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Sunday June 28 2020: Mars on the Aries Point

Mars on Aries PointThe Aries Point is a point in the horoscope that is often neglected.  It is zero degrees Aries, and the points making hard, eighth harmonic aspects to it. In a practical sense, there are therefore eight Aries Points: 0 Aries, 15 Taurus, 0 Cancer, 15 Leo, 0 Libra, 15 Scorpio, 0 Capricorn and 15 Aquarius.

We can see the Aries Point as the world in general, and how we impact it.  For example, Adolf Hiter had a square between Mars and Saturn, which had as its midpoint 29 degrees 55 minutes Gemini.  In other word, it was very close to zero degrees Cancer, and we can therefore say that he had the Aries Point on the Mars-Saturn midpoint.  Mars-Saturn is about death and destruction, and this is what Hitler brought to bear on the world around him.

Last week we had the Summer Solistice, when the Sun was at zero Cancer, and therefore on the Aries Point.  The day after the Solstice we had a New Moon, at zero Cancer.  And now we have got Mars moving onto the Aries point – it moves into Aries on Sunday July 28 2020, at 2.45 am London time.  In one sense it is not a big deal – Mars makes a hard aspect to the Aries point approximately every three months.  However, with the recent Solistice and New Moon, it may be signficant.  The chart at the top of the article is for the exact moment Mars enters Aries. It’s set for London, but that doesn’t really matter.  We can see that Mars is opposition the Moon and square the North Node.  What does it mean?  Probably more of the same, with an angry atmosphere in the lead up to July 4.

In terms of midpoints, it is worth noting that Mars and the Node, as well as the Aries Point, are on the Neptune-Hades midpoint.  Again, it is nothing we don’t already know – COVID-19 continues its destructive path.  Though we should also watch out for disasters connected with water.

Finally, at Mars’ Aries ingress it is on the IC, where the lower meridian hits the ecliptic, in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest:

Mars line, Pacific North West

If you’re in Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Eugene, Portand or San Francisco, or anywhere else on the red line, be extra careful, and avoid crowds.

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