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Mid-September 2020: Trump, astrology and women

Guardian Amy Dorris storyOn September 2 2020 there was a Full Moon, which occurred at the same time as an opposition aspect between Venus and Saturn.  In an earlier article, I took the view that this Full Moon could be bad news for Donald Trump.  The Venus-Saturn opposition was hitting his Venus-Saturn conjunction and this suggested problems with women. I wrote:

We might therefore expect Donald to have Venus-Saturn experiences around the time of the Full Moon.  Some of which may never become public.  He may have problems with women and he may behave badly towards them.  He will be particularly vulnerable to revelations about past behavior, relating to women, money or both.  If Donald has behaved sleazily in the past, his sleaze might bubble to the surface.  Put another way, if anyone has got any revelation to make about Trump, now is the perfect time to bring it out into the open – it would cause maximum damage.

Generally one can expect the impact of a Full Moon to be a fortnight, though Saturn, in late Capricorn, is opposition Trump’s Venus through September and October.  To put some numbers and positions on this, his birth Venus is at 25 degrees 44 minutes Cancer, and transitting Saturn started September at 25 58 Capricorn and ends October at 26 13 of the sign.

On September 17, the  day of a New Moon, The Guardian came out with a story that Amy Dorris, a former model, had been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump at a tennis match in September 1997.  This kind of story is exactly what I was expecting, with Saturn transitting his Venus.  Of course sceptics might argue that in the run up to the election it was inevitable that women would be crawling out of the woodwork with claims of sexual impropriety.  After all, we are dealing with Donald Trump.  Yet he does have a conjunction between Venus and Saturn in his natal chart, and he is extraordinarilly vulnerable to attacks from women.  It started with his niece Mary, and with the Saturn transit I am expecting more women to step forward.

As far as Amy Dorris is concerned, she was born on October 1 1972.  Here is her chart, set for midday:

Amy Dorris horoscope

We can set that again Trump’s chart:

Trump horoscope

When you look at Donald Trump and Amy Dorris’ charts, the first thing you notice is the conjunction between Venus and Mars.  Donald Trump’s Mars is at 26 47 Leo, Amy Dorris’ Venus at around 26 Leo.  In other words, they are closely conjunct.  In standard astrology, this conjunction relates to a physical attraction, and according to Amy Dorris’ account, Trump found her very appealing.  As the Guardian reported, “He just shoved his tongue down my throat and I was pushing him off. And then that’s when his grip became tighter and his hands were very gropey and all over my butt, my breasts, my back, everything”.

But we do need to remember that Venus-Mars contacts are often one way affairs.  Mars is the planet of male sexuality, and Donald Trump’s Mars is conjunct Amy Dorris’ Venus.  Something about her as a woman may have excited  and aroused him.  On the other hand, Venus might have experienced Mars as something aggressive, and perhaps also course and gross.  Particularly as Amy Dorris went to the tennis match with her boyfriend.

There is another, important connection between Donald Trump and Amy Dorris’ charts, and it relates to her Saturn, at 20 36 Gemini.  This Saturn is exactly conjunct Donald’s north node, and it is also conjunct his Sun and opposition his Moon.  Saturn is the planet of Karma, and having to face the consequences of one’s actions.  Saturn also blocks and restricts, which may say something about the way Amy Dorris claimed to have responded to Donald Trump’s alleged advances.  Overall, it may be the case that the Saturn link-ups will be significant, in terms of damaging Trump’s electoral chances.

Finally, let’s look at the chart for September 5 1997:

Alleged assault.

I don’t have exact times for the event, or indeed for Amy Dorris’ birth.  So I am not going to spend too long looking for a match up between Amy Dorris and the events of September 5 1997.  Indeed, I am going to look at just one thing, her Venus-Mars midpoint. Its position is approximately 13 degrees 10 minutes Virgo. At the time of the alleged assault, Neptune at 27 28 Capricorn was relatively close to making an 135 degree aspect to this midpoint. But it wasn’t exact – the full force of the contact would have been earlier in the year.  Nonetheless, it was a time when she was susceptible to unusual sexual experiences.  We then notice that on September 5 the Sun was at 13 Virgo – in other words, it was exactly on her Venus-Mars midpoint.  That was the trigger for her alleged encounter with Donald.

We can get further details about Amy Dorris’ Venus-Mars midpoint by considering any planets that might have been aspecting it at the time of her birth.  She has the hypothetical planet Zeus at 13 degrees Virgo, bang on the midpoint.  In Greek mythology Zeus was known for ravaging young women who caught his fancy, in sudden and dramatic ways.  And on September 5 1997 the Sun was exactly conjunct her Zeus… and Donald Trump allegedly chose that day to do a poor impression of a Greek god.  An alternative interpretation of Zeus on the Venus-Mars midpoint was provided by Witte and Lefeldt, in Rules for Planetary Pictures: “Intimate acquaintance or relationship with leading people”. Whatever you think of him, Donald Trump is a leading person.

One final point.  On September 5 1997 Venus was at 23 Libra, opposition Saturn at 19 Aries.  That’s not surprising, is it?

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