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June 18 to June 21 2020: three astrological changes in three days

The next few days could be interesting.  We have the following events:

BOK Center, OKThursday June 18, 4.58 am GMT: Mercury goes retrograde.

Saturday June 20, 9.44 pm GMT: Summer Solistice.

Sunday June 21, 6.31 am GMT: New Moon eclipse.

Each of these events is important.  Mercury goes retrograde, meaning that from the Earth’s perspective Mercury starts moving backwards.  The Summer Solistice is the time, if you’re living in the North Hemisphere, when the hours of daylight reach a peak, and they start reducing.  The New Moon is the moment when Moon transitions from a state of waning to a state of waxing.

Stock markets could change course, and the situation with COVID-19 could also change.  The situation for Trump and the United States is likely to become very difficult, and if I were to advice the President, I would tell him to cancel his Tulsa rally, which takes place a few hours after the Summer Solstice.

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