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The horoscope of Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl.Sophie Scholl is important to Germans.  She was a leading member of the White Rose movement, a group of students who distributed leaflets, and wrote graffiti, which criticized Adolf Hitler and Nazism.  In February 1943, at the age of 21, she was arrested, tried and executed.  Sophie Scholl demonstrated that some Germans resisted Nazism, and her heroism had two dimensions.  Being active in the White Rose movement, and also being unrepentant at her trial.  It is possible that if she had thrown herself at the court’s mercy she would have been spared the guillotine.  Instead she told the court that “I am, now as before, of the opinion that I did the best that I could do for my nation. I therefore do not regret my conduct and will bear the consequences that result from my conduct”.

When looking at Sophie Scholl’s horoscope, and the astrology of her death, one has to remember that she wasn’t the only one in the dock.  There was her brother Hans and a friend, Christoph Probst. Of course each of the three had different horoscopes, and astrologically their deaths were symbolized in different ways.  However, it is Sophie Scholl that I want to focus on.

She was born on May 9 1921, at 11 pm in Forchtenberg, Germany.  Here is her horoscope:

The chart includes the eight hypothetical planets used by Uranian astrologers.

I suppose what stands out about the chart is its Taurus-Gemini emphasis.  Taurus is a stubborn, resilent sign, which can be fanatical.  Indeed there are some famous terrorists who have their Sun in Taurus: Guy Fawkes, Andreas Baader and Timothy McVeigh.  They had an uncompromising belief in a particular cause, which they were prepared to die for.  In Sophie Scholl’s case, her actions were non-violent and were underpinned by a religious pacificism.  There was nonetheless a principled disregard for her own life.

Not only was Sophie Scholl a Taurus, but she also had no traditional planets in Water signs.  Hitler, by the way, was also a Taurus with no Water. I would see this lack of water as being an ability to keep her emotions at bay, and maybe she wasn’t particularly sentimental.  She did what she had to do, and she wasn’t going to mince her words in court.

The importance of control is also shown by the trine aspect that Saturn in Virgo makes with her Sun-Mercury conjunction.  It also made her an effective and disciplined communicator, in terms of both the written and spoken word.

Communication is further emphasized by her Moon and Mars in Gemini.  In a female chart the Moon may be more important than the Sun, and she clearly had a way with words.  Yet the Moon makes a square aspect to Saturn.  This is further evidence that Sophie Scholl had emotional discipline, and was able to keep a brave front, even when facing execution.

Her Mars in Gemini is key to understanding her chart, because it links her Sun-Mercury conjunction with her Moon-Saturn Square.  It is difficult to see this link on a regular chart wheel, so we have to set this up on a 90 degree dial, where the degrees of the planets are collapsed into a Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable format:

Sophie Scholl's 90-degree dial

Mars aspects the midpoint of the Moon-Saturn square and the Sun-Mercury conjunction.  This gives us the following midpoint tree: MO/ME = SU/MO = MA = ME/SA = SU/SA. The fact that Mars is on the Sun-Moon midpoint is critical.  Any planet on this midpoint is likely to be important, and in some respects will define the person.  Sophie Scholl was a fighter, and with Mars in Gemini her main weapon was words.  This is further emphasized by Mars on the Mercury/Saturn midpoint – using harsh language to attack her enemies.

Another important configuation Sophie Scholl had was an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, which received a 45/135 aspect from Venus.  Jupiter was at 8 57 Virgo, Uranus at 9 8 Pisces and Venus at 24 12 Aries. The orbs were tight, and we have the image of a rebellious girl, revelling in her own freedom.  But Jupiter and Uranus were in opposition, not conjunction.  It was a freedom that had to be fought for.

From a symbolic perspective, the Jupiter-Uranus-Venus complex seemed to play a big part in her death.  In the months before her arrest she exercised her freedom, and didn’t allow the threat of imprisonment or death to hold her back.  Yet from the perspective of solar arc directions, trouble was brewing.  When she was executed, on February 22 1943, the secondary progressed arc of her Sun was 20 degrees and 58 minutes.  If we add this arc to her natal Jupiter, Uranus and Venus, this brings them respectively to 29 55 Virgo, 0 5 Aries and 15 10 Taurus.  In other words, they were directed to 8th Harmonic aspects of  Aries Point, almost exactly.

The Aries Point is the world at large.  It is the point where Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement got global recognition.  They might have been executed, but everyone found out about them.  They were mentioned on the BBC, Allied bombers dropped copies of their pamphlets on Germany, and Eleanor Roosevelt spoke in their memory.  But normally this kind of solar arc direction would be positive, a time for happiness and not just recognition.  Unfortunately, Sophie Scholl’s Hades was at 29 degrees 51 Pisces.  In other words 9 minutes short of the Aries Point.  Hades is a planet of misery and death, so the recognition and global impact of the Aries Point had a catch.  And it was a situation where without the executions there would have been little or no global impact.

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  • Robert J July 5, 2020, 11:49 am

    A remarkable, fearless woman who displayed vast courage, when faced
    with Eternity.
    She was born under the same star sign as Malcolm X, another man who
    faced adversity and early death.

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