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Horoscopes for the week starting on Monday February 24 2020

New MoonThe weekend New Moon in early Pisces is probably the main influence.  Many of us will feel that it is a time for new beginnings, and we’ll be ready to say good bye to the past.  However, it’s probably not the time for heroics.  Instead we should quietly consider our next move, and remember that in the first instance, secrecy is vital.

Probably the best part of the week will be the first part.  The Sun in Pisces is making a favourable aspect to Mars in Capricorn.  We can be assertive, provided we do it in such a way that few people notice.  It’s all about making behind the scenes manoeuvres, which might not have their payoff for weeks if not months.

As far as the 12 signs are concerned, here are my forecasts for the week starting on Monday February 24 2020:

Aries The most warlike sign of the Zodiac needs to understand the importance of subtlety.  And with the Sun aspecting Mars you can get your way without making a scene.  A person of medium height, who probably wears glasses, can make all the difference.

Taurus In your social life there are things going on.  The New Moon that kicked the week off brings the possibility of new friends, and new hang-outs can bring new pleasures.  However those close to you have high standards and sloppiness on your part might not be forgiven.

Gemini It is time to think about your public profile.  What kind of person are you?  What kind of image do you want to project?  Different audiences have different expectations, and last weekend’s New Moon in slippery Pisces allows you to be all things to all people.

Cancer Cancerians can so easily retreat into their shells.  It feels safe, but there is no intellectual or spiritual progress.  Yet with the Sun aspecting Mars other people can take you to the next stage.  The more exotic the culture the better – but keep it safe.

Leo The Sun is your ruler, and this week it is making a favourable aspect to Mars.  You’ll have plenty of get-up-and-go, but you’ll nonetheless have to go through the logical steps.  In terms of money there could be new developments.

Virgo For many Virgos it is a troubling time – after all, you’re a health-conscious sign, and talk of coronavirus and Covid-19 can be deeply unsettling.  However last Sunday’s New Moon (February 23) brings the possibility of an interesting meeting.  Face-masks can’t hide the soul!

Libra Libra is one of the most human signs, and some Librans can have issues with animals.  Yet right now pets – or should I say companion animals – may be important.  Even a fleeting encounter with wildlife could have a profound impact.  If you keep fish, an important week.

Scorpio The favourable aspect between the Sun and Mars at the beginning of the week should work to your advantage.  The Sun is your career ruler, Mars is your star sign ruler, and together they give you a great deal of power.  Struggle and talent comes together nicely.

Sagittarius At the moment you’re fairly grounded, or at least you should be.  You know what’s important and you know that you don’t have to  reach out for it.  Things connected with property, real estate and mining can be successful.  But water pipes should be treated with caution.

Capricorn Your communication skills are excellent, at least in comparison to other people’s.  Your words carry great weight, and you know what needs to be said.  If you have been meaning to make a short journey, now is probably the time.

Aquarius The Sun and Mars are on either side of your star sign, making a fortunate aspect.  Things can happens, if you want them to.  And with a New Moon in Pisces you can give serious consideration to your finances.  Sometimes it’s enough to just make a start.

Pisces Don’t be complacent.  You have an opportunity, but it’s an opportunity that won’t last for long.  Look around,  decide on a course of action.  Also, think about your  dearest wish, and consider what steps you need to take to turn fantasy into reality.


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