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Notes on Donald Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction

Donald TrumpDonald Trump has a close conjunction between Venus and Saturn in his horoscope.  This conjunction is in the sign of  Cancer, in the Eleventh House.  I believe that his conjunction is an integral part of who he is, and it also helps explain his turbulent relationship with women.  Here is his horoscope:

Trump horoscope

Right now, in early February 2020, the Venus-Saturn conjunction is particularly important.  Transitting Saturn and Pluto are currently in Capricorn, opposition this conjunction.  In fact on February 6 and 7 Saturn makes the exact transit to his Venus.  The last time Donald had this transit was on January 1 1991.  I don’t know exactly what he was doing on this day, but we do know that in 1991 he got his divorce with Ivana and his Taj Mahal casino went bankrupt.  So presumably on January 1 1991 marital and financial issues were playing on his mind.

In general, we would expect someone with a Venus-Saturn conjunction to have issues with money and woman, because Venus is the ruler of both.  Donald Trump may be a very rich man, but his businesses have filed for bankruptcy on several occasions.  You don’t often have very rich men filing for bankruptcy.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, for example, have never had core companies going bankrupt.  There is also an issue with women.  During his 2016 election campaign, there were numerous attempts to derail him, with reference to his treatment of the opposite sex.

The New York Times, for example, ran a lengthy article in May 2016 titled “Crossing the line: How Donald Trump behaved with women in private“.  It looked at the stories of many women, and it authors wrote that “Their accounts — many relayed here in their own words — reveal unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, a shrewd reliance on ambitious women, and unsettling workplace conduct, according to the interviews, as well as court records and written recollections”.

One example that got a lot of publicity in 2016 was the case of Alicia Marcad0, who in 1996 was crowned Miss Universe.  After her crowning, Donald Trump became concerned that the reigning Miss Universe was gaining too much weight.  I suppose he might have had some interest in the matter, because he was the owner of the organization.  However, he took his concern too far, as the Guardian described:

“But when she put on weight soon after winning, Trump turned what should have been a golden year into the most traumatizing one of her life. It wasn’t just that Trump shamed her about about gaining weight, calling her things like “Miss Piggy” and “an eating machine”. It wasn’t even that he did so publicly. It was that he did it with the biggest audience he could find, in an attempt to sear her weight fluctuation into the public consciousness, forever changing how she would be remembered”.

We now need to go back to Donald Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction, and consider what it means.  In his horoscope, Venus represent the female.  It tells us about the role of women in his life.  We then see that Venus is damaged by Saturn.  Saturn can be controlling and criticizing, and the  conjunction describes what happened to Alicia Marcado.  Venus is crushed by Saturn.

There is also a possibility, when Venus is conjunct Saturn in a man’s chart, that Venus is objectified.  Saturn restricts, and cuts things to the bone.  A woman is what she is on the surface and can be categorized in terms of surface appearances.  Furthermore, Saturn may want to know how Venus can work to its benefit.  This idea is consistent with traditional astrology, where Saturn is a malefic, Venus a benefic.  Saturn gains from being conjunct Venus while Venus loses from the contact.  Trump has been known to boast about his sexual conquests, in an excessive way.  He might therefore have felt that his credibility was boosted by these conquests.

In 2016 this might not have appeared to be the case.  It seemed that Trump would be buried by the testimonies that women were levelling against him.  There was no logical way he could win the election.  Yet maybe these testimonies actually helped, because they appealed to a certain type of male voter.  In other words, Venus was helping Saturn.  Trump was further helped by the fact that his opponent was a woman, in the form of Hillary Clinton.  She was the Venus in his horoscope, and she made his Saturn stronger.  If Trump had been up against a man – Joe Biden or even Bernie Saunders – he would probably have lost the election.

Another thing to remember about Trump is that he is rich.  Whatever people say, being rich does help you when it comes to dating attractive women, especially if they are a lot younger than you.  However, this does mean that he runs the risk of having transactonal relationships.  The Venus-Saturn conjunction can indeed be a signature of transactional pairings. Trump has a model of the perfect woman, with particular emphasis on physical appearance, and he knows how to attract her.  And it’s easier to have a partner who matches your standards of pulchritude if you’re rich than if you’re homeless.

So what is going to happen on February the 6 and 7 2020, when transitting Saturn hits Trump’s Venus?  Probably nothing, at least nothing observable by ordinary people like you and me.  However, it is a time when Trump will be vulnerable, in terms of both finance and relationships.  It is also a time when women can do him a lot of damage.  But can Trump’s enemies find such a woman, at such short notice?

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