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Donald Trump’s birthday horoscope

Trump speech in ColoradoDonald Trump is about to turn 74 – his last birthday as President of the United States.  Presumably he’ll be defeated in November, although there is always a possibility that for some reason he won’t run.  I’ve already discussed the fact that his presidency is drawing to a close, so I won’t go over the details again.  We can nonetheless get an idea about what’s going on by looking at his solar return chart, for the moment the Sun returns to where it was when he was born.

There are different ways of calculating the solar return, but I use a tropical return set for the place of birth rather than the current location.  Here is Donald’s natal chart:

Trump horoscope

And here’s the solar return, which takes place the day before his calendar birthday, on June 13th:

Donald Trump's 2020 Solar Return

The solar return suggests that COVID-19 hasn’t gone away.  Jupiter, ruler of the Sixth House of sickness, is on the Seventh House cusp, conjunct Pluto.  Donald doesn’t want to think about COVID-19, but it creeps back.  We get further evidence from the chart’s exact Mars-Neptune conjunction, which is square the Sun.  Mars is ruler of the Aries Midheaven, and we get a feeling of frustration and misplaced energy.

There are other issues to consider:

  • The degree of the solar return’s ascendant is on Donald’s natal Venus.
  • The solar return’s Jupiter is opposition his natal Venus.
  • The solar return has Moon in the Ninth House sexile Jupiter in the Seventh.

There are probably ways to divert the nation’s attention from corona and mayhem, for example he could get involved in an overseas conflict, or dump Mike Pence and choose a female running mate.  But none of this changes the fact that if he stands in November he’ll lose.

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  • Chris JG October 3, 2020, 9:23 am

    Saturday / 10-3-2020.
    Dear Sir / Archie Dunlop:
    Wow !!! Man you are so Ignorant !!! You obviously Hate Donald Trump by your Negative Forecasted Birthday Horoscope of Him….FYI….His Birthday is June 14th….Not June 4th.
    Regardless that he has Covid-19 right now & Regardless that 2/3’s of the Country will do Mail-in Ballots, You are Ignoring Very Important Truths….ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter have been TERRORIZING INNOCENT PEOPLE & CAUSING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF DESTRUCTION TO PRIVATE BUSINESSES THAT HAD ABOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH 2 BLACK PEOPLE DYING DURING POLICE ARREST…..THE REAL AMERICA WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT !!!! And Regardless of the Liberal Far Left-Wing Media Propaganda Machine, ….Donald Trump WILL WIN AGAIN !!!! LOL !!!!!! I Wish I Could SEE Your F***in Face 3 – 7 days After the 2020 Election !!!! Loser-Boy !!!! Which is You & the Sad Pathetic Liberal Democrats !!!!

    • Archie Dunlop October 3, 2020, 4:33 pm

      Thanks a lot for visiting the site. I posted the article on June 4 – I never said he was born on that date. I try to be neutral in my stated political view, in terms of how I present them on this site, though I am probably a lot more conservative than most astrologers. As for Trump, COVID or no COVID, his presidency is drawing to a close. The only possible way that the Republicans are going to keep the White House is if Trump is off the ballot on November 3. Trump would do best to withdraw now, and let Pence take over. Pence should not be underestimated – he is a good debater, and I think he would get the better of Biden, at least in a debate.

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