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Astrology for the week starting on Monday March 23 2020

MoneyIt is kind of ironic that Donald Trump is trying to be America’s first socialist president.  His government is intervening in the US economy like there is no tomorrow.  Money is being spent all over the place, there are industry bail outs and there is even a plan to give every American adult $1200.  I am not sure on the details, but I think you have to be earning less than $70,000.  Of course the situation isn’t unique to the United States, and in Europe and the UK governments are doing whatever is necessary.  This completely fits in with Saturn moving into Aquarius, which happened on March 22.  It is a time of government intervention, of the kind that was seen in Nazi Germany and the US from the early 1930s onwards.

Another thing that happened recently, on March 20, was the Aries ingress.  This is not a one-hit wonder.  It marks a new and dramatic phase in humanity’s evolution, and this week we may see some of its effects.   The chart for the Aries ingress contained an Mars-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, so we are now living in explosive times.  Another thing to notice about the ingress was the midpoint configuration of the Aries point:


This configuration inclues PO and KR, which are the hypothetical planets Poseidon and Kronos.  Poseidon is still a fair way from the Aries point, but over the next few years we’ll start to feel its influence.  The world at sea, full of infection and fantasy.  The last time time Poseidon was aspecting the Aries point – at zero degrees Libra – was in 1929 and 1930, so it concided with the Great Depression.  Though the midpoint that is most relevant is Aries on the Neptune-Kronos midpoint, with a four minute orb.  Neptune represents chaos, and Kronos represents the authorities.  Witte and Lefeldt wrote of AR=NE/KR: “The general public lives under wrong impressions, is kept so the wrong impression is increased. Incompetence in ruling circles”.  Do you trust your government to do the right thing?  Do you trust your government to tell the truth?

As far as specific events are concerned, on Monday Mars makes a conjunction to Pluto, on Tuesday there is a New Moon.  The Mars-Pluto conjunction could make some of use feel crazy and resentful, and in a desperation to get what we want we could overstep the mark.  The New Moon doesn’t strike me as being particularly important, but for many of us it may act as a boost.  The last lunar cycle has been a real downer, and on Tuesday we can turn over a new leaf, and start taking definite action.  So if you’re feeling isolated and helpless,  there are thing you can do in your own home to make your life a whole lot better.


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