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The horoscope of serial killer Rodney Alcala

Rodney AlcalaI see that in California Rodney Alcala has just been convicted of the murder of four women and a girl in the late 1970s.

He apparently has a high IQ and was a keen photographer.  In 1978 he was a winning contestant in a TV show called The Dating Game, in which he was ‘Bachelor Number One’.

Rodney Alcala has spent much of his life in prison, and in the late 1960s was convicted of attacking a child.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Rodney Alcala was born on August 23 1943.  This means that we don’t know whether he was a Leo or a Virgo – the Sun changed sign at 6.55 pm, Central Standard Time.  So he would have been a Leo if he was born before 6.55 pm, a Virgo if born after.  Here is his horoscope:

Rodney Alcala horoscope

I’m not going to seriously speculate on whether Rodney Alcala is a Leo or a Virgo, though given the change-over time, there’s about an 80% chance of him being a Leo.  If you look at courtroom pictures of him, his long, grey hair is certainly very striking, more Leonine than Virgoan.

And whichever side of 6.55 pm he was born, the Sun was close to Regulus, the Royal Star.  This star puts people in the public eye, and at the very least gives them fifteen minutes of fame.  Hence his appearance on a popular TV show.

Looking at the details of Rodney Alcala’s horoscope, it’s interesting that he has got no planets in Water signs – in other words in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

This perhaps tells us what kind of serial killer he is.  The Water signs are connected with the emotions, and people with no Water can sometimes be detached from other people’s suffering – indeed there can be a complete inability to empathise.

At the same time, Rodney Alcala has a close, 90-degree aspect between the Sun and Mars.  This aspect can be very violent, and it speaks of an inner rage, that very rarely gets revealed.  Yet when it does come out, there are terrible consequences.

There’s then the question of why Rodney Alcala chose to target women.  Well, in his horoscope Venus, the planet of women, is in Virgo, making a stressful aspect to Saturn in Gemini.  He might have been good at dating games, but his real life experience of women was probably very negative, and there must surely have been feelings of frustration and anger.  Yet his lack of Water made it very difficult for him to express these feelings in a normal way.

We can go deeper if we want.  All of us are emotional beings, and it’s through our emotions that we link with the various parts of our personality.  Where emotion is lacking, there’s a chance of disconnection, of different parts of the personality doing their own thing.  In this way the rage of Rodney Alcala’s Sun-Mars aspect could roar into life, all by itself.  And it couldn’t easily be stopped, because there wasn’t much in the way of emotional control – which helps explain why he killed so many people.

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  • Keri March 22, 2021, 8:15 pm

    It could be all those 5th house placements.
    I don’t know anything about this man. I was interested in this paedophilia and astrology link because I just met a 47 year old who admitted having an attraction to little girls. He said his grandfather may have molested his mother and that it was in his family.
    He has 5 male sons. He likes to wrestle and all that crap and seems socially awkward to me. For instance, before I really got to know him, we went on a hike. We ran into 2 men and spoke with them for a few minutes. Afterwards, the Capricorn guy asked me what I thought about how he came across to them as if he hadn’t been around people that often. I lost my car keys on that hike. It was about 4 hours from my home so I didn’t have another set of keys nearby. I panicked because I was screwed. The Capricorn guy was sitting by a tree meditating when I came up to tell him about losing my keys. He jumped up and asked me for a hug. Like, who wants to hug when they’re in panic mode?! He is into queer stuff like fairies and reads tarot and magik, if that matters.
    He is a Virgo rising. His Capricorn sun is in the 5th house along with lilith and another planet or asteroid.
    I know another Virgo rising who has Venus in the 5th and they are totally different around children from what I’ve noticed. I don’t get the creeps from the Venus 5th house guy like I do with the sun in the 5th.
    I’m still looking into the other placements myself but the one that concerns me was born in Los Angeles, California on 1/11/74 at 8:51pm. He has a lot of squares in his chart.
    I’d be interested in anybody’s opinion.

    • Archie Dunlop March 22, 2021, 10:07 pm

      We don’t know his time of birth, so we can’t say anything about the Fifth House – he just has stuff in Leo.

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