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Astrology for the week starting on Monday April 20 2020

Adolf HitlerThe Sun is now in Taurus.  Ten years ago, I wrong an article titled “Is Taurus the nastiest sign of the Zodiac”?  Over the years, it has been the article that has got the most hits.  The article was written tongue in cheek, but I think there is evidence that some Taureans display a peculiar kind of nastiness.  They don’t forget, and they can be dedicated to homicidal  causes.  Adolf Hiter, born on April 20 1889, was notorious for his vengefulness.  In the last months of the Second World War, as the Third Reich was collapsing in on itself, he made sure sure that many of his imprisoned political enemies were executed.  I am not going to survive this, and neither are you.

At the beginning of the week, as the Sun moves through the first degrees of Taurus, we can expect some frustration.  This is because the Sun is making a stressful, 90-degree aspect to Saturn.  It will be difficult to make our presence felt, and at the same time other people are going to be incredibly stubborn.  They will be sticking to their principles, regardless of the cost.  And don’t forget, just because someone has principles doesn’t mean they’re a nice person.  Ask Adolf.

Also this week, Venus in Gemini is desperatly trying to make a favourable, 120 aspect to Mars in Aquarius.  This aspect never happens, because Venus is slowing down, in preparation for the retrograde portion of its cycle, which starts on May 13.  This aspect has sexual and romantic connotations, and is suggestive of two people trying to engage with each other.  Because the aspect never completes, there is great disappointment.  So if you’ve got romantic plans, be realistic – you can get very close to the achievement of your desires, but be blocked at the last moment.  If you want to play Sun sign astrology, the signs most at risk of this scenario are Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio.

Though probably the biggest event of the week is a New Moon, on Thurday April 23.  This New Moon is a pressure cooker, and could result in explosive events.  I’ll discuss this lunation in my next post.

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