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Aquarius and the Russian decade

Soviet flagRussia is a disaster, right?  Since the fall of Communism, it has gone into steady decline.  Its wealth has been siphoned off by corrupt officials, and the country has been hollowed out by kleptocrats.  And unlike China, there is no discipline and no concept of society.  There are the very rich, flaunting their wealth, and everyone else, the suffering masses.  Not surprisingly, the current global crisis is going to make the situation far worse for this benighted nation.

Yet in spite of its poverty, Russia has been able to extend its power on the global stage.  It has annexed the Crimea, which has been a part of the Ukraine since the 1950s.  Furthermore, it has adopted an active foreign policy in the Middle East.  It has given its total support to the Assad regime in Syria, and along with Iran, has enabled the Syrian government to survive against the odds.  In terms of the economy, things may not be as bad as they seem.  Although the Russian government likes to interfere in most areas of the economy, the Russian Central Bank is relatively independent, and its Scorpio president, Elvira Nabiullina, was in 2017 named as European Central Banker of the Year.

The Financial Times, in a January 29 2020 article, wrote that the Russian economy was not actually in bad shape.  It has survived the sanctions imposed upon it after the Crimea episode, and industries have built up their internal markets to replace the overseas markets that they have been denied access to.  Furthermore, the agricultural sector is booming, and the country has a sovereign wealth fund of 124 billion dollars and growing gold reserves.  This means that if any country can survive a global shut down, it’s Russia.

As far as the coronavirus is concerned, Russia has remarkably few cases.  This may be because of poor health services and poor reporting.  This certainly feeds into the mainstream media’s narrative that Russia’s leaders are incompetent liars.  However CNN was prepared to concede that maybe Russia has got some things right.  At the end of January they shut their border with China, created quarantine zones and started widespread testing.  Somehow, communist and ex-communist countries are better able to deal with crises like coronavirus.  Perhaps, at a gut level, the collective is seen as being more important than the individual.  Which is a very Aquarian attitude.

Talking about Aquarius, there can be little doubt that Russia is an Aquarian country.  Not because of any horoscope, but because of the Classical, Ptolemaic way of looking at the world.  According to this view, the world is centred around the Meditteranean.  Regions to the North and West of the Mediterranean are ruled by Fire Signs, to the North and East Air signs, to the South and West Water signs, to the South and East Earth signs.

This gives us the following rulerships:

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Spain.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Iraq, Israel, India.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Poland, Russia, China.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Morocco, Algeria, Libya.

Don’t ask question, don’t complain that the US and Australia aren’t on the list.  The traditional Ptolemaic set-up can be used to understand some countries, but not others.

Ptolemy drills into the elements further.  In terms of the Fire signs, Britain, France and Germany are covered by Aries, Italy by Leo and Spain by Sagittarius.  In terms of the Air signs, Ptolemy doesn’t mention Russia, but he wrote that Sauromatica, Oxiana and Sogdiana are covered by Aquarius.  Sauromatica is South West Russia and Belarus, and overall we can categorize Russia as an Aquarian country.

And right now, in March 2020, the planet Saturn is moving into Aquarius.  This puts the focus on Russia, and I think in a positive way.  Saturn functions well in Aquarius, and Russia is in a prime position to benefit from the recession, and probably depression, that is engulfing the world.  The situation is made more intense by the fact that in December there is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, in the first degree of Aqurius.  Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are not one-day wonders, and they set the scene for the next ten or twenty years.

If we go back to the early 1930s, Saturn entered Aquarius on November 20 1932.  The early 1930s were a mixed time for Russia.  Yes, there were purges, but from an economic point of view, Russia was relatively unaffected by the Great Depression.  Indeed, Russia was able to benefit through its commodity exports.  We’ve got the same situation coming up now, with the likelihood that non-oil commodity prices are likely to enjoy substantial and perhaps hyperflationary rises.  But I believe that the situation for Russia is potentially better than it was in the 1930s, because of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  Russia is not encumbered by democratic niceties, and I believe that in the next twenty years it will regain much of what it has lost since the fall of Communism.

One also has to bear in mind that Aquarius doesn’t just cover Russia, but also Belarus and the Ukraine.  The balance of power in Europe will shift, and the influence of continental Western Europe will start to wane.  This may be connected with the decline of the European Union, which will accelerate following the economic crisis.  Russia, helped by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020, will be able to expand its influence, and take advantage of economic and political turmoil in Eastern Europe.

However, it is important that Russia is properly prepared for the opportunity.  It needs to be a model for a better future, as it was under Communism.  And that means finding a coherent ideology, which goes beyond the greed and materialism that has characterized Russia since the late 1980s.  But is the country’s leadership up to the challenge?  Can they show the world that they have got a better way of doing things?

Over to you, Vladimir.

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  • Jas March 24, 2020, 4:01 pm

    And also taking into account they no longer deal in US Dollars and are building up a huge gold reserve…will they be the first country to go back to a gold standard and cause the demise of the dollar?

    • Archie Dunlop March 24, 2020, 4:26 pm

      Jas, I hope you are well. I don’t know if any country will go back onto the gold standard. Weren’t they talking about have a basket of assets, gold included? But I would have thought the dollar is having its last hurrah. Also, Russia and China are essentially enemies of the US, and they don’t like the idea of commodities being valued in Dollars. Have you seen any videos of Jim Rogers talking about Russia? He is a big fan, in the sense that he believes that Russia will benefit from an eventual boom in the price of soft commodities.

  • Sid July 12, 2020, 12:13 am

    In my language we have multiple astrologers saying that great conflict is coming in December that will tilt global balance in favour of the Russians. I’ve heard of how previous Saturn Jupiter conjunctions led to events such as the WW2, Cuban Missile Crisis, The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and 9/11. I believe what you are saying too. I came across a Baba Vanga prophecy the other day too saying that Russia will rule the world. Maybe something earth changing is on the cards.

    • Archie Dunlop July 13, 2020, 12:35 am

      Well, there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction just before the German invasion of Russia. I think we have to be contrarian here.

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