Jodi Arias – timed horoscope

by Archie Dunlop on May 26, 2013

Horoscope of Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias’ time of birth has now been released, and is available at She was born on July 9 1980 at 1.52 am in Salinas, California.

The trouble about horoscopes like this is, that we’re looking at something after the event.  If we try hard enough we can find the signature of a killer in any horoscope.  Yet as far as Jodi is concerned, there is nothing that really stands out.

We can I suppose point to her Taurus Ascendant.  Lots of people have Taurus rising, but maybe this rising sign can give a singularity of purpose, that can be particularly strong when it comes to relationships.  So if you tell someone with Taurus rising that it’s over, don’t expect a simple, straight-forward parting of the waves.  However that’s not the same as resorting to homicide!

Interestingly, Ruth Ellis had Taurus rising.  If you’re from Britain, you’ll know that she was the last woman to be hanged in the United Kingdom, in 1955.  Like Jodi, Ruth Ellis was a woman in her late twenties in an abusive relationship, and like Jodi she got hold of a gun and shot her partner.  And like Jodi, Ruth Ellis made sure that her partner was dead.  She chased after him, outside a pub in North London, and brought him down with one  shot; she then fired three more shots into his body, including one in the back, at a range of an inch.  Unlike Jodi, Ruth Ellis never make any attempt to hide her guilt, and unlike Jodi the public were sympathetic to her case, especially after she was sentenced to death.  And unlike Jodi, for Ruth Ellis everything happened quickly.  She committed the crime on April 10 1955, she was sentenced to death in June 1955 and she was hanged the following month.  So Ruth Ellis, just over three months after committing the crime, was herself dead.

Ruth Ellis said something very important just before her execution: ‘It is quite clear to me that I was not the person who shot him. When I saw myself with the revolver I knew I was another person.’  This should perhaps influence how we see the horoscope of some killers.  Jodi Arias hasn’t got the horoscope of a killer, but instead an interaction between her psychology, and outside circumstances, made her become a killer.

What made Jodi a killer was her interaction with Travis Alexander, though in some respects Travis is flagged in her horoscope.  As she was born at night, one takes Mars rather than the Sun as the primary ruler of the man in her life, and her Mars is somewhat unintegrated with the rest of her chart.  By the way, Mars is also ruler of her Seventh House of relationships, because she has Scorpio on the Seventh House cusp.

Her Mars is right at the end of Virgo, in the Sixth House, with no close aspects to any other planet in the horoscope.  To me this Mars represents a man who is fastidious and hypocritical, who lives his life by double standards.  He could be obsessed by the body, and also be critical about other people’s physical appearance.  Yet because of Mars’ unaspected nature, it is difficult for her to integrate this image of masculinity into her nature.

Looking at the killing, it’s clear that sex played a big role, so it is important to look at Jodi’s sexuality.  She has Saturn semi-square her Venus-Mars midpoint.  I think this is crucial.  As a person, she has issues with sexuality, and I doubt she was able to use her sexual expression in a particularly healthy way.  This reminds us that very often the people who are the most sexually inhibited are often the most promiscuous.  Sex was all much of a muchness, and that’s probably why she allowed Travis such a free hand with her body.

Yet the damage was hinted at by the connection between Travis’ Mars in the eighth degree of Gemini and Jodi’s Moon in the eleventh degree of this same sign.  In a female horoscope the Moon is arguably the most important planet, so Travis’ Mars smashed into her Moon – an attraction that turned into a violation.  Furthermore, Jodi’s Moon was square her Jupiter in Virgo, that hints at excessive behavior on her part.

Incidentally, Travis had Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Gemini.  He might have been a Leo, but the Gemini influence was substantial.  A supposed motivational speaker, and someone who enjoyed variety, especially in relationships.  The kind of variety that doesn’t have an emotional consequence, remembering that he lacks any traditional planets in Water signs.  Though what’s really interesting is that Jodi’s Venus in Gemini is at 16 degrees of the sign, the same degree as Travis’ Venus-Mars midpoint.  The Venus-Mars combination is about sexuality, and clearly there was something about Jodi that really turned him on – and turned on his fantasies.

I don’t know precisely why Jodi killed Travis, but I’m thinking that the two of them saw the relationship in different ways.  For Travis is was an interesting sexual adventure, for Jodi it was an existential issue – she felt that she gave everything to Travis, and the sexual submission was all part of it.  Yet the moment Travis wanted to end the relationship, the reality might have have dawned on her.  The man she gave everything to (at least in her subjective view) wanted to walk away.  This meant, existentially, that she had to kill him.  In this light, I’m reminded of Jean Paul Sartre’s statement, when talking about colonialism, that a slave can only be free when he confronts his master and kills him.

One final observation about Jodi’s horoscope is that she has Uranus in the Seventh House.  I remember reading a Nineteeth Century astrology book that described Uranus in the Seventh as ‘death by the mob’.  Furthermore, Jodi’s nodal axis, so often associated with Karma, is exactly square Uranus – her Uranus is at 22 degree Scorpio, her North Node at 22 degrees Leo. When she killed Travis, on June 4 2008, the North Node was at 22 Aquarius, the South Node by definition at 22 degrees Leo. In other words, some powerful, collective forces were at work.

Somehow Jodi has attracted the wrath of the mob, and it seems that commentator after commentator wants to get on board the ‘kill Jodi’ bandwagon.  I doubt the mob will succeed in taking her all the way to the gurney, but they are certainly trying their hardest.  So in some way Jodi’s fate is to draw out the anger and hatred that’s festering in society.  We might therefore say that the whole thing is not about Jodi and it’s not about Travis – it’s about America.

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lillith adams May 26, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Outstanding article Archie, thank you. Most interesting to me is the mars in virgo, esp. as you said the most inhibited can be the most promiscuous, so very true!! And of course, the mob mentality as the mob projects their own stuff on her!!

Archie Dunlop May 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm


Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you liked the article. I think her Saturn semi-square the VE/MA midpoint really is important. The unaspected Mars also seems to describe Travis. Still waiting for the flak!

crystal May 27, 2013 at 9:38 am

Archie –

May I say that this is one of the best astrological analyses of a current event that I’ve seen. I like to read astrologer’s takes on what’s happening lately but all too often, they seem to get stuck way down in the reeds. Your rendering was very good, I felt, in that for those of us who don’t have degrees in astrology (but still follow it closely) can still understand what points you’re making. I thought you tied the specific points into the more ethereal ones very cleanly.

Thanks for this.


Archie Dunlop May 27, 2013 at 10:24 am


I’m glad you liked the article. I suppose there was more I could have said, though of course I try to make things simple. With astrology it’s always important to have less rather than more, because that way one can focus on what really matters. That’s why, for example, I never use Chiron and the asteroids in my analyses – if you have too many points, you end up being able to argue any position you like.

Maggie May 28, 2013 at 3:42 pm


Can I ask if Jodi’s “time of birth” has actually been verified by her birth certificate? Thank you for all of your insights. – Maggie

Archie Dunlop May 28, 2013 at 5:47 pm

Maggie, Astro Databank have the birth chart, and they give it a AA rating, which is good enough for me.,_Jodi

Donna May 30, 2013 at 10:24 am

Wonderful article. Thank you so much, I had been searching for a real analysis of Jodi and you have done it!

I do have a question – – – Do you think her Mars Virgo square Neptune Sag opposite Moon is the mark of a sociopath? She is such a liar and I looked to her Merc and Neptune but I found it to be harmonious.

I watched the entire trial and all her interviews. She seems out of touch with feelings, she can lie on the spot with adeptness. She was diagnosed with borderling personality disorder, but I also see narcissistic sociopath in her personality.

Archie Dunlop May 30, 2013 at 11:19 am


Thank you for visiting my site, and thanks for the comment.

Personally I wouldn’t read too much into the Mars-Neptune aspect, because it’s rather wide.

As for Jodi being a sociopath… I don’t know. As I understand it, a sociopath doesn’t have any feelings for the victims of their crime, in general. I don’t know what was going on in Jodi’s head when she did the crime. Though I suspect that if Jodi was released now this minute she wouldn’t represent much of a danger to society.

However when I compared the cases of Ruth Ellis and Jodi Arias, Ruth Ellis was absolutely clear what she was doing, throughout. She killed her boyfriend in public, and never denied that she intended to kill him. So in Ruth Ellis’ case there was ‘ownership’. Though as she said, before her execution, ‘It is quite clear to me that I was not the person who shot him. When I saw myself with the revolver I knew I was another person.’

If you want the mark of a liar, then perhaps you should look to Mercury. I don’t think Mercury needs to be connected to Neptune. Her Mercury is in mutual reception to the Moon (in other words they are in signs ruled by each other). Furthermore, her Mercury is square Pluto, and Mercury-Pluto aspects can be about persuasion. And of course the Moon is in Gemini, widely conjunct Venus – and Gemini is a sign that can be connected with smooth communication.

Doblio June 1, 2013 at 9:57 pm

I would like to point out that no ONE planetary position, no ONE aspect, or no ONE planetary combination can determine Jodi Arias’ lying ways, what spurred her to commit murder, or answer the multitude of questions we may ask. We can entertain ourselves by quoting generalized descriptions and laugh at our obvious Sun sign faults and traits, however Jodi Arias (like all of us) is a complex creature that cannot be pinned down to generalities; she is much more than a piece of paper with lines and squiggles on it. The challenge is to look at the entire chart, look at the persona that she herself has presented, and meld it all into a cohesive whole … to look at the big picture, not just a piece of it. I personally use a Soul oriented approach; I don’t want fluff, give me the bottom line. My commentary isn’t exactly brief, but in my heart I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what could be said. Please note: as there’s no option to underline or bold text, and since I have to show emphasis SOMEHOW that means using capital letters! And with that … on to Archie’s original comments on the recently established birth time of Jodi Arias.

I somewhat agree with you Archie … there is the potential of reading anything into a chart.

My daughter has a Taurus Ascendant, and while I could go into detail, this forum isn’t about that. Needless to say, I agree with your suggestion that a Taurus Ascendant doesn’t point to anyone being a killer. Obviously if Jodi Arias hadn’t met Travis Alexander, she wouldn’t have killed him; but who can say if it wouldn’t have been someone else who spurned her, or that there wouldn’t have been one or more afterward if she hadn’t been caught? And, am I the only one who wonders about the dog she claimed to kick and never see again? Abused dogs don’t run away, they stick with their pack and fall into the appropriate pecking order. One kick and hers is gone … another of her half-baked truths? Perhaps she was she a ticking time bomb?

Archie … PLUTO is the ruler of Scorpio, not Mars … Mars is ruler of Aries!!! Perhaps Pluto is one of your “modernisms” … Pluto that was discovered in 1930 and ushered in the atomic age? Obviously you don’t stick to the original “Sacred Seven”. Astrologically Pluto works; it relates to the Soul, and as such, is the starting point for determining past life “trends” and current life directions. Pluto, Hades, Ruler of the Underworld, death and rebirth … it’s important to keep in mind the history and/or mythological roots of astrology … however like everything, even astrology evolves over time.

Using the Porphyry House System, Jodi Arias’ Virgo Mars shows up in the 5th House, and DOES form an aspect (Quintile) to her Cancer Sun in the 3rd House … as the Sun is Ruler of her Leo North Node the aspect DOES have merit. It indicates the beginning of transformation to something new and unique yet there is a struggle in breaking away from the past. Merge sensitive Cancer Sun in the 3rd House conjunct Mercury retrograde, not being able to communicate appropriately, in aspect with Mars (God of War/traditional “male” sexual energy) combined with Leo/5th House (creative self-actualization) and Virgo’s victim/martyr tendencies? Would it be a stretch to say that any inadequacies she may feel about being misunderstood could be compensated for, via anger induced “bravado”; or hanging on to the anger, lashing out to those she perceives intend to hurt her; or if sensing a lack, withdrawing and feeling victimized? The Virgo/Pisces polarity is also connected to sadomasochistic behaviour … not necessarily the whips and chains version. Useful modernisms? Sometimes what’s important are the little details … and more IS more. Mars also forms an aspect to Venus (Biseptile) and Trines her Midheaven.

How about this … impulsive Mars (God of War, who carries a SPEAR) rules the head; Leo rules the heart, chest and upper back/the need to creatively actualize one’s self, and is connected to “sex for fun”; Virgo rules the nervous system and hands, and expressed negatively, signifies the victim/martyr. Jodi Arias rather creatively lured Travis to the shower under the pretense of taking artistic nude photos after a day of sex, went ballistic, stabbed him in the heart, slashed and/or stabbed his back, head and hands, shot him in the head, almost decapitated him? After much ado and time she portrayed the victim, claiming to put up with physical abuse because she didn’t want to shed any negative light on him or his reputation … does that define a martyr or what? Wow!?

Seriously … I’m not a big fan of midpoints. Mars is instinctual, action without forethought; again, Virgo plays the victim/martyr when it fails to take responsibility for its own actions. Mars in Virgo … she actively encouraged and/or was willing to take part in actions that others may “perceive” as sadomasochistic; and at this point she is unwilling to take responsibility for that decision, she defers the blame to a man who can’t confirm or deny her stories … right, it was the man she KILLED. This is where an accurate composite chart would come in handy; as would the House placements of their composite Mars in Leo and Venus in Gemini. Mars and Venus in a composite chart do not determine who acts out which planetary energy, it can and will seesaw back and forth.

Flaunting her sexuality to initiate and manipulate relationships (not necessarily sexual relationships) is second nature to Jodi Arias … Scorpio on the 7th House cusp. Uranus retrograde in Scorpio in the 7th House is ruler of her South Node in Aquarius in the 10th House. Again, significant. Unusual intimate relationships can be expected, particularly with Souls she’s had relationships with in past lives (neither necessarily sexual relationships) … let’s go out on a limb and say explosive relationships. Connect that to instinctual Mars action without thought; and again, Virgo’s victim/martyr tendencies; connect that to Aquarius’ social “know it all,” 10th House “social standing” and the world’s a stage for Jodi Arias to vividly describe her sexual adventures?

When seeking the whys and wherefores of a Soul, the focal planet is always Pluto, followed by the Nodes, their Rulers and aspects to any of the three. The Moon (in anyone’s chart) signifies the emotional state of the mother at the time of the child’s birth and the current ego … Jodi Arias’ Moon in Gemini in the 2nd House conjunction with Venus (at home in the 2nd) reemphasizes the importance she places on communication, the emotional “satisfaction” of being able to communicate in a way she sees or deems important or beneficial, perhaps even to her survival, which she DOES value. Mercury retrograde in Cancer (at home in the 3rd) is conjunct her Sun and ruler of the North Node … one would expect that with the retrograde Mercury, there were would be some difficulty in expressing herself appropriately, or not coming across as intended. This would also indicate “strained” communications with the mother; something that has come out in various interviews. The Sun/Mercury connection is a new and specific lesson the Soul intended to work on in this lifetime.

I normally look at Saturn (10th House and placement of Capricorn) for the father’s “influences” … Saturn in Virgo in the 5th; Capricorn in the 8th and 9th as well as a Capricorn Midheaven (10th being the natural House of Capricorn). On the basic of levels her father would have been controlling and critical of her; his influence would have had an impact on her personal beliefs, the manner in which she approaches her own creativity and love/marriage/sex interests; need I mention the victim/martyr/S&M connection to Virgo again? Jodi Arias has said quite a bit about her view of her parents, and that seems to follow the astrological language provided in her birth chart however, given her propensity for deceit, to what degree did it play out in reality?

Travis had Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Gemini … what he held valuable, his actions and personal beliefs showed up as his commitment to impart his knowledge to others. Without an accurate birth time for Travis we can only speculate as to where (House-wise) this commitment would be played out. As I’ve posted already, the lack of planets in watery signs does not equate to “no water” in his chart: Cancer/Moon/4th House, Scorpio/Pluto/8th House and Pisces/Neptune/12th House are all contained in his chart.

Jodi Arias’ Pluto is in Libra in the 6th House; polarity point being Aries in the 12th House. As previously stated, Virgo (6th House) and Pisces (12th House) relate to, amongst other things, sadomasochistic behavior. With Aries on the 12th House Cusp I would venture to say that much of her Mars expression is on a subconscious level. Individuals exhibiting both sadistic and masochistic behaviors are known as passive/aggressive in psychological terms. Jodi Arias continues to exhibit passive/aggressive tendencies; nice as pie to your face but watch out if you do something to piss her off … she WILL get back at you in some form or fashion. In the most basic of terms, her life direction should be leaning towards service to society; to attain personal humility … to defer FROM the spotlight (Virgo); to seek a diversity of relationships by which she can learn the nature of others’ beliefs, values etc, and by comparing herself to others, learning how to give to them … to give what they NEED as opposed to what SHE THINKS they need, to learn balance rather than swinging from one extreme to the other (Libra). I’ve speculated whether Jodi Arias was jealous of Travis’ success, the manner in which he could get up and speak to crowds, motivate others to make positive changes in their lives and be “a friend,” seemingly to all … he was doing what on some level she thought she should be able to do, and we all connect to others who have traits we feel we’re lacking, whether it’s conscious or not. We learn by osmosis … PLUTO. Jodi Arias has Jupiter in Virgo in the 5th House (natural House of Leo) forming a Septile to her Sun (ruler of the North Node). This particular aspect would indicate she has some concept of a special destiny and while the Sun would shed light on what that purpose would be, because of the newness, there would tend to be confusion as to how to proceed … her personal beliefs (Jupiter), her ability to creatively actualize (Leo) and to integrate through crisis (Virgo). Crisis is intended to promote self analysis/introspection in order to illuminate that which is not working and make necessary changes. Negatively, we get the victim/martyr who blames everyone else for their problems. Sound familiar? Instead of looking inward to discern the cause, or reason something is happening, she adopts the belief that she’s fine and everyone else is at fault … victim mentality once again.

Archie … your previous comment about Travis, “Being a Leo he probably had a high opinion of himself, and at the same time I doubt that he was particularly sensitive”. You’ve stated you are not “a fan” of rectification … nor are you “a fan of composite charts”. You have stated you ARE a fan of Sun sign astrology … and your approach “is different” between clients and public figures. So are you “a fan” of progressed charts??? Jodi Arias’ Progressed Sun was in Leo when she took Travis’ life; as per your own definition, Jodi Arias’ “evolving self” also had a high opinion of herself, and was not particularly sensitive when she slaughtered Travis. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander … or vice versa?

It’s been stated that Travis felt that Jodi Arias had committed an indiscretion towards him; he said she’d “scammed” him; said she was “a sociopath” and that she was “the worst thing that ever happened” to him shortly before his murder. SHE was even going to seek legal advice the following day … did she … was the result a catalyst for her murderous actions? Regardless, he had something on her … she made plans to go to Mesa secretly … made sure she told “the right story” to everyone and left her home, in a rented vehicle that would not be noticed (it couldn’t be red), a trunk full of gas cans so she wouldn’t have stop and be caught on a video, and deliberately drove HUNDREDS of miles to Travis’ home. Did she crawl through the doggie door one last time in order to surprise him? Only she knows how she used her Scorpionic sexual wiles to “persuade” him into a day of fun filled sexual fantasies and escapades … she was an attractive, sexy young woman who knew exactly which of Travis’ buttons to push … no sweat. Did she think one quick stab in the heart would do him in … in the shower, easy clean up and she’d be gone … on to the next sucker? But that Leo heart wouldn’t give up easily … she’d been too confident in her abilities (tires don’t fight back) and he fought for his life. Bet that really pissed her off! The evidence indicates tremendous RAGE on her part … why? He didn’t give in and die as quickly as she had expected? In truth, her reasons are her own. What gets me is that she was well versed in the Mormon faith (not that she ever actually “believed” – that was a scam too) … as such, she would have been aware that before he died, Travis needed to confess to a church official in order to be forgiven for his indiscretions. And she did quite effectively kill his ability to confess … did he die thinking he had spent a day “being naughty” and couldn’t confess … because of HIS belief system, did he believe he’d be unable to go to heaven? Was he praying to God when she slit his throat? She lulled him into a sense of false security using sex, and then got even; she terrorized him mercilessly and cruelly. That’s sadistic. Obviously she’s gotten off on all the lies she’s told since then; whether or not anyone believes her. No remorse, no apology … no conscience. There’s something she CAN’T bring herself to lie about, so it goes unseen and unsaid … and I’m pretty sure you can’t grow a conscience. Some say she’s evil, she has no Soul. She’s human, therefore she does have a Soul … is she evil or not? I’m not into a bunch of asteroids and wouldn’t normally have much use to throw this one around, but the asteroid Lucifer was conjunct their composite Pisces South Node (opposite their Libra North Node) on the day of the murder … hmmmm.

One asteroid I use when looking at a natal chart is Chiron; I personally have had amazing results with individuals pinpointing their “deepest wound” when timing the first Chiron square to itself; subsequent Chiron transits can be like pouring salt on that wound. Jodi Arias’ Chiron is conjunct her Taurus Ascendant; an un healable wound that would affect how she is perceived … that “event” would have taken place between September 1992 and the end of April 1993. Based on the police interview with her mother, Jodi Arias “was never the same” after the rooftop marijuana/Tupperware incident; however no specific date on that. Wonder when she “kicked” the dog?

Jodi Arias’ natal Uranus retrograde in Scorpio (Ruler of the South Node) squaring the Nodes is notable; a square is stressful by nature so crisis would naturally be involved; which way to go, hang on to past behaviour or find the courage to move forward into the unknown future? “Death by the mob”? I’m really not a fan of cookbook astrology … Uranus in the 7th House for one person does NOT mean the same for another; the individual’s personal reality has to be taken into account. Frig … based on your little ditty, I COULD BE IN TROUBLE … natal Uranus retrograde in the 7th? On the other hand, I looked through the charts I have … the most notorious individual I have with Uranus in the 7th is Ed Gein (mass murderer who died of respiratory failure in a mental institution) … then Edgar Cayce (renowned psychic/healer/past life “prophet”) who died of a stroke … Sigmund Freud (died an addict in exile) … Amelia Earhart (pretty sure it wasn’t a mob), Carl Jung, Pope John Paul II, James Dean, Wolfgang Mozart. Then on to the still living, Elizabeth Taylor, Yoko Ono, Prince Charles; and my personal contacts … a woman whose ambition was to be a clown in Cirque de Soleil; a friend’s infant grandson … a local bus driver. What about the chart for the USA Declaration of Independence … what about current President Barak Obama? Get the drift? It’s cookbook astrology … need a description???

“Somehow Jodi has attracted the wrath of the mob.” What??? Since her arrest Jodi Arias has CHOSEN to take EVERY possible opportunity to put herself in the public eye; she’s gone out of her way to make sure she IS in the spotlight. Not only is it an ego boost, but she believes she can control and manipulate everyone! That’s her delusional belief (Neptune in Sag retrograde) … however, it is NOT reality. Everyone expects a murderer to deny responsibility in order to avoid prosecution. It’s the WAY she lies … the EASE with which she lies … she’s good at it and she knows it. She’s the silver tongued devil who knows exactly how to act and speak to get you hooked; she knows how to mimic emotions and pull you into HER version of reality. Travis was correct when he said she’s a sociopath … she doesn’t actually HAVE those emotions … it’s all an act. See how quickly she turns when you aren’t coddling her? The reporter that asked about her telling the truth was “a hater” … his actions brought out the venom … the sadistic side of her. He asked a legitimate question … even from jail she was able to lash out verbally in an attempt to hurt him. In the same manner, Travis had something on her … she reached out and attacked him, hurt him, killed him … before he had a chance to hurt her. What sadists don’t comprehend on a conscious level is that in hurting others they end up hurting themselves; they do pay for it in the end.

Jodi Arias’ North Node is in Leo in the 4th House; Leo and Aquarius are intercepted in the 4th and 10th Houses indicating (in this case) the need to learn these lessons. The polarity point of her Pluto is 12th House and Aries. Although there is way too much information to delineate every important detail here in this forum, through briefly examining the placement of Pluto, the Nodes (of the Moon), the rulers of the Nodes and a few related aspects, it’s clear this Soul’s intent is to break free of the past forms of behaviour (victim/martyr/S&M behaviors and hogging the limelight to name a few), to achieve personal humility (as in being humble), to find her own unique ways of being of service to society (ie, not in the limelight) … and to actively pursue a relationship with the Divine (which does not mean pretending to take on someone else’s religion in order to snag a man). Perhaps with a lifetime in a confined space and limited interaction with others she will find the need to look within (or be forced to look within), to acknowledge her part in the events that placed her where she is, to accept responsibility, to GENUINELY repent, acquire some semblance of humility and thereby grow as the Soul that CHOSE this particular birth chart intended. Free will … HER choice. It could be she’ll stay in denial till the bitter end, whenever that may be … then there’s the possibility that she’s just plain evil … and if so, that would carry on to her next life too.

PS … before anyone gets their panties in a knot, I don’t REALLY think Travis was a sucker! He continued to “associate” with Jodi Arias beyond the time when he felt the need to walk away because she conned him into believing that she WOULD NOT live without him … in his eyes he was preventing her suicide … he was saving her. It’s a terrible shame he couldn’t see her for what she REALLY was until he was naked and vulnerable in that shower stall, only minutes before his death.

Archie Dunlop June 2, 2013 at 12:54 pm


I can’t comment on everything… obviously your approach to astrology is very different from mine. I don’t use asteroids, I don’t use Chiron, and I don’t pay a great deal of attention to Pluto, and I certainly don’t regard it as having anything to do with Scorpio.

As for quintiles and septiles, I don’t think you need to use them to interpret a chart. I went through a phase at the beginning of my astrological career of using harmonics, not least because the UK’s Faculty of Astrological Studies had them as a part of their syllabus. Though for some reason I did look at Jodi’s Fifth and Seventh Harmonics a few days ago. The H5 Sun-Mars conjunction (ie the quintile) opposition (decile) her Moon came up loud and clear. The struggle to integrate the male principle (Sun-Mars) into her female being, perhaps. Travis, for some bizarre reason, was the kind of guy she wanted a relationship with. But actually, there was a certain artificiality to the tie. H7 VE-MA conjunction (septile) trine Mercury (3X7=H21 conjunction)… she is turned on by a particular idea of sexual interaction, which she wants to communicate in an effortless way…

The trouble about using aspects and extra points, such as Pluto, Chiron and assorted asteroid, is two-fold. Firstly, it’s an essentially manufactured system. Secondly, the more points you use in your astrology, the greater your ability to explain anything. One should use as little as possible, though of course one can go too far – I don’t subscribe, for example, to the Gauquelin-system of chart interpretation, which only uses five planet and four zones.

As for Uranus in the Seventh and death by the mob, you’re criticizing me out of context. Firstly I was indeed presenting an apparently bizarre cook-book interpretation, that came from the Nineteenth Century. It was probably based on the horoscope of Louis XVI, who had Uranus in the 7th. And as you point out, 1 in 12 people have Uranus in the 12th.

So in one sense I was making an observation – and letting my readers know about this Nineteenth Century cook-book definition, as a point of interest.

Of course in Jodi’s case this is almost what is happening – death by the mob. I’m not saying the mob is right or wrong, by the way. Furthermore, Jodi’s Uranus is square her nodes, and there was a node half-return at the time of the killing. Yes, lots of people have Uranus in the 7th, and lots of people born in July 1980 would have had this same configuration, but Jodi got the full brunt of it, and maybe, in her case, her destiny was to be torn to shreds by the mob, at least in terms of media coverage.

Then there is the dog… she admitted to kicking a dog, which then disappeared, when she was younger. A dog that was apparently not being well-treated. Obviously that doesn’t put her in a good light, at least in my book. And yes, she’s a bit unusual because she killed someone.

It’s the same with the lying. A lot of people lie after they committed a crime. And maybe she seriously thought she could get away with the crime, which is pretty absurd. Yet if you want to find the capacity for lying in her horoscope, you’ve got the Moon and Venus in Gemini, with Mercury in Cancer in mutual reception to the Moon. The fact that Mercury is combust doesn’t help, but overall she can be a convincing communicator. No need to worry about Neptune and Pluto, though the Mercury-Pluto square helps color the picture. In this sense, Pluto can be regarded as being like a powerful fixed star, that takes squares and oppositions and not just conjunctions.

Having said all this, I suspect that the key to a lot of things in Jodi’s chart is the Moon-Venus conjunction in Gemini, in the Second House. This is the power house of her femininity, and is suggests that some of her requirements were fairly prosaic – money, comfort and beauty, with a sprinkling of variety. Did she think Travis could provide this? I think the fact that Travis’ Mars in Gemini was conjunct her Moon-Venus conjunction was unfortunate. Somehow, she felt, by the way he expressed himself, that he could help her get what she wanted – which was unrealistic, to say the last, but that’s what it probably felt like to her. In reality, Travis was driving a coach and horses through her femininity (symbolized by Mars in Gemini), a wrecking ball that wiped her out. That was the reality of Mars. And I suspect when she finally recognized this, she felt that she had no choice but to kill him.

Doblio June 2, 2013 at 8:45 pm


I’m not sure what you mean about using extra points, Pluto, Chiron and asteroids as being a “manufactured” system. Man developed astrology by looking at the skies, and by using his powers of observation and correlation, found meaning in what he saw … as above, so below. Prior to the invention of the telescope, man could only observe so much with the naked eye. Once the telescope was invented, planets further out were discovered … Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The scientific community very kindly named their discoveries appropriately … but astrologers used observation and correlation to find meaning when they were used. The same process goes on with asteroids, which does not mean we HAVE to add them into our methodologies; it also doesn’t mean they don’t work. Astrology has been referred to as a natural science but the development of astrological processes has been “manufactured” by man. A choice of House systems and aspects can be seen as personal preference … and actually I did expect you to balk at my mention of the Quintile and Septile. However, since you apparently take into account Uranus and Neptune I don’t understand your aversion to Pluto … perhaps it’s the generational factor? To be quite honest, I’ve never come across any astrologer who maintains Mars is the ruler of Scorpio … first time for everything I guess???

As far as ME being “part of the mob” … I jumped on YOUR bandwagon several weeks after your first posting about Jodi Arias. As previously stated, I was online looking for an accurate birth time for Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander for my own PERSONAL research when I stumbled on to your site. I am not, nor ever have been into all the social networking that’s online, however being as passionate as I am about “real” astrology versus “cookbook” astrology I felt compelled to comment on your killer Cancerian article … as others did as well. By creating and maintaining Jodi Arias astrological website links, YOU have done far more than I in fueling “the mob” … and it’s probably brought you a little more attention and/or clients to boot?

Yes indeed, we have VERY different approaches to astrology. And whatever you may think, my continued comments are to illustrate to anyone else reading that there are alternate ways of looking at a chart … that “cookbook” astrology has its place but not in determining why someone would kill another. I’m speaking to the astrological newbies or those relatively inexperienced, who may believe that someone who’s attended the UK’s Faculty of Astrological Studies can or will have ALL the answers. I did a quick Google on the Faculty and found Robert Hand is a current paton; I heard him lecture at NORWAC a number of years ago and have several of his books from when I first got interested in astrology … they are cookbookish, but Pluto is mentioned in ALL of them. At any rate, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Travis was “a wrecking ball” that wiped Jodi Arias out? He’s dead and she killed him. She could have walked away from the relationship at any time but she chose not to; then there’s the fact that Travis wanted out and she wouldn’t have it. There’s something inherently wrong with anyone who believes their “only choice” is to take another persons life and then acts on it. Astrology aside, Jodi Arias’ actions and behaviour AT THIS POINT IN TIME indicate she has absolutely no remorse for what she did; as such, she’d be just as likely to perform a similar act if given freedom … she’d only have to meet that “special someone” that would give her no other choice.

That being said, I think it’s best that we agree to disagree on certain subjects … astrological or otherwise.

Archie Dunlop June 2, 2013 at 9:04 pm


You go on about cookbooks just because I quote from one Nineteenth Century source? As for Robert Hand, he has been involved in many types and approaches to astrology since the 1970s. As I understand it, he has become increasingly associated with traditional astrology.

If you look at the history of modern astrology, probably the high watermark of Chiron and the modern planets was the 1980s. Then, Pluto was indeed regarded as being the ruler of Scorpio. Chiron was also at maximum power – there was a time, I think, when Chiron was actually posited as a co-ruler of Sagittarius. As for Pluto ruling Scorpio, I don’t know what the mix of opinion in Europe and America is, but I’m fairly confident that it has swung away from Pluto since the 1980s. Also, you can’t have met a single traditional or Vedic astrologer if you have never met anyone who regards Mars as being ruler of Scorpio!

Doblio June 3, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Archie … I seem to have hit a nerve?! Remember, it was YOUR original Jodi Arias posting that connected her Cancer Sun ALONE to other killers. I go on about cookbook astrology because that’s the way most astrology books are written … if you have Sun here, it means this, if the Sun is in this sign it means that, if the Sun is in a particular aspect to another planet, it has another meaning; they don’t touch on HOW to integrate multiple signs with planetary energy, or apply that to the entire chart … descriptions are listed one after the other like recipes in the proverbial cookbook. This is unfortunate as most beginners will grab a book off the bookshelf first and try to memorize those definitions instead of learning the mythology behind the signs and symbols. Truth be known, I adopted the terminology from my astrology teacher YEARS ago … as an avid cook and baker, the term holds a particular appeal!

With regard to Robert Hand, when I checked out the Faculty, his name was one I was acquainted with. His current website describes a number of approaches to astrology, and states he combines modern with ancient and medieval methods, that he determines what works best for each client … and that it is CRITICAL to have a birth time.

I recall some debate over Chiron being the ruler of Sag OR Virgo in the 90’s. I personally use the traditional rulers so I don’t consider Chiron the ruler of either. Based on the methodology I learned, which focuses on Pluto’s correlation to the Soul, it IS the ruler of Scorpio. Any of the astrologers I’ve had contact with consider Pluto the ruler of Scorpio; and many choose to use Chiron and/or other asteroids. If you were to pick up almost any astrology book here in America, I am confident that Pluto would be listed as ruler, and possibly Mars the co ruler. Basically ALL the books I have list Pluto as the ruler, and any website I’ve gone to on the subject has Pluto listed as the ruler as well. To me, reverting to Mars as ruler of Scorpio implies going backward … de-evolution … and it is the natural way of ALL THINGS to grow, progress … to evolve.

I readily admit I DON’T have all the answers. I’m probably as well versed in Vedic astrology as you are in the Pluto/Soul based methodology I use … one is ancient and one is modern; each has its merits. Obviously neither of us is going to “convert” the other to their view on Pluto … as I said before, agree to disagree.

Archie Dunlop June 3, 2013 at 8:16 pm


I enjoy Sun Sign astrology and I enjoy the challenge of trying to make generalizations fit. Perhaps that’s because I spent 12 years of my life making a reasonable living as a sun sign astrologer. Of course sun sign astrology is unusual. It’s certainly modern – late Nineteenth Century, I would guess. It also may not actually be astrology, at least when you take out rulerships, because of the seasonal factor. Of course there is no statistical evidence that sun sign astrology works, in the same way that there is no statistical evidence that any other type of astrology works, with the exception of the Gauquelin’s very sparse system.

Archie Dunlop June 3, 2013 at 9:10 pm


It was written in 2001, but Robert Hand wrote:

‘I am strongly influenced by traditional astrology, so I do not consider Pluto to rule Scorpio – or any other sign, for that matter. I use only the traditional planets as sign rulers. I do think that there is some affinity between Pluto and Scorpio, but affinity is not the basis of traditional sign rulership.’

A lot of astrologers obviously make Mars and Pluto co-rulers. Astrologers who give Pluto sole rulership are comparatively rare. This contrasts with the situation in the 1980s, when just about everyone in the West was saying that Pluto was sole ruler.

Carolyn June 4, 2013 at 10:19 am

Wow, You both are very good at astrology! Maybe I will save up some of my grocery money and get a reading. I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is something more. Much bigger. Doblio, when you mention about asteriod Lucifer was conjunct their Pisces South Node, I feel that this is about what is going on here. It is obvious that Jodi is a sociopath. Some say that sociopaths have no souls, but like you said Dublio, she is human, so she does have a soul. But I believe that sociopaths have very weak souls. That they are vulnerable to the dark side. Okay..I will just come out and say it. I believe she is possessed. Not by your typical demon if you will, but by Lucifer himself. This is playing out before a world wide audience, as I think it was meant to be. God, let this be a lesson to many. I think it will be.

Doblio June 8, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Archie … it’s important that we do things we enjoy and being able to make a living doing so is definitely a bonus. I personally like seeing the look of a light bulb turning on over a person’s head when I tell them something that’s never occurred to them, and they take that tidbit and resolve an issue. I took great delight in being able to tell a “mature” woman, who’d blamed early childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her father for all her physical, emotional and mental problems, that it was actually her MOTHER she had past life issues with, that based on her chart, THIS was the life to work things out; then have her report back to me that the therapists she’d been seeing twice a week for 10 years said THEY finally had a STARTING POINT?! I felt a sense of utter shock when within a week or so that same woman called to let me know she’d gone to see her mother, discussed pertinent subjects, and made amends … only DAYS before her mother died! I especially enjoyed the fact that afterward that woman picked up the pieces of her life, found a place of her own in another city after having to live with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson for years, got her high school equivalency and went on to work with victims of rape and sexual abuse. Dramatic outcome thanks to a specific astrological outlook on Pluto … with Chiron thrown in. The woman had been on a very limited income and I told her to pay me whatever she could afford … it was the most REWARDING twenty bucks I ever made!

After all the hoopla about the ruler of Scorpio and “cookbooks” I got a kick out of your remark that Sun sign astrology “may not actually be astrology.” I’m not aware of any statistical evidence for or against astrology but am WELL aware of the good it can do. I also hear the nay sayers on a seemingly regular basis, and it irks me knowing what I know … that’s one reason why I may come across as being very opinionated in this public forum.

Up to this past week, my Robert Hand books haven’t been off the shelf since I moved about 7 years ago, and I’m really not sure when I referred to any of them before that. I must admit I was a little dubious of your link to a Robert Hand article, but I did check it out. A Crisis of Power: Saturn and Pluto Face Off … as you might guess, it did not change my mind about the ruler of Scorpio. Actually, at one point I started chuckling and couldn’t get back to the seriousness of the article. Where he stated, “they stand like two opponents facing off against each other and, as a result, define themselves and each other in the process” … I couldn’t help correlating that to our opposing views. You the Saturnian figure, standing true to tradition; and me, Pluto, embracing “inevitable” change and transformation? Does that seem weird … or is it synchronicity? He described the 1st/7th House opposition … I have no natal oppositions, and have noteworthy Libra energy in my chart; the latter of which I’ve viewed as somewhat detrimental because of the way I tend to give in to others’ opinions (keep my mouth shut) as a means of keeping the peace … it’s something I’m working on. So how does the 1st House/Aries thing work for you? I do plan on rereading the article. One thing that “popped” for me was the mention of Egypt’s President Nasser. Literally hours before I read the article I came across reference to a book, “Under One Sky” which consists of 12 different astrologers’ independent and “blind” readings of one person’s chart … with each astrologer using a different methodology. Some of the names I was not familiar with, but they included Demetra George (asteroid), Robert Hand (medieval), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Vedic) and Steven Forrest (evolutionary) … it could make for some interesting reading, don’t you think??? Oh, the author’s name … Rafael NASSER … synchronicity!

I have no idea where the Jodi Arias circus will head later this month but will check in from time to time and see what’s buzzing here.

BTW … to quote Jeffery Wolf Green from a lecture given in April 2000, “We’re going to have the sign Scorpio somewhere, and it’s going to be ruled by, of course, Pluto.” I’m not sure what credence it deserves, but according to Astro Databank, Jeff Green and the astrologers I mentioned with regard to “Under One Sky” (with the exception of Ronnie Gale Dreyer) are all listed as being in the top 5% of their profession. At any rate, I’m of the opinion that everything happens for a reason … no coincidences … so I will ruminate on this.

I do think there could be more astrologers using Pluto as ruler of Scorpio than YOU might imagine.

Doblio June 8, 2013 at 2:57 pm

CAROLYN … as far as your comment about evil, yes there is evil in this world. It’s been said that each of us can be “influenced” by evil via connections to Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th House … this isn’t the “absolute evil” you refer to, but rather where we can all “be tempted” to think/act contrary to what “is right” … it happens to me every time I head down the snack aisle! Seriously, there are extremes such as possession and making a deal with the devil … which are beyond the scope of being evidenced in a chart. To further quote Jeff Green from his April 2000 lecture, “Try to imagine if you can, a moment in time in which every human soul on our planet – at the same second – simply desired to know God and God only. Imagine that if you can, right then and there (chuckling, yea right), right then and there, the very existence of evil itself would not exist.”

To say that Jodi Arias has performed evil acts goes without saying … but to what extent evil resides within her psyche cannot be found in her chart.

To pass along some personal advice I was given … learn the history behind the astrological symbols. In the book, “Mythical Astrology, Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope” by Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson, an analogy to a theatrical production is made … the sets represent the Houses; the planets are the actors; and the signs the costumes. Don’t memorize descriptions … learn the LANGUAGE of astrology. Keep in mind that 1st House = Aries = Mars … 2nd House = Taurus = Venus … 3rd House = Mercury = Gemini, etc. on down the line. “Archetypes of the Zodiac” by Kathleen Burt was recommended to me … but I’m also fond of Steven Forrest’s writing, as well as “Moon Signs” by Donna Cunningham. Jeffrey Wolf Green has authored/coauthored a number of books … he definitely does NOT use the traditional manner of interpreting a chart, however it DOES work.

Maureen O'Donnell August 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Very interesting, thoughtful analysis. Thank you.

merry March 15, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Wow! I’m a Libra so I like argumentation and debate as much (or more!) than the next person, but someone posting here has stooped to a belittling-type of level under the guise of just stating a differing opinion… and that poster is not the author of this analysis… just say’n…

dobio March 15, 2014 at 11:59 pm

Merry … don’t tell me … SUN sign Libra??? Wow … I have Moon and Mars in Libra … we all have Libra in our charts in some form or fashion. Belittling … or trying to make a point to those less educated in astrological jargon? Just thinkin’

doblio March 16, 2014 at 12:28 am

Perhaps the question isn’t where’s Waldo … but where’s Archie???

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