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June 5 2020 Full Moon eclipse: the squelching of a false dawn?

Donald Trump 2.5 million jobs gained.Today the non-farm payrolls (NFP) came out.  This is a measure of how many Americans have jobs.  The figures were excellent – the labour force increased by 2.5 million and unemployment fell to a mere 13.3%.  Donald Trump is delighted:

Trump NFP tweet

As I write the Dow Jones is up 881 points, and it would seem that we have an economic turning point.  Here’s the chart for the announcement of the NFP results, at 8.30 am EST, set for Washington DC:

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a nice, optimistic sign, moving to an indulgent oppostion with Venus in Gemini.  That’s good for a short-term blast of optimism.  Yet Pluto is on the Descendant – something is being hidden from consciousness.

However, what really matters is that the NFP results happened just before a Full Moon eclipse.  The Full Moon respresents awareness, the seeing of the full picture.  If the results had happened after the Full Moon, that might have been a positive.  But they happened before, still in a state of darkness and delusion.

Here’s the chart of the eclipse, set for 3.12 pm on June 5 2020, in Washington DC:

June 5 2020 Full Moon eclipse

The Full Moon represents the reality.  The Moon is at 15 34 Sagittarius, moving to a square with Mars at 15 52 Pisces and Neptune at 20 53 Pisces.  Furthermore, both the Moon and Mars are semisquare Saturn, meaning that Saturn is on the direct Moon-Mars midpoint.

Matters aren’t helped by the fact that Hades is at 8 45 Cancer – not shown on the chart.  Mercury is conjunct Hades, and both these planets are on the Mars-Saturn midpoint, which in astrology is the death axis.

Overall, I think we are dealing with a false dawn.  Things are going to get worse, and bad news is on the way.  There is a feeling of violence, death and destruction about the chart.  While COVID-19 seems the obvious problem, there may be something else, which as yet we don’t know about.  It is certainly too early for early for exubriant tweeting.

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