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The astrology of the Fed rate cut on March 15 2020


Today, Sunday, at 5 pm Eastern, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates: the target rate for federal funds is now between 0 and 0.25 percent.  Donald Trump has been calling for zero percent interest rates for months, reminding us that the US economy was in trouble well before the virus hit.

I set up the horoscope for the rate cut, set for Washington DC:

Rate cut horoscope

We can see the Mercury is right on the Descendant, in the last degree of Aquarius.  Mercury is the communicaton planet, and we have the symbolism of an important announcement.  The Moon is in Sagittarius, separating from a square aspect with Neptune, moving to a square with the Sun.  This isn’t a great signature, and I think it would have been better if the Fed had held off on the annoucement, until the Sun had moved into Aries, in about a week’s time.  Though on the plus side, the Part of Fortune is on the MC, and Venus is well placed in Taurus.  This suggests that the rate cut will have some benefits, even if they are not as great as the Fed had hoped for.

However, one thing we can say about the rate cut is that the President’s hands are all over it.  Here is Trump’s chart:

Trump horoscope

Compare the angles in Trump’s chart with those of the announcement chart.  The Fed announcement had 29 degrees 22 Leo rising, and 24 15 Taurus on the Midheaven.  Trump’s ascendant 29 58 Leo and his Midheaven is 24 22 Taurus.  In other words, the angles are identical.  Aside from putting to rest any idea that Trump’s birth time is wrong, it also shows how important this announcement was to him.  Look also at the Moons – the announcement had the Moon at 19 19 Sagittarius, Trump’s Moon is at 21 12 Sagittarius.

And I don’t think Trump has any cause for celebration.  The announcement had Saturn at 29 30 Capricorn, making an exact 150 degree aspect to his Ascendant.  Also, Pluto is exactly conjunct his Venus-Saturn midpoint.  I believe that right now Trump is a difficult person to get on with, and the rate cut announcement isn’t going to help.

Maybe the real importance of the announcement, given its link up with Trump’s chart, is that it marks the moment when his loss in the November 2020 election becomes inevitable, assuming he stands.  Though you don’t have to be an astrologer to work that out.  If rates have gone down to zero, that means that Trump has no more ammunition to keep the stock market up.  He’s done for, right?  That’s a suggestion, by the way, not a prediction.

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