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Janet Yellen: Hubris leading to Nemesis?

Janet Yellen“Would I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis?” Yellen said at a question-and-answer event in London.

“You know probably that would be going too far but I do think we’re much safer and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don’t believe it will be,” she said.

That’s how Reuters reported it.  In 2017 Janet Yellen, Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary, said that she didn’t believe that there would be a financial crisis in “our” lifetimes – not just in “her” lifetime. Assuming she was referring to her lifetime, she is currently 74 years old. According to US life tables, a 74 year old female has approximately 13 years left – so we can expect Janet Yellen to live until she is 87 years old.  Though given her likely  access to excellent healthcare, she’ll probably live longer.  But assuming Yellen lives another 13 years, she is effectively saying that there will be no financial crisis before 2033.

Some would say that right now, in 2021, we are already in a financial crisis.  The global economy is shot to pieces, unemployment is sky high, and ordinary people are running out of money. The assumption that a vaccine for COVID-19 will solve our problems is over-optimistic, and excessive printing of money indicates tht inflation, even hyperinflation, may be just round the corner. Furthermore, any Federal Reserve chair (as Yellen was in 2017)  who says that they don’t believe there will be another financial crisis in their lifetime is asking for trouble.  People in that kind of position who make that kind of statement are probably indicating, on an unconscious level, that they know that there will be another financial crisis.

In order to explain this, we have to understand that Janet Yellen is a brilliant economist, who presumably eats, lives and breathes the subject. She sees the picture, both with a conscious and unconscious eye.  There is the conscious academic analyzing the material, and doing her job as chair of the Federal Reserve.  Then there is her unconscious self, also analyzing the material, and maybe realizing that sometime down the road America is in big trouble.  Yet consciously she  can’t recognize this, and she has to negate what her unconscious has seen by denying that there will be another financial crisis in her lifetime.

You can also put a metaphysical spin on it.  At best Janet Yellen is being an unwitting profit of a financial crisis that will take place in her lifetime.  At worst the statement is an act of Hubris, that’s screaming for Nemesis. You don’t tell the economy gods that you, a mere mortal, know about the timing of economic crises better than they do.  And with such hubris you risk getting stomped on – particularly if you’re one of their priests.

As far as the astrology is concerned, Janet Yellen is a Leo, born on August 13 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. I can’t find her time of birth.  This is her chart, set for noon:

Janet Yellen's horoscope

The first thing to notice is that Yellen has NO planets in the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  And if she was born before 1.41 pm, she has no planets in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  If she was born after 1.41 pm, the Moon would be in Pisces rather Aquarius.  So what we have is someone who has a minimum of nine out of ten planets in Fire and Air signs. This suggests to me that she functions mainly at the level of intuition and intellect.  As a Leo she knows how things are going to pan out, without have to feel or touch.  And I am sure that very often she is right. However, Leo is like a juggernaut, and when it’s wrong, it’s dreadfully wrong.

Janet Yellen doesn’t just have the Sun in Leo.  She also has Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in this sign.  At the end of 2020 Saturn moved into Aquarius, so for the next few years she will have Saturn opposition her Leo planets.  Indeed days after Biden’s inauguration Saturn will be oppostion her Mercury.  I think she will soon realize how difficult her new job as Treasury Secretary will be.  And maybe she will also realize that she should have stayed in retirement, rather than deal with the Nemesis from her comment about there not being another financial crisis in her lifetime.

It is difficult, though, to make forecasts about Janet Yellen, because we don’t have her birth time.  Yet Saturn opposition her Leo planets gives a general picture of someone having to face reality because of forces outside her control.  We also need to remember that in December Jupiter and Saturn made a conjunction.  A new twenty year cycle has begun, and it should be out with the old and in with the new.  Yet we’re seeing a Treasury Secretary who hit prominence under the Obama regime.  And many other of Biden’s appointments will be relics of this regime.  So it is a case of using people from the past to solve the problems of the future.

We already know that Biden’s presidency is not going to live up to the nation’s hopes.  As I have already discussed, the horoscope for the inauguration is disastrous, with an exact Mars-Uranus conjunction at the moment he becomes president. The Saturn-Uranus square that dominates 2021 is both violent and economically destructive, and may signify some kind of currency crisis.  Furthermore, in 2021 Pluto returns to the place it occupied on July 4 1776. All of this indicates that in 2021 things are not going to be get better.  And unless Janet Yellen drops dead very soon, she is certainly going to experience another financial crisis in her lifetime.  In fact it is likely to happen during her first year as Treasury Secretary.

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  • Pavani January 19, 2021, 4:07 am

    If only I didn’t share your pessimism–but I do. For the same reasons. And I especially appreciate this sentence: “So it is a case of using people from the past to solve the problems of the future.” As we head into the turbulence of the US Pluto return.

    Yellen’s chart “pings” to US Mars 20 Gemini. She has Sun at Leo 20 and Jupiter at Libra 22–so far so good. But the Rahu connections are a bit concerning, because (in the typical Hindu view) Rahu is associated with headlong, sometimes purblind, imbalancing pursuits. (In the present context of US economy, could Rahu serve as a significator of the ill-effects of imbalanced capitalism?)

    Anyway, not only is US Rahu conjunct Yellen’s Mercury (currency-exchange-trade), but also Yellen has natal Rahu 19 Gemini and natal Uranus 21 Gemini straddling US Mars 20 Gemini–and this at a time when US Mars has been under pressure since Spring 2020–and will remain for some time under pressure at the apex of the T-square formed with US Neptune 22 Virgo opposed by transiting Neptune in Pisces. Not that I know anything about economics, but the prominence of Rahu does leaves me wondering if the US economic kitchen might get too hot for her.

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