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The Vernal Equinox and COVID – getting ready for the fourth wave?

The Great Wave at Kanagawa.There are worries that the United States is going to experience a fourth wave of COVID. Texas and Mississippi are opening up and removing their mask mandates, and news channels are reporting that health experts are very concerned.  And we have to remember that Americans, as a people, are stupidly optimistic. They believe everything is going to be fine, and that having a positive attitude is going to save the day.

As an astrologer, I am looking for supporting evidence for a fourth wave.  My reference point is the chart for the Vernal Equinox, on March 20 2021, set for Washington DC, at 5.37 am.  Here is the chart, showing the moment that the Sun moves from Pisces to Aries:

Washington DC Vernal Equinox 2021

The chart has two conflicting signatures: Jupiter rising in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini on the IC.  These signatures apply to the United States, and Jupiter rising indicates a country giving an optimistic face to the world.  Things are going to get better, the economy will improve and the virus will be beaten.  However I am unconvinced that Jupiter is particularly fortunate. It is a night time chart, and Jupiter has no essential dignities in the 21st degree of Aquarius. There is optimism without dignity. Then there is Mars on the IC.  This suggests that trouble is brewing, which may not be immediately apparent.  And in terms of of the world at large, this is emphasized by the fact that Uranus is exactly conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint.  We can perhaps see this as being geopolitical uncertainty, which has been largely under control since the start of the COVID crisis.

However, what we should really be looking at is the condition of the Aries point.  After all, this is the chart for the moment when the Sun moves into Aries. Here is the midpoint tree for the Aries point:

Aries 2021 midpoint tree

When looking at this tree, we have to remember that it repeats at 45 degrees. This means it collapses all the hard aspects into one another: conjunction, opposition, square, semisquare and sesquiquadrate. At the beginning of the tree we see the Jupiter-Uranus midpoint.  People feeling a sense of relief, that they are finally free. Then you have the sideways Pisces symbol, representing the hypothetical planet Poseidon.  Total delusion, optimism without foundation. After that, at only four arc minutes from the Sun and Aries, we have the Neptune-Hades midpoint.  This is the unseen death, the virus that hasn’t gone away. It just keeps coming back, particularly in a country like the US, with its naive optimism and absence of social responsibility. Finally you have Aries on the Jupiter-Saturn mipoint – the stopping and starting and stopping of the economy, as we work through the destruction of COVID.

To sum up, for Americans a fourth wave is on the cards. I can tell this just by reading the newspapers, but the astrology does seem to confirm it. As far as the next few months are concerned, it seems to be a case of optimism giving way to despair.

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