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Notes on Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope

Harvey WeinsteinI am not interested in Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood or movie stars.  But I couldn’t help noticing that Weinstein has just been convicted of various sex crimes.  In fact listening to the radio this morning, Weinstein’s conviction seemed more important than the coronavirus and the Dow Jones falling 1000 points.  But what do I know?  Clearly Harvey Weinstein’s conviction is big news, and I need to look at his horoscope.

When I do this kind of chart, I often play a game with myself.  I try to see if I can guess the person’s star sign before I look at the birthdate.  From what little I knew of Weinstein, I guessed Pisces, and I was right.  I am not absolutely sure why I made this guess.  Maybe something about his appearance, maybe the bizarreness of his sexual behaviour.  Anyway, here is his horoscope:

Weinstein horoscope

What stands out about the chart is that Weinstein has Mars in Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant, which is square Pluto in Leo conjunct the Midheaven.  Power is very important to him, and he expects to get his way.  Any beginner astrologer would say the same.  A beginner astrologer would also notice that he had a T-Square: the Moon in Capricorn is opposition Uranus in Leo, and Saturn squares both, making the T.  The Moon-Uranus opposition is explosive.  One would expect outbreaks of temper, but with Saturn aspecting the  opposition, there would be attempts at self-control.  Maybe it’s like trying to keep a lid on a thunderstorm.

But what about the sexual issues?  When I looked at Weinstein’s chart, I was immediately interested in the Venus-Mars midpoint, which is at 11 degrees 19 minutes Capricorn.  His Moon is at 12 37 Capricorn, and is therefore conjunct the midpoint.  His Saturn is at 12 35 Libra, and square it.  This means that Weinstein’s exact Moon-Saturn square is feeding into his Venus-Mars midpoint.

The Moon-Saturn square is about some kind of emotional repression, and it might also be about a desire to control women – after all the Moon, like Venus, is a planet connected with the feminine principle.  And the aspect is on the Venus-Mars midpoint.  On its own, the Moon on the Venus-Mars midpoint is about instinctive sex.  Though in a male chart it might be an attitude towards women.  Perhaps regarding women as sex objects, perhaps taking the view that they would never object to his sexual advances.  And when you throw Saturn onto the Venus-Mars point, you get a commodification of sex.  It is something to be traded, for  careers and roles.

As far as timing is concerned, it was interesting to note that on Sunday February 23, the day before the guilty verdict, there was a New Moon at 4 29 Pisces – bang on his natal Venus, which is at 4 20 Pisces.  Normally New Moons on your Venus are fortunate.  They can signify new relationships and perhaps new sources of income.  Especially as Venus is exalted in Pisces.  However, it may be that Weinstein’s Venus in Pisces is entirely projected, and the good fortune and happiness was experienced by his female victims rather than himself.  It should also be noted that in Weinstein’s chart Venus rules the Twelfth House of prisons.

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