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The shocking similarities between Virgos Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey

The British Labour Party is having a leadership contest, and the two front runners are Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey.  Although Keir Starmer appears to be the front runner, polling evidence suggests that Long-Bailey has a real chance of winning.  To anyone outside the Labour Party bubble, this is surprising.  Her TV performances aren’t great, she is strongly associated with Jeremy Corbyn, and she may not have the intellect to get the better of Boris Johnson at the dispatch box.  Put another way, if the Labour Party elect her as their leader, they have little chance of winning the next general election.

I have already looked at Keir Starmer’s horoscope.  He is a Virgo, with a lot of planets in Libra.  Rebecca Long Bailey is also a Virgo with a lot of planets in Libra.  Here is her chart, set for midday on September 22 1976, in Old Trafford, Manchester:

Long-Bailey horoscope

Long-Bailey has a close conjunction between Mercury and Venus, in Libra.  This conjunction is about communication.  She knows how to project herself, at least when dealing with the people who matter.  What I think of her, what the electorate thing of her, is unimportant.  When it comes to the Labour Party, she knows what to say and she knows how to say it.  At the same time, her Moon in Libra means that she won’t rock the boat with her potential fan-base.

Let’s now go back to Keir Starmer’s horoscope:

Keir Starmer horoscope

You don’t have to be an astrologer to see the similarities.  They both have the Sun in Virgo, they both have the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Libra, they both have Mars in Cancer.  Yet there is one difference between the two charts, which may be crucial.

When I looked at Keir Starmer’s chart, I noticed that he had no planets in the Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  As a result he might quite literally lack the Fire that’s required to get his party back to power. He might also be lacking intuition, in terms of understanding what needs to be done to beat the Tories.  Long-Bailey doesn’t have any personal planets in Fire signs, but she does have Jupiter in Leo, conjunct the fixed star Regulus.  Regulus is the Royal Star, and it can propel people to the heights.  Vivian Robson says of this configuration: “Fame, high preferrment, especially of a military nature, success in the Church”.  This description might not be entirely appropriate, but you get the picture.  Long-Bailey’s Jupiter conjunct Regulus allows her to be promoted above her natural abilities.  It should also be noted that although both horoscopes are  concentrated on one part of the wheel, in Long-Bailey’s case all her traditional planets (the Sun through to Saturn) are in a 90 degree arc.  Her chart is very focused, and little in the way of dynamic tension.

Starmer and Long-Bailey are both Virgos with the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Libra.  They both understand the details, and they know what steps are required to achieve their aims.  And because of their Libran planets, they can form the necessary alliances.  The two of them have found their niches, and now they are vying for the top job.  Starmer might be a lot brighter than Long-Bailey, and on paper more effecive, but he doesn’t have Jupiter in Leo conjunct Regulus.

However I am not making any predictions about who is going to be the Labour leader. Long-Bailey’s Jupiter increases her chances of success, but I don’t have her time of birth.

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