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Pressure cooker New Moon on Thursday April 23 2020

Nuclear cloud forming

On Thursday April 23, at 3.26 am London time there is a New Moon.  It is a New Moon that is obvious, in the sense that its underlying message is no different from what we can see with our own eyes.  Right now, everyone is sick of the lock-down, and protests are forming. The images that we see on the news channels, particularly in state capitals across the US, are well described by the New Moon. The chart below is the New Moon set for London:

New Moon on April 23 2020

I have included Alfred Witte’s hypothetical planets in the chart, because I think they may provide some useful information.

The New Moon is at 3 degrees 24 minutes Taurus, and it is conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees 24 minutes Taurus and square Saturn at 1 degrees 42 minutes Aquarius.  This means that the New Moon makes a 45 degree aspect to the Saturn-Uranus midpoint, which is at 19 degrees and 3 minutes Pisces.

The New Moon is triggering the Saturn-Uranus square, which becomes exact in February of next year.  The principle of the Saturn-Uranus square is tension – you have two energies that don’t like to share the same space.  Uranus wants to be free, Saturn wants to restrict.  In mythology Uranus was the father of Saturn, and it was Saturn who castrated him.  This perhaps gives meaning to the Saturn-Uranus square: Saturn wants to disempower the rebellious spirit of Uranus.  Yet it’s a battle, and the New Moon on April 23 is right in the middle of it.  People want their freedom, and the government is trying to hold things together.

We can conceptualize the New Moon as a situation where no-one is prepared to compromise – especially as both Saturn and Uranus are in fixed signs.  I am reminded of Langston Hughes’ famous 1950s poem “Harlem“, which speculates on what happens if a dream gets deferred.  “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” or “stink like rotten meat?”…. or “Or does it explode?”  Of course Langston Hughes’ poem is normally associated with the civil rights movement, not the temporary inconvenience of an essential lock down.  Nonetheless, we have the image of a pressure cooker, and with the New Moon making a close semi-square to the Saturn-Uranus midpoint we might indeed get an explosion.

From a midpoint perspective, this is the New Moon’s 45 degree midpoint structure:

AP = SU/AP = MO/AP = MA/ZE = SU = SU/MO = MO = ME/MA = UR/VU

I have thrown some hypothetical planets into the equation – Apollon, Zeus and Vulcanus.  The New Moon is exactly opposite Apollon, and this does create the possibility of creative excellence.  It is a great time for music and the arts, and if you try to be creative while the world bubbles over you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.  Yet the fact that the New Moon aspects the Mars/Zeus and Uranus/Vulcanus midpoints is worrying.  The Mars-Zeus combination is often associated with firearms, and Uranus/Vulcanus is about the exercise of massive power.  I am therefore thinking that the New Moon is going to cause civil disturbance, with violence.

If I had to choose the countries and regions that are going to be most effected by the New Moon, I would go for Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Kurdistan, Eastern Turkey, Eastern Ukraine and Russia.  These are the regions where the New Moon take place at around sunrise on April 23.  But arguably astrology is just confirming what we already know.  Saudi Arabia, for example, is seeing its economy hammered by a collapsing oil price.  It might also be relevant that Ramadan probably starts on the evening of April 23.  However,  the astrology adds poignancy and violence to the situation.  The pressure cooker is going critical.


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