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The horoscope of shot protester Ashli Babbitt

Ashley BabbittI am going to write a few words about the horoscope of Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year old protester who was shot dead while trying to enter the Congress buildings.  She was born on October 10 1985.  I don’t know the time or the place of birth. I got the date of birth from the Daily Mail – it was on court documents dating back to 2016.

Here’s her chart set for noon EST:


It is a difficult chart to interpret, because we don’t know what sign her Moon or Mercury is in.  At midday the Moon is in Leo and Mercury in Libra, but later in the day they switch signs, respectively to Virgo and Scorpio.  If I had to hazard a guess, from her actions and appearance, I would say she had Moon in Leo rather than Virgo.  There is another reason for this.  We know that Babbitt was obsessed by Donald Trump, and here is Trump’s chart:

Trump horoscope

Trump has Mars rising in late Leo – in other words both his Mars and Ascendant are in the last degrees of Leo.  If Babbitt was born before 1.09 pm Eastern, her Moon would also be in late Leo, and she would potentially find the personality of Trump compelling, or as they might say in Latin, “dulce et decorum est pro Donaldo mori”.

As far as aspects are concerned, she had a Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo.  This suggests an attractive person, with a particular sex appeal – some go for it, others don’t.  It also suggests a self-destructive streak.  The kind of person that could have had it all, but as soon as she starts getting it destroys it.  Additionally there is a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto.  We don’t know what sign Mercury is in, but the two planets are only a few degrees apart.  This might indicate strong, inflexible beliefs.

Another aspect is a 45 degree aspect between Mars and Pluto.  This is where we see the potential for violence, for the pursuit of a particular cause.  She might have been unarmed, but Mars-Pluto drew her into a situation that got her killed.  Incidentally, she also has Saturn on the Mars-Pluto midpoint, which suggests that the Mars-Pluto energy could bring obstruction and hindrance – for example, being shot in the chest.

Finally, I want to look at her solar return, for her 35th birthday, with no time or place:

Ashli Solar Return

Lots of people had birthdays around October 9 and 10 2020 and they didn’t come to any harm, but we do have a clear signature of trouble.  Mars in Aries is exactly square Pluto in Capricorn, and therefore resonates with her natal Mars-Pluto semisquare.  The Sun is moving to an opposition with Mars, and also to squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  The Moon in Cancer we have to discount, because we don’t know her birth time, but it may be forming a grand cardinal cross.

Looking at the solar return, I am fairly sure that most astrologers would have advised her to be careful over the next year, particularly in light of her political opinions and her tempestuous personality.


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