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Astrological update, March 11 2020: Full Moon aftermath, UK health minister tests positive

Nadine Dorries

A lot of people make predictions – it is not just astrologers and psychics.  Economists, weather forecasters and stock analysts.  Yet astrologers are under more pressure than the other forecasters.  If they get it wrong, it is an indictment on their profession, while economists and stock analysts get a free  pass to their next prediction.

Right now,on Wednesday March 11 2020, we’re recovering from the combined effect of a Full Moon and Mercury going stationary direct.  These events happened within less than 12 hours of each other, on Monday 11/Tuesday 12.  On Monday, in their run up, the Dow Jones fell over 2000 points.  On Tuesday the Dow was up well over 1000 points.  The Full Moon and Mercury seemed to have disrupted the downward pattern, and perhaps invalidated the bearish call.  And overall, I did think that the combination was going to put downward pressure on the markets, and we still have to see if the upward movement was a one-day wonder.  As I write, Standard & Poor futures are down 1.66%.

My main take-away from the Full Moon was that it would be the moment that people started taking coronavirus seriously.  The Sun in Pisces representing the chaos of the invisible threat, the Moon in Virgo the common people desperately trying to protect themselves.  And over the least day or two, we are hearing that Italy is in lockdown, and I am wondering why on earth Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington State, has just announced that they are restricting visits to nursing homes.  Is that all? No mention of shutting down schools and public places, or using the National Guard to enforce a statewide lock-down.  But it’s America, individual freedom trumps everything, including individual safety.

In the UK Nadine Dorries (see picture), a junior health minister, has just announced that she has tested positive for coronavirus.  I think she is the first person in the UK with a public profile to have made such an announcement.  This will have an impact on the British collective, and help bring the Full Moon into consciousness.  She was born on May 21 1957, in Liverpool, England.  I don’t know the time of birth.  This is the midday horoscope:

Nadine Dorries horoscope

The chart is problematic, because both the Sun and the Moon changed sign over the day.  Her Sun might be in Taurus or Gemini, her Moon might be in Aquarius or Pisces.  In terms of transits, I would be inclined to focus on the Uranus at 3 degrees 36 Leo.  It is a transpersonal planet, so one normally doesn’t make a big deal about the transits it receives.  However, Nadine Dorries is a politician, in the public eye, and collective forces will have a greater than average influence on her.  There is a Uranus-Neptune semisquare in the sky, and Neptune, at around 18 27 Pisces, is making an exact 135 degree aspect to her natal Uranus.  We then have the image of the shocking (Uranus) progression of the virus (Neptune).

It is also worth noting that Nadine Dorries has a quincunx between the Sun at zero degrees Gemini and Neptune at zero degrees Scorpio.  The quincunx has certain connotations of dis-ease and illness, and some illnesses might be played out in the public eye.  This is because the Sun-Neptune midpoint is at 15 degrees 17 minutes Leo, which makes an 135 degree aspect to the Aries point.  The Aries point represents the world at large, and with AR = SU/NE we have a good description of someone in the public eye getting a virus.

On a final note, I was reading The Daily Mail, as one does, and I came across an article about Donald Trump seeing the positive side of high oil prices.  I couldn’t help commenting, in my persona of James from Seattle.  It was good to see from the replies that sarcasm is alive and well in Trump’s America:

Daily Mail comments
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