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The horoscopes of Fahim Saleh and his alleged killer

Saleh murder sceneThis week there was news of a grizzly killing.  Fahim Saleh was a tech entrepreneur, who was attacked inside his apartment block and cut into pieces.  At first it seemed like a sophisticated contract killing, but now the main suspect is his personal assistant, Tyrese Haspil.  Tyrese Haspil is accused of murdering Saleh, after embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from him.  The story goes that when Saleh found out about the missing money, he didn’t go to the police, but instead, according to the New York Times, “offered to arrange a way for his former employee to work off his debt in what amounted to a payment plan”.

So what about the astrology?  I don’t have the birth times for the two men, so I will have to set the charts for midday, for their dates of birth.  Fahim Saleh was born on December 12 1986, in Saudi Arabia.  I had to check this on his Facebook page, because some sources gave September 23 1986.  From what I have found on the internet, Tyrese Haspil was born on January 21 1999, in the US.  Here is Saleh’s horoscope:

Farim Saleh's horoscope.

Fahim Saleh was a Sagittarius, with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in this sign.  He seemed to have been a typical Sagittarian.  He had lots of ideas, and he was interested in setting up businesses across the world, particularly in Nigeria and Bangladesh.  At the same time, he was very generous – indeed, his generousity towards his assistant may have cost him his life.

The energetic nature of his personality is further boosted by a conjunction between Mars and Jupiter, in Pisces.  There is a danger, however, that he took things too far.  And in terms of business, he may have been over-ambitious.  It is also worth noting that he had the Sun conjunct Uranus.  It is a conjunction that is dramatic and explosive, and things could have happened very quicky in his life.

His Mars-Jupiter conjunction is squared by Saturn.  In spite of all his optimism, there is a sense of frustration.  He couldn’t do everything he wanted, and at some level he may have felt blocked.  The Mars-Saturn square is also connected with death, and in terms of his murder on July 13 2020, we should be looking for triggering events.

On the day of his death, solar arc directed Pluto was at 13 degrees and 7 minutes Sagittarius, give or take 30 minutes, as we don’t know his time of birth.  This means that directed Pluto was aspecting the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn complex, by conjunction and square.  This suggests an intense, hidden and dramatic event.

Moving to the horoscope of Tyrese Haspil, we are dealing with an Aquarius:

Tyrese Haspil's horoscope

The Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune.  The Sun-Neptune conjunction can have a deceptive quality, and there can be a tendency to live a fantasy life.  At the same time, he’s lucky – the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is a great aspect.  In spite of having a difficult upbringing, he became the personal assistant of a successful entrepreneur.  .

Though the key aspect is the Mars-Saturn opposition.  Mars and Saturn are the death-pair, and Haspil has been charged with murder.  His employer also had a stressful Mars-Saturn aspect, and through their professional relationship the symbolism of the planets played out.  In fact, Haspil’s Mars-Saturn opposition aspected Saleh’s Mars and Saturn by semisquare and sesquiquadrate.  Put another way, Saleh’s Mars-Saturn midpoint was at 27 degrees and 7 minutes, Capricorn while Haspil’s is at 27 degrees 38 minutes Capricorn.  The midpoints are only 31 minutes apart, assuming a midday birthtime.

The linkage between the two Mars-Saturn midpoints is the key piece of synastry between the two charts, in the sense that it created the possibility of a fatal outcome.  And even if it turns out that Haspil is innocent, the connection still plays out, because their relationship will always be associated with Saleh’s murder.

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  • Ian Delaney December 29, 2020, 12:26 pm

    Hello Archie, as far as where synastry goes this is very intriguing. Whilst close inter-chart contacts can be very telling, I don’t think I have seen a case where the axes involving the same midpoint pairings occupy the same H8 degree area across charts. When one considers that there at least 78 midpoints, what are the chances that you will get a link up such as this?

    • Archie Dunlop December 29, 2020, 11:44 pm

      I’m always weary of getting excited about random repeated patterns – you can always find something that links two horoscopes. However in this case the main issue is death, with one person killing another. Mars-Saturn is therefore the first thing to look for. I suppose if we take a 30 degree orb, and we’re looking for H8 aspects, then the probability is 8/360, or just over 2%. Move the orb to 1 degree, and the probability is just over 4%.

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