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Horoscope of COVID-19 victim Li Wenliang

Li WenliangOne of the big criticisms of astrology is that people who are born on the same day, even at the same time, have very different personalties and destinies.  However, this assumes that astrology is a total system, which explains everything.  In reality, it is unlikely that that any one factor can provide a complete explanation, and instead you have to look at various interactions.  The environment and general circumstances, for example, are usually important .  We can then see the horoscope as  having many potentials, most of which may never be achieved.

This brings us to Li Wenliang, who was the Chinese doctor who first warned that a new disease, the coronavirus or COVID-19, had broken out in his home town of Wuhan.  Li Wenliang was born on October 12 1986, in Beizhen, China.  The Economist gave him the honour of a back-page obituary in its February 15 issue.  He was an eye doctor, whose interests included social media, live-streamed snooker and good food.  There was no reason why he couldn’t have lived out his life as an anonymous Chinese doctor, enjoying the small pleasures.  This might be what you would have expected, given the fact that he had the Sun in Libra conjunct the South Node.  Here’s his chart, set for midday:

The Sun is weak in Libra, the sign of its Fall.  In most cases it doesn’t want to rock the boat.  Indeed, The Economist wrote that his last birthday resolution was “to be a simple person, refusing to let the world’s complicatons bother him”.  The conjunction with the South Node strengths this.  It is the line of least resistance, the attitudes and behaviours that come easiest.

The North Node, by contrast, is the challenge, the place we are supposed to be going.  Li Wenliang’s North Node was in Aries.  It is an assertive sign, that acts first, thinks later.  Li Wenliang, when he saw people getting sick with a new virus in Wuhan Central Hospital, straight away took to social media.  According to  The Economist,  he informed a private group that there existed “Seven cases of SARS in the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market”.  As a result he got called in by police and hospital authorities, and he was accused of spreading rumours and undermining public order.  By getting into his Aries North Node, and not thinking about fitting in and staying out of trouble, he was embracing his future.  You could say that he had learned the lessons of his current incarnation, and was ready for the next.  Incidentally, he died when he was 33 years old.  In some cultures, for example Poland, 33 is an important number, because this is the age at which Christ was supposed to have been crucified.

There is other evidence that he might have been someone who could make waves.  His Sun in Libra was making a sextile aspect to Uranus in Sagittarius.  This meant that it would have been relatively easy for him to stir things up, with Uranus being the planet of earthquakes, and Sagittarius being a sign that wants to reach out for new horizons.  He also had the Moon and Mars in Aquarius, indicating that he was independent-minded.  However, these configurations aren’t particularly major.

What I find more interesting is the outer planet midpoint activity, which does indicate that he might have had involvement with a deadly disease.  I must emphasise that many people who were born in the Autumn of 1986 would have had the same configurations.  However it is about interaction, and Li Wenliang was the one who was working in Wuhan Central Hospital.  He was also the one who made the connections and revealed what he saw.  Perhaps also, he was the one who was sufficiently evolved to do what he did.

If you look at his horoscope, you see his Saturn, Uranus and Neptune clumped together in Sagittarius and early Capricorn.  You will also notice that Uranus is on the Saturn-Neptune midpoint.  The midpoint is at 19 degrees 48 minutes Sagittarius, and Uranus is just over half a degree away, at 19 13 Sagittarius.  This midpoint was hit by the December 12 Full Moon, at 19  48 Gemini.  By the next Full Moon, on January 10 2020, Li Wenliang had made the alert about the sick patients, had been cautioned by the police and had been infected by the virus.

The Saturn-Neptune combination is about fear, and restrictions (Saturn) caused by a hidden threat (Neptune).  Uranus represents something happening suddenly – in other words, the disease manifesting.  Alfred Witte, in Rules for Planetary Pictures,  described Uranus on the Saturn-Neptune midpoint beautifully: “Suddenly appearing pestilence”.

We can also look at the death axis.  In astrology Mars and Saturn are the death pair, and the Mars-Saturn midpoint may say something about someone’s relationship to death.  As you can see, Neptune was less than a degree from Li Wenliang’s direct Mars-Saturn midpoint.  Death through the undermining influence of a viral infection.  Or as Witte put it, “Death by poison, gas, plague, or cunning (treachery)”.

As I have discussed in previous articles, Witte used a number of hypothetical planets.  One planet that I find particularly useful is Hades.  Li Wenliang’s Hades was at 6 degrees 5 Gemini, exactly opposite his Saturn at 6 21 Sagittarius.  One of the associations that Witte makes with the Saturn-Hades pair is epidemics.  Wenliang’s Saturn-Hades midpoint was at 6 13 Virgo – which means that the nodal axis was making a close 45/135 aspect to this midpoint.

In the opinion of midpoint astrologers such as Alfred Witte and Reinhold Ebertin the nodes are connected with associations, and the nodal midpoints will indicate what kind of associations someone might have.  Witte wrote as follows about the Node on the Saturn/Hades midpoint:  “To feel overburdened.  Overload. To feel that one is plagued by unfinished business.  To be tied up to loathsome, distasteful things.  To come into contact with seriously ill persons or corpses”.  QED, and perhaps a grim view of the future.

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