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Astrology for the week starting on Monday August 31 2020 plus Trump’s Venus

The Pit and the Pendulum.

The summer is over.  Back to reality.  If you’re American, you might be able to drag summer on for another week, until Labor Day on September 7.  For many of us it is a poignant time of year.  In the Northern Hemisphere  the summer is burning itself out, and thoughts turn to death and ageing.  Maybe from an evolutionary perspective we thing back to our agricultural roots.  The summer brings the possibility of famine, as stockpiles run low in the run up to the harvest.  The ageing comes from the new school year.  We’ve moved on another year, and some of us have disappeared.

In terms of astrology, at the beginning of the week Jupiter and Saturn are at their maximum separation.  It is like thinking the situation is getting better, when we see the pendulum swing to its maximum distance from our neck.  But gravity will force it back, and the blade will move down a millimeter closer to our jugular.  This means that all of us have to start battening down.  Things aren’t going to get better, and you don’t need astrology to work that out.  Nonetheless, astrology gives us a symbolic language for making sense of the situation.

The big event of the week is a Full Moon, on Wednesday September 2, at 1.22 am Eastern Standard Time.  Here’s the chart of the Full Moon, set for Washington DC:

September 2 2002 Full Moon

The chart has a number of interesting features.  Venus, at 25 36 Cancer, is oppostion Saturn at 25 degrees 55 Capricorn.  This opposition in turn makes a 45/135 degree aspect to the Full Moon, at 10 12 Pisces.  The Venus-Saturn aspect has a number of dimensions.  Venus is the planet of beauty, fashion, women and love.  It is a time when women in general are going to feel pressurized, particularly if they are in the public eye.  So actresses and female politicians may not have much fun in early September.  It is also a bad time for making decisions about beauty and decor, and it is particularly important that cosmetic procedures be avoided.

Venus is also the planet of money, and with Venus aspecting Saturn, at the time of a Full Moon, there will be a growing realization that money is a big problem – on both a personal and national level. I know things are already bad on a financial level, but they are going to get worse, and the Venus-Saturn aspect helps symbolize the deterioration.  So to reiterate the message, be careful with money and DON’T BUY ANYTHING UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  This applies even if you’re rich – you could end up buying expensive garbage.

Talking about rich people, here is Donald Trump’s horoscope:

Trump horoscope

Have a look at Donald’s Venus.  It is at 25 degrees 44 minutes Cancer, conjunct Saturn at 23 degrees 49 minutes Cancer.  This tells us that he is someone that has difficult relationships, and that at times he can be disrespectful towards women.  On Tuesday September 2 Venus is conjunct his Venus, and Saturn is making an opposition to it.  And it is all given added power by the Full Moon.

We might therefore expect Donald to have Venus-Saturn experiences around the time of the Full Moon.  Some of which may never become public.  He may have problems with women and he may behave badly towards them.  He will be particularly vulnerable to revelations about past behavior, relating to women, money or both.  If Donald has behaved sleazily in the past, his sleaze might bubble to the surface.  Put another way, if anyone has got any revelation to make about Trump, now is the perfect time to bring it out into the open – it would cause maximum damage.

Venus is also ruler of Trump’s Taurus Midheaven.  The Venus-Saturn aspect is likely to undermine his leadership, and create a new hurdle to his re-election.  We can also see this in the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC.  There is an applying conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, on the Midheaven.  Confused leadership, confused progress – not helped by the fact that COVID-19 is far from beaten.

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