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Horoscopes for the week starting Monday January 20 2020

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This week the Sun moves into Aquarius, where it aspects Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and surprises.  Many of us are going to be thinking beyond the material world, and we’ll be focusing on ways of being original and creative.  However, that won’t be easy.  After all, there is nothing new under the Sun, and if we look hard at our surroundings, we’ll realize that much of it is just recycled garbage.  Particularly now, when the North Node of the Moon is making a conjunction to Hades.

At the end of the week there is a New Moon.  It is the first New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, which means it is the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  I’ll say more about this later, but check for the beginning of new trends, especially in the financial markets.

Anyway, here are my star sign forecasts for the week starting on Monday January 20 2019:

Aries You’re feeling restless, especially if you live in Northern climes.  The weather might be grim, and travel the perfect escape.  While you’re hunting for the escape hatch your friends grab you attention.  But your social life could be surprisingly expensive.

Taurus What does it take to be successful?  You have to be stubborn, but you also have to show some flair.  Do something that no-one expects, which demonstrates how wonderfully original you are.  Your career is about to move in a new direction.

Gemini Over the last month many Geminis have been feeling negative.  A belief that things aren’t going to get better, that everything must come to an end.  But with the Sun moving into Aquarius you can allow yourself to be more optimistic.  Just because a dream is shocking doesn’t mean it’s real.

Cancer You know that life isn’t simple, particularly when it comes to relationships.  But just because something is complicated doesn’t mean it should be avoided.  In fact your ablity to stay strong while other people go crazy will give you a crucial advantage.

Leo If you’re typical of your star sign, then you like to be the centre of attention.  Or at the very least, you don’t want to be ignored.  But with the Sun moving into Aquarius it may be necessary to let other people have their say.  A New Moon brings a new tide in your various relationships.

Virgo Mercury, your ruler, is moving towards a favourable aspect of Mars.  You are very determined, and you can work hard to achieve your aims.  At first no-one will notice what you’re doing, but at the moment it’s the boring stuff that gets the results.

Libra At work you need to be scrupulously honest, and be careful who you hang out with.  Not everyone can be trusted, and if you follow the crowd you could do something that is at best unethical, at worst criminal.  A New Moon at the end of the week brings ice and romance in equal measure.

Scorpio What’s happening in your home environment?  Things have carried on in the same old way for a long time, and it may be a situation that snaps rather than bends.  Elsewere Mercury aspects Mars.  In terms of money something grabs your attention.  Think about it, and then take the necessary action.

Sagittarius The Sun aspects Uranus, and as a result neighbours could be a problem.  Or else you could be a problem to them.  A spoonful of tolerance goes a long way.  Someone close to you has waited for long enough, and it is now time to make a decision.

Capricorn You need to take a good, hard look at your finances.  As it stands things are probably OK, but things can happen.  Be particularly careful when you’re having fun, because right now this is when you’re most vulnerable to a financial loss.  At the end of the week a new income source may reveal itself.

Aquarius The Sun is moving into your star sign.  You are in your element, finally, and it is a great time for taking new initiatives.  But not everyone is on your side, and family members may try to hold you back – perhaps by creating a crisis out of nothing.

Pisces You’re in two places.  On one hand you appreciate your own space and want to keep interaction with other people to a minimum.  On the other hand you’re impatient, and you can only make progress with another person’s help.  First impressions count for little.

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