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Astrology for the week starting on Monday March 16 2020

Brighton bombingAs we move into a new week, some of us may be asking whether things can get any worse.  Last week’s Virgo Full Moon was pretty bad, and it was the moment that the coronavirus trully hit home.  This week there aren’t any New or Full Moons, which might come as a relief.  This means that we now have all the pieces of the jigsaw, and between now and the New Moon on March 24 we’ll be putting them together.

Talking about the Full Moon, it clearly had a big effect on the collective, and it didn’t matter what your chart was like.  This is reflective of a mature approach to astrology, which goes beyond the individual.  We can see ourselves as being part of humanity – indeed as part of the creation – and the categories that astrology likes to create are largely irrelevant.  However, there is no doubt that some people were affected by the Full Moon more than others.  From a sun sign perspective, it probably affected Virgoans and Pisceans more than other signs.  There are then individual horoscopes to consider.  The Full Moon was directly on Tom Hanks’ Ascendant-Descendant line, and as I suggested in this blog, any astrologer worth their salt, if asked to look at the chart beforehand, would have predicted that he was in danger of getting coronavirus.  Certainly if I had been advising him, I would have told him not to go travelling, even without the benefit of 20-20 hindsight.  I know, anyone would given the same advice, even without astrology, but indulge me this once.

One fairly important event this week is Mercury moving from Aquarius to Pisces.  Mercury is gathering speed, but it is now in Pisces, the sign of its detriment.  I would see this in terms of chaos and stupidity, and people following the crowd without thinking.  Another thing we might want to do is say good bye to Saturn in Capricorn.  It is on the verge of moving into Aquarius.  Saturn in Capricorn is the passive side of repression, Saturn in Aquarius the active side.  I’ll explain what I mean in a later post.

We also have a build up of a conjunction aspect between Mars and Jupiter, which is exact on Friday March 20.  Charles Carter regarded Mars-Jupiter aspects as the worst in the book.  That might sound surprising, because Jupiter is traditionally a fortunate planet.  One might think in terms of fortunate activity, for example.  However Jupiter is the great exaggerator, and when it is in Capricorn the exaggeration may be malefic.  Mars is the planet of aggression, strong in the sign of its exaltation, so we might get an explosive event.

If you’re interested, the last time there was a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn was on October 14 1984.  Two days before the conjunction, on October 12, there was an assassination attempt on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, when a bomb was placed in the Grand Hotel, in Brighton, UK (see picture).  On the basis of this, the authorities across the world would be advised to be on their guard more than usual against terrorist attacks and assassination attempts.

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