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The astrology of March 2021

SpringIf I was a fan of asteroids I would be interested in Urania. This asteroid is named after the muse of astronomy and astrology, and in my horoscope Urania is at 26 degrees 29 minutes Virgo. That means it is exactly conjunct my Appolon, at 26 15 Virgo.  Apollon is a hypothetical planet, by the way, used in the Uranian system of astrology.  As I write, that’s the first time I have noticed this conjunction.  Apollon is the planet of science and experience – as well as talent, I think.  Maybe I know what I am talking about, after all.  Unfortunately my Urania-Apollon conjunction is square my Saturn-Neptune midpoint. I agonize and worry about astrology and very often the muse leaves me.

However, it’s Monday March 1, and I need to think about the month ahead. At the time of writing the stock markets are heavily up, so perhaps people are happy about something.  I would guess that this is connected with a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, which dominates the beginning of the month.  People are becoming more optimistic, and they believe that favourable change is a real possibility. Maybe we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel? And if you are into cryptocurrencies, some of the selling pressure that came in at the end of February may be about to dissipate. The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction might also be connected to Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimuls package.

And when we look at the astrological events of March 2021, there’s nothing horrible going on.  The square between Saturn and Uranus that dominated February is breaking up, and the New Moon on March 13, conjunct Venus and Neptune, looks benign.  I know, Neptune is problematic, but I think it symbolizes delusion rather than damage.  So it is OK to have wonderful ideas for the future, just don’t expect them to come to anything.

Moving to the end of March, and we have the Spring Equinox. Here is the chart, set for London:

Spring Equinox

Mercury in Pisces is making a 90-degree aspect to Mars in Gemini, so there’s a lot of mental energy flying around.  You therefore shouldn’t be surprised if late March brings a serious argument – particularly if you’re a Gemini or a Virgo. We also need to look at the Aries midpoint tree:

JU/UR = PO = NE/HA = AR = SU = JU/SA

I get the feeling that there will be crazy optimism, because the Aries point and the Sun, as well as Poseidon, are on the Jupiter-Uranus midpoint. Reinhold Ebertin described Jupiter-Uranus as the “Thank the Lord” configuration.  There is great relief, as we feel that things are returning to normal. However, the Aries point is close to the Neptune-Hades midpoint.  I think over the next few months there may be a slow realization that things aren’t getting better, whether it be because of COVID or the economy.  People and governments are going to make mistakes, and later in the year the price will have to be paid.

The UK? The Aries ingress chart has Jupiter close to the Midheaven. As Spring turns to Summer the country recovers, and there is more evidence that Brexit was the right thing to do.

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  • Jas March 4, 2021, 2:36 pm

    Hi Archie,

    Do you think there’s anything serious brewing behind all the earthquake/volcanic activity we have been seeing recently?

    • Archie Dunlop March 5, 2021, 7:57 pm

      I don’t. I think we may be going through a temporary period of calm. There aren’t any major aspects at the moment.

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