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Notes on Prince Harry’s horoscope

Prince Harry's horoscope

The British royal family is not something that I am particularly interested in.  However, the news that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are withdrawing from their royal duties has grabbed the headlines.  There have been accusations that they are being disloyal and selfish and that they are letting the Queen down.  From an existential point of view, I don’t quite get this criticism.  If you’re a prisoner of your birth, and of the expectations placed upon you by your family, then you’re living according to someone else’s script and not your own.  Prince Harry has his own path, and perhaps his own Karma as well.  A counter-argument might be that the couple are exploiting their unearned titles, but maybe it’s a question of not looking a gifthorse in the mouth.

As far as Harry’s horoscope is concerned (see above), one can see that his chart is lopsided.  His planets are concentrated in the upper hemisphere, towards the Midheaven.  This might indicate someone who is forced to be in the public eye, who also  feels a lack of security and grounding.  This is reflected in his family background: both his parents had extramarital affairs, and his mother was killed in a car crash just before his thirteenth birthday.  .

Yet there is one planet that is not above the horizon, which is the Moon.  It is close to the IC, in Taurus.  The Moon strikes me as being a cry for help and protection and a desire to get away from the bright lights.  In terms of Vedic astrology, the isolated condition of his Moon gives rise to Kemadruma Yoga.  According to Parashara’s Light, this yoga can “reduce a prince to a pauper”.  That’s an exaggeration, but the idea of an unhappy prince makes sense.  From a psychological view, I would associate Kemadruma Yoga with loneliness and dislocation, a feeling of being within society but apart from it.

Harry’s potential for emotional upset is further exacerbated by the fact that his Moon in Taurus is opposition Saturn in Scorpio.  The oppostion is wide, but Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven.  Saturn represents Harry’s public duties, that are crushing his privacy and space.  Under these circumstances, one can perhaps understand why he wants an exit from the suffocation of a royal profile.

We then have to consider his wife, Meghan Markle.  The British press have given her a hard time, and there is a view that she has stolen their prince, in an attempt to boost her own celebrity profile.  There are also the suggestions that Meghan and Harry’s marriage can’t last, that Meghan will eventually get bored with him.  And certainly, when I set up their horoscopes, I was looking for evidence of this possibility.  I am not sure I found it, but perhaps it’s up to Meghan what happens next.

Meghan's horoscope

In their Vedic horoscopes, both Harry and Meghan have Mars in the Twelfth House.  This condition, known as kuja dosha, or Mars affliction, can lead to an unhappy married life.  Specifically, the person with kuja dosha is at risk of being a victim of their partner’s cruelty.  This means that when two people with kuja dosha marry, they cancel out each other’s affliction, and a happy marriage is possible.

However, Harry should be aware that right now the marriage is all about Meghan.  It is her fate that is pushing things along.  Meghan was born with a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.  From September 2017 through to April 2020, in Vedic astrology, she is in a Jupiter major period, Saturn minor period.  This the most important time of her life.  Things are happening to her, and Harry is just following along.  She announced her engagement to Harry in November 2017, married him in May 2018 and gave birth to their first child a year later.

One then has to ask what happens after April 2020.  The dynamics of her life will change.  Hopefully she is aware of this change, and she is able to address her husband’s vulnerabilities.  Yet Meghan has Venus fallen in Virgo, and a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Libra.  To what extent can she be the mother that Harry probably needs?  In this light, I saw the following headline in the Daily Mail: “Meghan flees to Canada where she left baby Archie with nanny and leaves Harry to deal with fallout from ‘abdication’ crisis after spending just three days in the UK following holiday”. If that’s true, that’s worrying.  But I nonetheless wish them the best.

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  • Pavani January 10, 2020, 4:02 am

    Very interesting! I share your views re: attitude of British press, which I an American follow since becoming a Brexit nerd ca. June 2019.

    • Pavani January 10, 2020, 4:17 am

      PS: Re: your comment ” I also have to write about politics and society – even though no-one seems to be interested.”

      There is definitely interest in political astrology. I am well aware of that, because I actively follow astrologer comments on current events.

      Oops, looks like I mis-dated my Brexit nerdliness above. It should be June 2018. I’m always slightly disoriented to date at the turn of the year.

      Best wishes.

    • Archie Dunlop January 10, 2020, 4:52 am

      I think the British press have a particular expectation of the Royals, which Harry and Meghan don’t live up to. Harry did a good job for the reputation of the royal family by serving in Afghanistan, but he is not the one that will produce the heir to the throne. So if he wants to slope off to America, that’s fine.

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