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The Biden presidency: a star-crossed inauguration

Joe Biden.

Donald Trump ceases to become president at noon on January 20 2021.  We can therefore say that Joe Biden’s term of office starts at this moment.  Here’s the chart, set for Washington DC:

Biden inauguration chart

Since 1948 certain elements of the chart have remained the same, because the inauguration always happens on the same day at the same time, unless a president dies (JFK) or resigns (Nixon).  The Ascendant, the Midheaven, and the Sun will be in the same positions: 14 Taurus, 26 Capricorn, and 1 Aquarius.  This means that the Sun, from a sect point of view, is always strong: in a daylight chart, above the horizon, and in a masculine sign.  Though it is weakened by being in Aquarius, the sign of its detriment.

The Midheaven, at 26 degrees 15 Capricorn, is close to the position of Pluto on July 4 1776, when it was at 27 degrees 33 Capricorn.  This tells us the obvious: that inaugurations are often Pluto-like events, where the government of the country transforms from one thing into another.  However, 2021 is special.  Transiting Pluto is at 24 50 Capricorn, signalling that Pluto is close to its position on July 4 1776.  The Biden presidency is all about transformation, the breaking down of the old, the creation of the new.  America cannot continue as it did before, and over the next four years there will be further evidence that the country is in serious decline.  We also shouldn’t be surpised if there is a mid-term transformation – for example Joe Biden stepping down.

Though probably the most powerful signature in the inauguration chart is the exact conjunction between Mars and Uranus.  This represents violence, especially as Mars rules the Seven House of open enemies. The new regime may think it can foster world peace by being more interventionist, but the reality is going to be harsh.  There will be attacks on America and its interests, and the end result could be conflict and war.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is given added poignancy by its square aspect to the Sun-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.  The Sun is moving to a conjunction with Saturn, and it then moves to a square with Uranus.  At the same time, Saturn is approaching a square with Uranus.  It is a stressful line-up, which is baked into the inauguration chart.  Indeed America may be moving into its most turbulent period since the Civil War.  And if anyone thinks that the Biden presidency will usher in a period of peace, recovery and bipartisanship they’re kidding themselves.

Another thing to notice is that the North Node at 19 4 Gemini is exactly square Neptune, at 18 56 Pisces.  This indicates chaotic and nebulous relationships, and one wonders, in terms of foreign affairs, whether the Biden administration will know what it is getting itself into.

In terms of midpoints there is a chaotic structure:

AS = PO = NO/HA = NE/HA = AR.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  The hypothetical planet Poseidon is on the descendant, and along with the Aries point, they aspect the Node/Hades and Neptune/Hades midpoints.  The Biden administration is going to be working in the shadow of COVID-19, and 2021 is likely to be another awful year for America.  Though I do think that the emphasis shifts, from disease to conflict.  Or maybe disease AND conflict.

And it does seem that Biden’s presidency is about death and its manifestation in the here and now.  If you don’t believe me, have a second look at the inauguration chart:


Mars is 7 degrees 30 minutes from the Ascendant, and Saturn is 7 degress and 41 minutes from the Midheaven.  The two planets are also making a fairly close square to each other.  From a midpoint view, the Mars-Saturn midpoint coincides with the Ascendant-Midheaven midpoint.  Mars and Saturn are the death pair, and the Ascendant and Midheaven are the time and place.  We see death, destruction and entrophy manifesting throughout the Biden presidency.  If we throw in Uranus, which is at the same place as Mars, we get a more explosive picture, with the Mars-Saturn, Mars-Uranus, and Saturn-Uranus midpoints all being on the Ascendant-Midheaven midpoint.

I should finally mention the 48th Harmonic.  This harmonic covers all the aspects that are multiples of 7 degrees and 30 minutes.  Mars is exactly 7 degrees and 30 minutes from the Ascendant, and Uranus is 7 degrees and 26 minutes from the Ascendant.  It is the same message… more violence, more war, more destruction.  Here’s the 48th Harmonic chart, if you’re interested:

Inauguration, H48.

You can see that the  Mars-Uranus conjunction is right on the Ascedant.  There is also an exact H48 conjunction between Saturn and Neptune.  What you are seeing here is the exact semisquare between Saturn and Neptune in the ordinary chart converted into a 48th Harmonic conjunction.  More of the same and what a dreadful time to become President of the United States.

Happy Holidays!



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  • Jas December 19, 2020, 12:59 pm

    Merry Xmas Archie

  • Archie Dunlop December 19, 2020, 8:11 pm

    Thanks – and you have a happy Christmas too!

  • Pavani December 20, 2020, 6:39 pm

    Thanks for commenting on the startling inaugural portents. Since I first studied them weeks ago, apprehension has motivated me to check *daily* for astrologers’ opinions. These opinions have been relatively few so far–maybe because it’s not January yet. Or maybe because most astrologers prefer to encourage rather than discourage–and these portents, by whatever preferred astrological method, are insistently baleful.

    Such a judgment actually chimes with the Great Conjunction. At the 2020 southern solstice, the world enters two plus centuries of Wind primacy. We are now crossed into the era of the ambiguous sky god.

    The Wind triplicity includes Gemini the twinned opposites; Libra the swinging balance; and Aquarius the outpouring flood that gives and takes. Accordingly, I expect restless, turbulent, transitional times. Large, world-reshaping forces. Instability, shifting sands, unmooring. Scattering and winnowing. Whether by acts of nature, acts of humanity, or both.

  • Archie Dunlop December 20, 2020, 6:52 pm


    Thanks for the comment, and I am glad it’s not just me that sees real problems ahead for Biden. While I am no fan of Trump, I think in some respects Biden will go down as a worse president. Trump has at least kept the US out of overseas conflicts, and I am worried this is something that Biden will be unable to do.

    As far as optimism and pessimism are concerned, a lot of people can’t handle any more bad news. Yet I am wondering if 2021 will be worse than 2020. As you mention, there is a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, like there was in the summer of 1940. I wonder what Americans were thinking at the end of 1940?

    • Pavani December 21, 2020, 7:01 pm

      As an American astrologer wishing well for my country, I was disturbed at first sight by the 2021 Inauguration chart. It is one of the major significators of near-future developments in USA. I had hoped at minimum for respite and normalization.

      Due to my apprehension, I gave more thought than I normally would to the greater astrological context of Inauguration Day. As mentioned in my prior comment, I considered the context of the new Wind era. That is the longer term.

      In the shorter term, something else is also worth noting: In 2021 and 2022, Saturn (stability) and Uranus (discontinuity) are less cooperative and more at odds by repeated squares.

      If I consider this in the context of the Wind era: These times begin by testing the balance of the Jenga-block tower. Where is the tipping point? Which changes are assimilable and evolutionary and which are unassimilable and destructive? Which changes are the function of maturation, and which are the function of senescence and decay?

      Such questions are repeatedly posed in every era, but they come more urgently to the foreground in an era of Wind. Nothing is forever. As a denizen of these polarizing, notably quarrelsome times, I consider how over the next two centuries some nations might be judged adversely for fitness, breaking up along their known fault lines.

      There’s the old story of the writing on the wall: MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

      Are you from UK? If so, there might be similar apprehensions–of more immediate possibility. Interesting times.

      • Archie Dunlop December 21, 2020, 8:03 pm

        Yes, I am from the UK. My politics change, depending on what side of the Atlantic I am on. In the US I am a socialist, in Europe I am a conservative. In the US you see how much damage capitalism has done, in Europe you see how much damage socialism has done. As for the UK, I am actually very optimistic, once we get over this crisis. Unfortunately, the crisis is not going to end any time soon, and at the moment I am thinking that we might have to wait until the Jupiter-Saturn sextile. Though honestly, the West is busted, and I think our only chance is adopting an East Asian approach. Which fits with what you say – the air signs hold sway over Russia and East Asia.

        • Pavani December 21, 2020, 9:00 pm

          Crossed messages! I have some sympathy for your contextualized political leanings. More to the right or more to the left, depending on where you are.

          I do find it worrisome how in UK political power is increasingly centralized to the executive, with parliamentary oversight weakened, and with judiciary and devolved government also under threat of further weakening.

          USA has shown similar tendencies. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?

      • Pavani December 21, 2020, 8:50 pm

        Postscript re: Biden. The times are unpropitious to a worrisome degree. Also there are widely circulated suggestions that Biden intends a single term presidency. Added to that, IMO Kamala Harris’ auspices are indifferent for Inauguration 2025.

        As a lifelong social democrat it grieves me to write this, but I’m inclined to believe GOP might regain the presidency. Possibly via Nikki Haley, who was born on Inauguration Day 1972. Just a preliminary impression. God knows I am too mentally weary from this recent election to speculate further on the downstream prospects of the (very imperfect) Democratic Party.

        • Archie Dunlop December 21, 2020, 9:06 pm

          I think I would agree, in terms of 2024/2025. I suspect that Kamala Harris is unelectable. Yes, she’s ambitious, but I don’t think Americans like that kind of candidate. Nikki Haley, on the other hand, seems an excellent choice for the GOP. She has distanced herself from Trump, without upsetting his base. As for Biden, I am trying to work out whether or not he’ll step down at the mid-terms in 2022/2023.

  • Ian Savage December 27, 2020, 12:39 am

    Hi Archie, Firstly best wishes for the New Year and nice post!

    I feel that death and destruction you have mentioned may also be associated with climate or earthquakes. In terms of external issues Marjorie Orr has highlighted Iran, Russia and the Middle East.
    So With So many plates to spin that will require more than slow and steady old thinking I Carnot help feeling the stress of the job will take it toll on his health.

    Another aspect I been thinking about is How Do you think the Saturn squares to Uranus through 2021 will affect USA. I feel Jo is Saturn ( the swamp) authority and control the old ruler of Aquarius and Uranus the young, rebellion the unexpected or may be its challenges with Hunter etc? Who knows

    • Archie Dunlop December 27, 2020, 5:33 am


      Happy New Year!

      Saturn-Uranus is difficult. There was a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the early 1940s, and again in the late 1980s. The theme of break-down. The Saturn-Uranus opposition coincided with the last financial crisis, so we should expect some kind of upheaval. I haven’t read what Marjorie Orr wrote… but I suppose anywhere that there can be a crisis, there will be a crisis.

      On a different note, with Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius, my New Year resolution is to learn Russian. For all its problems, I believe Russia is the future.

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