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The toxic astrology of Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is probably Britain’s best known journalist.  He was editor of The Sun, The New of the World and The Daily Mirror.  And at the moment he is  one of the presenters of the TV show Good Morning Britain.  Morgan is one of the leading critics of Meghan Markle, and it could be said that he bears a degree of responsibility for the negative press she is currently receiving in the UK.

There are many reasons why Piers Morgan might have a poor view of Meghan. For example, he may feel that she has been disrespectful towards Britain and the Queen.  However, there may be a personal element.  He described a period of time, lasting a year and a half, where he had got on well with her.  But after meeting her future husband she “ghosted” him.  As Piers Morgan put it, “Bang! She met somebody more important.  Immediately ghosted.  I never heard from her again.  The old slippery slope ladder had gone up. She had social climbed her way out of my orbit”.

So, who was Meghan Markle dealing with?  Here’s Piers Morgan’s horoscope:

Piers Morgan horoscope

Piers Morgan was born on March 30 1965, and he has the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries.  He’s assertive, he speaks his mind and he is not too afraid of being rude.  He also has the Moon conjunct Saturn, opposition Mars conjunction Uranus conjunction Pluto.  This configuration is explosive and angry, and once he starts putting energy into something, he might find it difficult to stop.

We then turn to Meghan’s horoscope, which I looked at recently, comparing her chart with Harry’s:

Meghan's horoscope

Meghan’s Saturn is at 5 degrees 52 Libra, exactly opposition Morgan’s Venus, at 6 degrees Aries.  Venus in a man’s chart represents women, and Meghan’s Saturn aspecting this Venus could quite literally be the experience of being ghosted.  And I am guessing that on a personal level he felt somewhat hurt.  According to Piers Morgan, he spent around 90 minutes having drinks with Meghan.  It was a friendly conversation, which had the promise of further encounters, but her Saturn hit his Venus… bang!

We might also want to consider Meghan’s Venus, at 13 degrees Virgo.  This Venus makes a sextile aspect to her Mars in Cancer.  She is an attractive woman, but her Venus is poorly placed in Virgo.  In my experience, people with Venus in Virgo find it difficult to live 100% in the moment, especially in terms of relationships.  Part of them is always calculating, and perhaps doing a cost-benefit analysis.  This is particular the case with women – heterosexual men with Venus in Virgo, or indeed any other sign, often project it onto the opposite sex.

Meghan’s Venus in Virgo feeds right into Piers Morgan’s Moon-Saturn conjunction opposition Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  To spell it out, his Moon and Saturn are opposition Meghan’s Venus, his Mars, Uranus and Pluto are conjunct it.  This is important.  Megan’s Venus is her femininity, perhaps the main thing that makes her photogenic and special.  It clashes horribly with the dynamo of Pier Morgan’s personality, symbolized by the conjunctions and oppositions involving the Moon, Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  Of course it should be said that Meghan’s Venus is conjunct his Mars.  This is often a sign of strong attraction, particularly on the man’s part.  I am sure, after the meeting, that Piers Morgan was well disposed towards her.  However by ghosting him she may well have sowed the wind.

What are the takeaways?  Decades ago I read a book on the astrology of relationships that referred to “double whammy” aspects.  Megan and Piers have a double whammy – Meghan’s Venus in Virgo is opposition his Saturn in Pisces, Piers’ Venus in Aries is opposition her Saturn in Libra.  This is a toxic configuration, as I’ve explained.  Meghan, when dealing with Piers, should have been aware of this.  His birth date is publically available.  She was probably unwise to have met him for drinks – but as she did, she shouldn’t have ghosted him.

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