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Horoscopes for the week starting Monday February 3 2020

Ophelia - Millais

At the beginng of the week Mercury moves from Aquarius to Pisces, where it aspects Uranus.  Mercury doesn’t function very well in Pisces, and many of us will lose our sharpness.  However some of us might have some brilliant ideas – the kind of brilliant ideas that turn out to be disasters.

Towards the end of the week, Venus moves to the fixed star Scheat, before moving into Aries. Venus is the planet of young women, Scheat the star of drowning, so the tragedy of Ophelia comes to mind.  In a practical sense, don’t worry about another person’s crazy and hurtful actions – there might be a method to their madness.

And here are my star sign forecasts for the week starting on Monday February 3 2020:

Aries Spring is in the air, at least it is if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, and the Rams are in the mood for action.  However for most of the week partners and lovers are feeling introspective.  By the weekend they are back on form, and fresh encounters are a real possibility.

Taurus You’re an interesting person – more interesting than many people realize.  And right now, with Mercury aspecting Uranus, you know how to project your thoughts and ideas.  Avoid activities connected with boats and water.

Gemini Mercury, your ruler, is moving into Pisces.  This is a two-edged sword.  You’re certainly going to be ambitous, and in your career environment you can express yourself very well.  However there is a danger of a misunderstanding – perhaps you’ll rely too much on your feelings.

Cancer Communication works on a sublimal level.  It is not the big statements that matter, but rather the small gestures.  And don’t exclude the telephathic dimension.  A dream that is very vivid, perhaps involving rivers and sea, could be very significnt.

Leo Keep going.  You might not have as much control as you like, but if you hold to what is true you’ll be fine.  And don’t worry if you don’t get enough attention – it’s a passing phase.  At the end of the week you should seek friends and contacts in far-flung locations.

Virgo Life is a zero-sum game, and when one person strengthens, another person weakens.  Right now, with Mercury moving from Aquarius to Pisces, your overall position is below par.  So avoid competitions, and I think battles should be saved for later.

Libra As the week progresses you become accident prone, so don’t do anything dangerous.  Be particularly careful when it comes to water, so it would be a bad idea to perform DIY plumbing jobs.  You also need to decide what your limits are.

Scorpio Keep plugging away on the financial front.  You’re making progress, and what seems like a worry can actually be an opportunity.  Those close to you are worried about something, and the sooner they tell you what’s on their mind, the better.

Sagittarius What you want and what other people want are not the same.  And it’s not a situation where you can compromise.  Sometimes it is necessary for paths to diverge.  They may cross again, they may grow further and further apart.

Capricorn You’re surprisingly talkative, but you may find that your words fall on stoney ground.  So before opening your mouth, consider your audience.  Idiots never listen, the wise already know.  At the end of the week you’re in the mood for home decoration.  But is your taste up to it?

Aquarius As the Moon gets brighter, you feel more able to put your plans into action.  It might also be a good time to discuss your pet projects, but only with people you trust.  Avoid spending money, unless it is on something you really need.

Pisces Mercury moves into your star sign.  Finally the right person moves into your orbit, and you have a chance to win them over.  But respect their boundaries, and don’t try to force things.  In love your magnetism is higher than average.


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