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Did the Polish President’s Sun-Uranus conjunction cause the plane crash?

Smolensk planet crash 2010Now that the dust is settling, it seems that the late Polish President, Lech Kaczyński, must take a certain amount of responsibility for the plane crash which killed him, his wife, as well as a chunk of the Polish elite.  I would argue that this has much to do with the conjunction between the Sun and Uranus in his horoscope.

I’ve never actually met  Lech Kaczyński, though I did get within a few yards of him in early 2003, when he was Mayor of Warsaw.  It was during an exhibition in Warsaw’s Palace of Culture, that focused on the victims of Stalinism.

Lech Kaczyński was indeed a vocal critic of communism, and he had a distrust of the current regime in Russia.  In particular, he seemed to have a problem with the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

In 2008, during Russia’s war with Georgia, Lech Kaczyński, along with leaders from the Ukraine and the Baltic States, flew to Georgia, in a gesture of solidarity.

As the plane came into land at Tbilisi airport – Tbilisi being the capital of Georgia – the pilot took the view that the landing was too dangerous.  Lech Kaczyński disagreed, and told the pilot to land anyway.  The pilot refused, and took the plane to Azerbaijan.

So Lech Kaczyński had a reckless streak, and he was capable of meddling in things that he didn’t properly understand.

Let us also remember why Lech Kaczyński embarked on his last and fatal flight.  It was to commemorate the victims of the Katyn Forest massacre, which happened seventy years earlier, in which over twenty thousand Poles were killed.

The main commemorations had been a few days earlier, attended by Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk, the Polish Prime Minister.

For one reason or another Lech Kaczyński wasn’t invited to this commemoration, and it’s doubtful that he would have wanted anything to do with a ceremony that Vladimir Putin was involved in.  No, he wanted a Polish show, that the Russians had as little to do with as possible.

We can now start to understand the psychological background of the plane crash.  Lech Kaczyński was on a mission to commemorate the Katyn Forest massacre, on his own terms.  When the pilot came into land at Smolensk, he ignored the advise of traffic control to divert to Minsk or Moscow.  This would have spoilt everything – not just in terms of timing, but also it would have been an admission that the Russians had some control over the proceedings.

There is additionally the question of whether or not Lech Kaczyński pressurised the pilot to ignore the dangers, and land at Smolensk.  Even if Lech Kaczyński hadn’t directly pressurised the pilot, there was perhaps a culture where people did what they were told, especially on such an important mission.  After all, the pilot on the Georgia mission got some heavy criticism for playing safe, even though he was eventually awarded a medal for his conduct.

We really can see Lech Kaczyński’s Sun-Uranus conjunction at work.  This conjunction is very stubborn, and is not afraid of conflict.  The concept of independence is also an important feature of it.  He’s not going to get cuddly with the Russians, he’s going to have his own commemoration of the Katyn Forest massacre and he’s not going to divert a flight just because conditions on the ground are dangerous.

So I would argue that the Sun-Uranus conjunction, that was in operation at the time of Lech Kaczyński’s birth on June 18 1949, in some respects led to the plane crash that killed him.

Further evidence is provided by looking at the midpoints.

At midday on June 18 1949 the Sun was at 26 degrees 51 minutes Gemini and Uranus was at zero degrees 30  minutes Cancer.  So the Sun-Uranus midpoint was at 28 degrees 40 minutes Gemini.

At the time of the plane crash, on April 10 2010, Saturn was at 29 degrees 49 minutes Virgo and Uranus was at 27 degrees 55 minutes Pisces.  This means that both planets were making stressful, 90-degree aspects to Lech Kaczyński’s Sun-Uranus conjunction.

The midpoint between Saturn and Uranus, on April 10 2010, was 28 degrees 52 minutes Sagittarius – almost exactly 180 degrees from the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus on June 18 1949, that was at at 28 degrees 40 minutes Gemini.

We can therefore say that the full, malefic potential of Lech Kaczyński’s Sun-Uranus conjunction was manifesting on the day of his death.  Recklessness, stubbornness, and an independent-mindedness that was dangerous rather than noble.  As astrologers are so fond of saying, ‘character is destiny’, and sometimes that destiny can be disastrous.

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