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March 13 2021: A New Moon with a bang?

Explosive hazard signOn Sunday March 13 2020 there is a New Moon. Here’s the chart, set for Washington DC:

New Moon March 13 2021

At first sight the chart is fairly harmless. The square between Saturn and Uranus is breaking up and the New Moon’s applying sextile to Pluto seems to signal favourable rather than stressful transformation.  In an American context, Mercury is conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius.  The government is communicating its vision for the future and Jupiter’s proximity to the Ascendant is fortunate.

However nothing is quite as it seems.  Pluto is exactly semisqure the Midheaven, suggesting a crisis of leadership.  It may not be immediately obvious, but in retrospect this may be the moment when it starts.  In this light, America may begin to realize that Joe Biden isn’t the greatest president since FDR.

What I find more interesting is the way the Saturn-Uranus square relates to the New Moon.  The Saturn-Uranus square is about disruption, about the clash between freedom and authority.  There is no flexbility and instead one keeps going until something breaks.  Yet the Saturn-Uranus square appears to be dissipating, and at the time of the New Moon they are over a degree and a half away from each other.  Maybe things are calming down, and returning to normal?  But the New Moon has other ideas, as the 90 degree dial shows:

nm_20210313 90 degree dial

The 90 degree dial is a 4th harmonic chart, which shows conjunctions, oppostions and squares as being conjunctions, and semisquares and sesquiquadrates as oppositions.  We can see Saturn and Uranus together in the 90 degree dial, and we can also see the opposition from the New Moon.  At the time of this New Moon, Uranus is almost exactly 45 degrees from the lunation, with an orb of two arc minutes.  And here is the full midpoint tree of the Sun and the Moon:

March 13 2021 New Moon MP tree

The midpoint tree is set at a 1 degree orb, and discounting the pair involving the MC, it  relates to the whole world.  We start with the Mars-Hades midpoint – we are in a world that is full of death, destruction and garbage.  Moving down the tree, and the Sun and the Moon are on the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint.  This represents the great attempts people are making to improve their lives.  From a positive point of view, you can’t work hard enough to make things better.  You may not always be able to help other people, but with the right moves you can help yourself.

We now move to the closest midpoint – Uranus on the Sun-Moon midpoint.  This is the shake-up, the unexpected happening which can’t be planned for.  I am guessing this relates to geopolital events, remembering that the chart for the Vernal Equinox, on March 20 2020, also has Uranus on the Sun-Moon midpoint.  Then we have the Sun, the Moon and Uranus on the Mars-Kronos midpoint.  This represents the overwhelming and violent power of the state.  This is going to be a time when governments are going to want to put the boot in, and assert their full control over ordinary people.  Next we have the Sun and the Moon on the Saturn-Uranus midpoint.  The Saturn-Uranus square hasn’t gone away, and events will bring it back into the fore. Freedom and control will clash, perhaps violently.

But where? It could happen anywhere in the world, particularly where there has already been conflict.  But it would be a good idea to have a close look at Eastern Europe – the Baltic States, Belorus and Romania, for example.  In this light, Minsk, St. Petersburg and Istanbul look highly charged.  Also Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile – in fact, South America in general. I should also point out that if you set the New Moon chart for Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar, Mars is very close to the Midheaven.

As far as how long the effects of the New Moon will last, I would have said a couple of weeks, and its impact will merge into the March 20 Vernal Equinox.  So overall, the New Moon is a dominant theme for late March.

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