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Celebrity horoscope: Scorpio Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack horoscope

Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of Caroline Flack.  She was a British TV star, who committed suicide while awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.  Yet the press has gone into overdrive and there was even a mention in the The Seattle Times.  So I thought that I would have a quick look at her horoscope, to see if it gives any insights into her life and death.

Caroline Flack was a Scorpio, born on November 9 1979, in Enfield, England, at 1.30 am.  We straight away notice that she has no planets in Air signs.  As I discussed when looking at the charts of Dominic Cummings and Emmanuel Macron, a lack of Air can mean many things, and you do need to consider what kind of person you’re dealing with.  In the case of Cummings and Macron, you’re dealing with highly educated people, who are known for their intellectual gifts.   Caroline Flack was not know for her academic skills, and the lack of Air might suggest someone who tended to rely on her feelings rather than her thinking.

We also know that she was a Scorpio – a Scorpio who committed suicide.  I think it was Aleister Crowley who wrote that are three types of Scorpios.  The highest level of Scorpio is symbolized by the eagle.  The eagle soars above the clouds, leaving the turmoil of the everyday world far behind.  The second type of Scorpio is a snake.  The snake regards the world as a dangerous place, and prefers to slither under a rock for protection.  The final type of Scorpio is the scorpion itself.  According to legend the scorpion is self-destructive, and if you surround it with a ring of burning petrol it will sting itself to death.  This I suppose was the impact of having her career turned upside down by criminal proceedings, and having to face the glare of adverse publicity.

The public were certainly important to Caroline Flack, thanks to her brilliantly placed Moon.  It was in Cancer, the sign of its rulership, above the horizon in a night time chart.  Furthermore, it was in close trine to her Sun in Scorpio.  This Moon is responsive, and allows her to relate to the public at large.  This is a reminder that in most cases the key to being a successful celebrity is not being unique and individual, but having the capacity to give people what they want.

Matters were further helped by her close conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius.  This conjunction enabled her to communicate in a natural and sparkly way, and must surely have been the engine of her success as a TV presenter.  You could say that it was particularly appropriate for the TV program she was associated with, Love Island. Mercury was communication, Venus was love.

As far as the psychological dimension is concerned, much has been made of issues surrounding her mental health, though anyone with a court case hanging over them is psychologically vulnerable.  I suppose it is worth noting that in her Vedic horoscope she had kemadruma yoga, where there are no planets in the house of the Moon, or the houses either side.  This yoga brings loneliness, and a separateness from the rest of the world.  Also, her Mercury-Venus conjunction was making a square aspect to Jupiter in Virgo.  It is an aspect that could be exaggerated and hyper, but I wouldn’t want to read too much into it.  If you want to looking for signs of mental health issues in a chart, you can always find something.

Looking at Caroline Flack’s chart from a generational perspective, she had both Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, and she was therefore linked into the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  In fact, her ascendant is also in Virgo, and if she was born at 1.30 am should would have the ascendant on the Jupiter-Saturn midpoint.  One could then argue that by becoming a celebrity, she became a feature of the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was in May 2000.  In the lead up to this conjunction reality TV started becoming very big.  Big Brother started in the Netherlands in 1999, and in the UK in July 2000.  People like Caroline Flack would have prospered in the period of history following the conjunction, though it can be dangerous being too closely associated with any particular Jupiter-Saturn cycle.  Look at John Lennon.  He was born at the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1940, he became a star after the 1961 conjunction, and he was murdered in the run up to the 1981/2 conjuction.  In fact John Lennon’s life comprised two twenty year cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, and he was therefore 40 years old when he died.  In fact 40 years and two months.

Caroline Flack, who was 40 years and three months old at the time of her death, was no John Lennon.  But her decision to become a celebrity made her a generational figure, a person representing a particular period of time.  And really, for many celebrities it must be a kind of possession.  You are being used by the Universe for a partcular purpose, for a particular time span.  Put another way, fame can have a price.  Looking forward, there is a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020, and already the two planets are in the same sign. The world will become a different place, as one cycle switches to the next.  People strongly associated with the old cycle will retire or find lower profile work.  Or sometimes die.

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