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Understanding the Saturn-Pluto conjunction

.Pressure cookerOn Sunday January 12 2020, at 4.58 pm GMT, there is a conjunction between the planets Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn.  Is it a big deal? It’s a stressor, rather than a dead cert.  You have to look at what else is going on in the world.  For example, relationships between Iran and the US seem a bit rocky, meaning that the conjunction could make the situation worse.

So what does the Saturn-Pluto conjunction mean?  Saturn is about restriction, Pluto is about hidden transformation.  Put the principles together, and we get the idea of extreme pressure.  The world is our pressure cooker, and an explosion is distinctly possible.

Having said that, German astrologer Alfred Witte had a different view.  He described the pair as being about “Hindered Development.  Difficult to apply oneself.  Distinction.  Slow separation.  Divorce.  Necessity.  Slow growth”.  Another German astrologer, Reinhard Ebertin, was more negative.  The conjunction between the two planets was about violence, and it was personified by the image of a mass murderer.

When you have a conjunction between two slow-moving planets, you can get triggering aspects, from faster planets.  Here are the aspects to consider:

The Saturn-Pluto aspect takes place at 4.59 pm GMT on January 12 – that’s 11.59 am in New York.  But on the afternoon of Sunday 13th (GMT) the Sun aspects the two, and then Mars on January 15.  All in all, the period from January 10 to January 15 looks very tense.

What to do?  It is a good time for breaking up relationships, and burning your bridges with people and situations that you want nothing more to do with.  However, if you want to maintain a relationship, tread carefully, and avoid being provocotive.

In terms of the Middle East, at the time of writing it looks as if things are calming down.  But I am not convinced that the crisis is over.  The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is still gaining strength and there is plenty of scope for the pressure cooker to blow its lid.

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