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Further thoughts on the July 5 2020 Full Moon

Google map of Berlin

There has just been a Full Moon eclipse.  Theoretically, the places you’d expect this Full Moon to have the biggest impact would be the ones where it is on an angle – in other words, the Midheaven/IC or the Ascendant/Descendant.  The Full Moon on July 5 2020 was on the Ascendant through a swathe of Europe, which included Berlin, the German capital.  Here is the chart of the Full Moon, set for Berlin:

Berlin Full Moon eclipse, June 5 1920.

The Moon is exactly on the Ascendant, the Sun exactly on the Descendant.  So we might expect Berlin to feel the brunt of the lunation’s violent energies.  Having said that, in my experience this approach to astrology is hit and miss.  While in theory Berlin may feel the brunt of it, in practice we might see nothing.  Though if you’re German, and you’re interested in the machinations of German and European politics, you may notice that something comes out into the open, and something comes to an end.  And in general, there will be an atmosphere of instability and violence.

Looking at the world in general, it is worth having a closer look at the eclipse.  We can set up the chart using a 90-degree dial – a technique pioneered by the great German astrologer Alfred Witte.  This means ignoring the signs, and grouping the planets depending on whether they are Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.  We get this:90 degree dial for Berlin Full Moon, July 5 2020

When you see the Full Moon like this, you can start to see the underlying structure.  The Sun, Moon and Mars are all in the 16th degree of Cardinal signs, so they are clumped together.  They are in 45/135 degree aspect to Saturn and Vulcanus, which is why we see these two planets on the other side of the pointer.  This axis is in turn on the Uranus-Pluto midpoint.  We then have the following tree:

June 5 2020 Midpoint tree

The tree includes the hypothetical planet Vulcanus, which is connected with massive power and the use of force.  Uranus-Pluto is about the desire for a transformative rebellion.  Overall, we get an explosive situation, where there is a strong temptation to use force.  Many people want to attack the status quo, but the forces of reaction are capable of striking back, with an iron fist.

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