international league tables in terms of reading, maths and science.  There is also a view that the effects of a new dasa don’t fully manifest until the start of the second sub-dasa, which in Nicola Sturgeon’s case is the Mercury sub-dasa of Saturn, which starts on September 17 2021.  Finally, we have to consider the possibility that Nicola Sturgeon is a creature of higher, collective forces, which can over-ride her horoscope, at least in the short term.

Another issue with Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope is the fact that in her Indian chart her Saturn has dik bala, or directional strength. This means, in Saturn’s case, that it is in the Seventh House.  Perhaps dik bala has helped postpone the inevitable. Here’s her Vedic horoscope:

As you can see, Sturgon’s Vedic ascendant is in Libra, the 7th sign, and she has Saturn in Aries, the first sign. Saturn is fallen in Aries, but dik bala may mitigate the damage. However we do know that Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership is under considerable threat.  I am not an expert on Scottish politics, but it does seem that the Alex Salmond affair is getting out of control.

Alex Salmond was Nicola Sturgeon’s prececessor as leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, and in 2018 he was accused of sexual assault – a charge for which he was eventually acquitted. The Scottish Parliament is now having an inquiry about the matter. The main reason Nicola Sturgeon is in trouble is because there are questions about when she knew about the allegations. According to Politico, she told the Scottish Parliament that she knew on April 2 2018, but then said that she had discussed the matter a few days earlier, on March 29 2018. In other words there is an accusation that she misled parliament.  Furthermore, Alex Salmond claimed that there was a “deliberate, prolonged, malicious and concerted effort amongst a range of individuals within the Scottish Government and the SNP to damage my reputation, even to the extent of having me imprisoned”. The whole situation is complex, but in terms of the bottom line, Nicola Sturgeon is in trouble.

I think her case is a reminder, at least in terms of Vedic astrology, that the astrological situation can get very dark before we’re actually engulfed.

Astrologically, the trouble started on September 14 2018, when her Saturn dasa started.  Yet she still went on to do fantastically well in the 2019 General Election. Then, on January 24 2020, Saturn moved into sidereal Capricorn, the same sign as her Moon:

Sadhesati for Nicola Sturgeon

It stays here until July 12 2022. This 18 month period marks the peak of her Sadhesati, when Saturn is in the sign of Moon, or in the two signs adjacent.  Yet things got even better for her.  Her handling of the pandemic won her praise, and support for Scottish independence increased.  And now, all of a sudden, she is fighting for her political life, because of something that had nothing to do with elections, independence or COVID. It was an internal matter, apparently connected with the dynamics of Scottish politics.  This reminds us that Scotland, like Nicola Sturgeon, is ruled by the sign Cancer. It is the sign of clannishness, of being more vulnerable to your enemies at home than your enemies abroad.

At this stage, it might be interesting to look at Sturgeon’s Western chart, set for 3.16 pm on July 19 1970, in Irvine, Scotland:

Sturgeon Western Chart

I am interested in her Moon at 7 degrees 14 Aquarius, which is opposition her Mars and Mercury.  Also, her Ascendant at 7 14 Scorpio is square her Moon. We can then say that through 2021 Saturn and Uranus are putting huge pressure on this line up. We can see the transits here:

Sturgeon transits

Saturn and Uranus just don’t leave her for a long.  On February 17 and 18 her Moon and Ascendant were hit by both planets, and in March and April her Mercury gets smashed.  There is a lot of mental pressure here, and the future may seem bleak. Mars joins the party in mid-April, when it make a 45-degree aspect to Mercury.  At this time Nicola Sturgeon needs to be careful what she says, in terms of how if effects her political position.  Moving forward to the Autumn, and Saturn comes back to an opposition of her Moon.  This happens at the same time as she moves into the Mercury sub-dasa of her Saturn mahadasa.  At this stage, if she is still First Minister, she needs to ask herself whether it is really worth it.

There is also the issue of what is best for the Scottish Nationalist Party and Scotland.  The leader is connected with the organization she leads, and as the leader goes, so do the followers.  If a leader’s horoscope is going through an astrological storm then her followers are going to be in for a soaking.  Maybe that’s their destiny, or may be they have the free will to choose a different leader with a different chart.

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