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Are Meghan and Harry going to break up? If so, when?

Harry and MeghanI was recently asked this question, about the relationship between Harry and Meghan.  I am ambivalent about the royal family, and Meghan and Harry aren’t my kind of people.  And like many in the UK, I am tempted to have a certain schadenfreude when considering the couple’s future.  However, astrology should never be seen as an instrument of malice, and as far as possible one should be objective.  Just because Meghan has been divorced before doesn’t mean that she’ll divorce again.  Particularly as she now has a baby to worry about.

To answer the question, I used horary astrology.  This means casting a chart for the moment I read and understood the question, which was asked by Emily on the   Ask Archie page.  Here’s the horary chart:

Meghan and Harry horoary

It is not a horary chart that I feel a great connection with, and it doesn’t give an immediate and unambiguous answer to the question.  I would take the Sun as being Harry.  He is a prince, and the Tenth House rules royalty.  Especially as Regulus, the Royal Star, is close to the Midheaven.  I am not sure what I would take as Meghan.  I could take the ruler of the Fourth House, which is Saturn.  While the Fourth House would signify the Prince’s wife, I am not sure if Saturn fits Meghan.  Yes, she’s older than Harry, but she’s still a young woman.  Instead, I would take the feminine planets, which are the Moon and Venus.

Let us now look at the condition of the Sun.  It is in the Fourth House.  It is a low profile part of the horoscope, and I think Harry really does want to be left alone, in his own space.  He also wants to feel secure and comfortable.  After all, the Moon joins the Sun in the Fourth House, and according to Olivia Barclay, who taught me horary astrology, the Moon represents what the question is all about.  However, the Sun is not in a weak position – it is in mutual reception with Venus.  This is because the Sun is in Pisces, the sign of Venus’ exaltation, and Venus in Aries, the sign of the Sun’s exaltation.  I know that the British press is suggesting that Harry is in a terrible position, that he married the wrong woman and it will all end in tears, but I think these worries are overblown.

Then we have to ask who is Meghan.  She might be the Moon, in which case she is moving towards a conjunction with the Sun, which is Harry.  That doesn’t suggest a break-up.  Or she could be Venus in Aries.  On its own Venus is not strongly placed.  It is in Aries, the sign of its detriment, and it is close to the Sixth House cusp.  On balance I would say that Venus is Meghan – she might be a Leo not an Aries, but she seems to be an Aries type of woman.  In other words, assertive and headstrong.  Yet Venus is given strength, by its mutual reception with the Sun, the planet representing Harry.

Given this Sun-Venus mutual reception, and the lack of any clear signature of a break-up, I believe that in the foreseeable future, Harry and Meghan will stay together.  And we should wish them all the best.

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