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Prince George: an unlikely King

Prince GeorgeYou’re not supposed to comment on the horoscopes of children, certainly not in a negative way.  However if that child is being brought up to be the King of the United Kingdom, then it may be appropriate to look at the horoscope in a critical manner.  Of course being King isn’t what it used to be.  The position doesn’t have much power, and over the next century the position may be further eroded, or even abolished.

The child in question is seven-year old Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William.  George is unlikely to be King for a very long time.  According to UK life tables Prince William is expected to live for another 42 years.  However, William’s paternal grandparents are both in their 90s, and we can therefore give him at least another 50 years.  This means that Prince George will be in his 60s or even 70s when he becomes King, so does it really matter?

It probably doesn’t, but I can’t help thinking that George doesn’t have the right horoscope to be King.  His is at the top of this article, and is set for July 22 2013 at 4.24 pm, in Paddington, London.

The first point to make about the chart is that it is massively Watery.  Five of the seven traditional places are in Water signs: the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.  There is also a Scorpio Ascendant.  The other two traditional planets are in Earth signs: the Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo.  This means that there are no traditional planets in the positive elements of Fire and Air.  In other words he’s all Yin and no Yang.  A sensor and reflector of everything happening around him.

The Sun in Cancer is particularly interesting.  If George had been born 32 minutes later, the Sun would have gone into Leo, and the sensitivity and negativity of his horoscope would be far less pronounced.  But it does seem that the British royal family has found it difficult to avoid the sign Cancer.  The last King to be a Cancerian was Edward VIII, born on June 23 1894.  He allowed his emotions to over-rule duty and common sense, and his insistence on marrying Wallis Simpson led to his abdication, after less than eleven months in the job.

Then came Princess Diana, a Cancerian born on July 1 1961.  She re-infected the royal family with the Cancer star sign.  Her first son William was born on June 21 1982 at 9.03 pm.  Like George, he is only just a Cancer – if he had been born at 6.23 pm or earlier he would have been a Gemini.  So Prince George is a third generation Cancerian, and in him the properties of the sign are highly  concentrated – after all, he doesn’t just have the Sun in Cancer, but also Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

Such concentration is likely to bring great subjectivity, and it may be difficult for George to look at the world objectively.  He is likely to see things in terms of his own personal perspective on the world. This is probably not a good trait for a British King, whose job is to advice, encourage and warn.  He is supposed to put feelings to one side, and George, with so much Water in his chart, may find this impossible to do.

Matters aren’t helped by the fact that George was born just before a Full Moon, the Moon in Capricorn being opposition the Sun in Cancer.  This suggests a certain moodiness, swinging from one extreme to another relatively quickly.  This tendency will  get stronger as he grows older, and it can be experienced as a rapid alternation between the warmth of the Cancer Sun and the self-interest of the Moon in Capricorn.  However it manifests, it won’t sit easily with his public profile.

Yet there is one sign of kingship.  At the time of George’s birth Venus was at 0 degrees 8 minutes Virgo – in other words exactly conjunct Regulus, the royal star.  This might simply signify a royal birth – something moves onto Regulus, and out pops a royal baby.  Though in terms of personality and destiny it is strange that it is Venus that is on Regulus.  Venus, after all, is a female planet.  It may hint at another person in his life.  For example, he might marry a woman who is very keen for him to be King.  Or more plausibly, it may indicate that he  removes himself from the succession, in favour of his sister Charlotte.

I think this is the best scenario.  Prince George’s horoscope indicates that he is not cut out to be either King or heir apparent.  And when he realizes what being King really means, he probably won’t  want the stress and responsibility.  So ideally in his late teens or early 20s he’ll be supported in his decision to stand down and make way for his sister.

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