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Astrology for the week starting on Monday March 9 2020


Week of a Full Moon, on March 9 2020, at 5.48 pm GMT.  The Chart above is set for London.  Witte’s hypothetical planets included.

On Monday there is a Full Moon in Virgo.  This means that the Moon in Virgo is opposition the Sun in Pisces.  This sums up what is happening in the world.  Pisces is the chaos that the coronavirus has launched on the world.  Virgo the obsession with health and hygiene.  I know people are already concerned about their health, but so far, society hasn’t got it.  You’ve still got people thinking that they can carry on as normal.  However, with the Full Moon the clash between a rampant virus and the desire to stay safe will hit home like never before.

Matters are made more complicated by the fact that there is also a conjunction between Venus and Uranus, in early Taurus.  This conjunction makes a 45/135 aspect to the Full Moon.  I think this adds to the pressure, and we might find that relationships take an unexpected turn, for better or for worse.

The Full Moon is also tied in with Neptune, which is conjunct the Sun.  Neptune is the planet of invisible dangers – for example, deceptions, poisons and viruses.  In summary, the Full Moon sees our worse fears about the coronavirus realized – as will unfold over the next fortnight.

By the way, in London and Paris the Full Moon is right on the Ascendant.  Brexit problems?  From a US perspective, the Full Moon is exactly on the MC-IC axis (Sun on the MC) in Atlanta, Georgia, where the the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have their headquarters.  The CDC are going to be busy.

On Tuesday Mercury goes stationary direct, in Aquarius.  In one sense this is good news.  There will be less confusion, and over the next month we’ll have a better understanding of what is going on around us.  It will also be easier to make decisions. However, Mercury goes direct very close to the time of the Full Moon.  This is dangerous, particularly for stock markets.  But of course in the current environment, no-one is going to get any credit for predicting stock market turbulence.  Is the Pope Catholic?

Finally, if you are into harmonics, here is the fourth harmonic of the Full Moon chart.  This chart will bring all the 4th harmonic aspects together (conjunction, opposition, square), and will turn the 45-135 series aspects into oppositions:

Full Moon March 9 H4

You can see how the Neptune opposition to the Full Moon has been turned into a conjuntion, and the 45/135 aspects from Venus-Uranus have been turned into an opposition.

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