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Gone with the Wind: Was Trump being a Gemini or a Cancer?

Trump speech in ColoradoI was amused to watch a clip of Donald Trump’s recent rally in Colorado, where he lambasted the Motion Picture Academy for giving an Oscar for Best Picture to the South Korean movie Parasite.  He said in his speech “On top of it they give them [South Korea] the best movie of the year. Was it good? I don’t know. You know, I’m looking for… Gone with the Wind, can we get Gone with the Wind back please… Sunset Boulevard… so many great movies…”.

When I listened to what Donald was saying, I found myself trying to work out whether I was listening to a Gemini or a Cancerian.  Of course he has his Sun in Gemini, conjunct Uranus.  However, we shouldn’t forget that he has Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer.  Mercury and Venus, like the Sun, are personal planets, and they do reflect core aspects of the personality.

Now I understand that it is easy to interpret Donald’s words in a Gemini light.  Geminis will say anything, and they won’t be afraid of contradicting themselves.  At the same time, their belief systems can be shallow.  From an electoral point of view he has decided that a chauvinistic approach gets votes.  Support America, bash the foreigner.  And show some studied ignorance, because anti-intellectualism can be a winning strategy in American politics: “Was it good?  I don’t know”.

We also have to ask whether Donald was being sincere when he praised Gone with the Wind and Sunset Boulevard.  We know that he has a short-attention span, and this is in keeping with his Gemini personaltiy.  Gone with the Wind is nearly four hours long.  Can you imagine him sitting through the whole thing?  I’m a Gemini, I have never watched Gone with the Wind, and I have no plans to ever watch itThe film sounds boring, and I suspect that Donald would lose patience within minutes.

Yet perhaps I shouldn’t rush to judgement.  The President has three planets in Cancer, and traditionally Cancer is a sentimental, even nostaligic sign, which often looks back wistfully at the past.  Trump’s electoral slogan of “Make America Great Again” also has a Cancerian feel – it’s looking backwards, to a supposedly glorious past.

We then find, according to the Movieline website in 2012, that Gone with the Wind really is one of Trump’s favourite movies.  Donald said of the film “It’s a classic. It has stood the test of time. For me, it’s a love story combined with a time in our country’s history that was pivotal in our evolution. The scope of the storytelling is tremendous.”  Another film that he rated was The Godfather: “The story is riveting and the characters were perfectly cast and directed. The family aspect intrigued me as did their business and history”.  Cancer is a sign that is often associated with the family, so it is not surprising that Donald rates The Godfather.  Look at Trump’s own family, and how they are entwined in the machinery of government.

Another point to make is that the United States is a Cancerian country, born on July 4 1776.  This helped Cancerian George Bush Junior, born on July 6 1946, to win the 2000 election.  Trump’s Mercury in Cancer speaks to America’s heart, or should I say America’s base.  It supports the nation’s sentimental nature, which in many respects looks back to the past rather than forward to the future.

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  • Pavani February 24, 2020, 12:46 am

    Make America Great AGAIN. If only we could restore the power relations of the past, i.e., the cultural-religious-racial-gender presuppositions of the past….

    • Archie Dunlop February 24, 2020, 6:40 am

      I suppose the past seemed simpler… though I suppose even in the reconstruction era the Gone with the Wind was set in, people were harping back to a lost past.

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