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Astrology and Brexit

Brexit horaryI haven’t posted for a few years, and I am not sure if anyone still visits this website.  Astrology is out of fashion, but perhaps not entirely forgotten.

Although I didn’t intend to post anything, Britain’s referendum on continuing membership of the European Union drew me in.  I couldn’t help but wonder which way it would go, and astrology should be able to provide an answer.

It’s a simple question.  Yes or no.  However anyone with any connection to the UK has an opinion.  Myself, I’m a pessimist.  Things are getting worse, and humanity’s best years are behind it.  Anything to postpone collapse and disintegration should be welcomed.  That’s why I believe it’s best if the UK leaves the EU.  Europe is spiraling to nowhere, and we don’t want to join them.  Having said that, I’m a US resident, so I have some distance from the problem.  I don’t ever have to visit the UK again, unless I get deported.  Nonetheless, my prejudices could influence my astrological opinion.

There is then the question of what I think will happen.  As I write, the bookies are predicting that Britain will remain, in spite of the polls showing a slight advantage to the leave camp.  The reason there is a disconnect between the bookies and the polls may be history.  There is evidence that when the British people get into the polling booth, they become more conservative and more cautious.  I remember the General Election in 1992, when the polls predicted a Labour victory.  I know people who admitted to changing their minds on the day of the election, and voting Conservative.  The same thing happened with the referendum on Scottish independence, when the No campaign won by a fair margin.  And also the 2015 General Election, where the Tories defied the polls and won.

I’m saying all this because I want to make it clear that there is still uncertainty.  I am not predicting the obvious.

As far as how one predicts a referendum result is concerned, astrologers often regard it as being a case of sifting through the evidence.  They look at dozens of charts – for example the UK chart for the coronation of William I in 1066, the chart for the United Kingdom in 1801, the chart for the Treaty of Rome, for David Cameron, for Boris Johnson, and so on.  In the end, the astrologer is looking at so many charts that he or she is tempted to focus on what best suits their prejudice.

Still, there is one chart that does matter, and that is the chart for the close of polls, at 10 pm on June 23 2016.  It’s a chart that has a very simple signature.  Capricorn is rising, Pluto is on the Ascendant and Mars is within a few degrees of the Midheaven.  As far as Pluto is concerned, I try not to use minor planets in my work, but the symbolism is nice.  The whole way that Britain presents itself to the world will transform.  Though I wouldn’t make a prediction on the basis of Pluto alone.  Then there is Mars.  It is in Scorpio, the sign of its rulership, and it also  has affinity with the Capricorn ascendant, Mars being exalted in this sign.  I will concede that Mars is retrograde, and this might gravitate again a vote to leave, because aggressive action taking place with Mars in this position can backfire.  However it is about to go direct, and the retrograde influence is therefore minimized.

Mars is an aggressive planet.  It sees differences between people.  It is them and us, the good guys against the bad guys.  And it certainly likes a good argument.   So Mars’ dominating position in the close of polls chart is suggestive of a vote to leave.

Mars was also conjunct the Midheaven at the exact time of the Spring Equinox, set for London.  The Equinoxes are like gateways, when the cosmos prints its pattern onto Planet Earth.  The symbolism of Mars is stamped onto a swathe of the Earth’s surface, around the Greenwich meridian – so Mars in on the Midheaven in Madrid as well as London.  Arguably the situation is even worse in Paris, the Equinox chart having the Midheaven on the Mars-Saturn midpoint.  The Mars-Saturn pair are often connected with misery and death, and that’s not a great set-up for the European football championships.

One also has to consider the Summer Solstice.  At the exact time of the Summer Solstice, which takes place only a few days before the referendum, Aquarius is rising, and Saturn, ruler of Aquarius, is conjunct the Midheaven and opposition Mercury.  I suppose if you want to be psychological, you might say that the British people are too frightened to vote to leave, but Saturn is a lonely planet.  It doesn’t want to join other people’s games.

These signatures are great, but do they give an unambiguous answer?  Maybe I should look at David Cameron’s horoscope?  He was born in London, on October 9 1966, at 6 pm.  If Britain votes for Brexit, it will be bad news for him.  His political career might come to an end.

I briefly looked at Cameron’s Vedic horoscope.  In Vedic astrology life is divided up into nine major phases, which theoretically last 120 years.  And each phase is divided again by nine.  At the end of May 2015 Cameron entered a phase ruled by the Sun, which will last six years.  This roughly coincided with his General Election victory, so on the surface everything is fine.  However from March 18 2016 through to July 24 2016 he is going through a sub-period, ruled by Mars in Leo.

This Mars could be a problem.  In Cameron’s Vedic horoscope it rules the Eighth House, and it is positioned in the Twelfth House.  These houses are not fortunate, and I think the inherent aggression of Mars is encouraging him to overplay his hand.  Matters aren’t helped by the fact that Saturn is going through his Vedic Third House, and therefore aspecting and weakening Mars.  Cameron’s aggressive campaigning is strong, but it is putting people off rather than gaining support.  Matters are made worse by the fact that Mars, the sub-period ruler, is in the Twelfth House from the Sun.

Another small point about Cameron’s chart is the position of Venus.  In his Western horoscope he has Venus in Libra rising.  This is a great thing to have for a politician.  It gives him brilliant social skills, and I’m sure it helped him to climb the greasy ladder of British politics.  Yet right now this Venus is undermined.  If you rotate the Earth around 50 degrees from the time of his birth, Mars in his Eleventh House moves into the Tenth House, where it makes a mundane square to Venus, a square which is exact at the end of May 2016, using the Ptolemy method of one degree for a year.  Mars rules Cameron’s Seventh House, which is the house of open enemies, and it is therefore a bad time for him to be engaged in a conflict situation.

Incidentally, many Tories regard David Cameron as being a traitor.  As I’ve said, he was born on October 9 1966.  Ramsey McDonald, the Labour Prime Minister who ended up joining the Conservatives in a national government, was also regarded as a traitor by his own party.  Ramsey McDonald was born exactly a century before Cameron, on October 12 1866.

However Cameron is one individual, and the fate of the nation cannot rest on his horoscope alone.  One needs something else.  Which is why I resorted to horary astrology.  When I first started learning horary astrology, I was attracted by its ability to cut through the garbage and give a clear yes or no answer.  You ask a question, and set up a chart for the moment the question is formed.

I come into the question with all my prejudices, and the horary chart is at the top of the article.  It was asked on March 23 2016, at 22.34 pm, close to Tacoma, in Washington State.  The question I asked was “Will the British people vote in favour of leaving the EU in June?”  I used Regiomontanus houses.

Scorpio is rising and the ruler of the planetary hour is the Moon.  They are both cold and moist, and therefore in agreement.  There is no reason why the chart can’t be judged.

As I am asking the question, and I want the UK to leave the EU, I want a positive outcome.  I am Mars, ruler of the Ascendant, and the Moon is widely separating from me, by sextile.  It then moves to a sextile of Saturn.

From a less personal point of view, the Moon represents the British people.  The Moon is in the Eleventh House, but moving into the Twelfth House.  The Eleventh House is often connected with parliament, so perhaps, at the time the question was asked, Members of Parliament could have an influence on the outcome.  However Mercury, ruler of the Eleventh, is close to the Sun in Aries and is therefore combust.  The normal opinion-forming mechanisms are not working.

The movement into the Twelfth House indicates that the election is going to be won or lost on irrational fears.  In the Seventeenth Century this might have been witchcraft or the evil eye, in the Twenty-First Century fear of immigration, or fear that leaving the EU could damage pensions.  From a psychological point of view, the British people are going into submarine mode.  They are going to find it difficult to discuss their true opinions.

Another change is happening.  The Moon on March 23 was at 11 degrees and 58 minutes Libra, or 3 minutes and 2 minutes go go before hitting 15 Libra, which is the beginning of the via combusta.  When the via combusta crops up in a horary chart, it suggests the unexpected.  For example, I once asked  a horary about whether or not I would pass a driving test, and got a via combusta Moon.  I had an accident on the way to the test centre.  I still passed, probably because the shake-up brought me to my senses.

Three degrees is three months, and the question was asked exactly three months before the referendum.  The Moon, in the via combusta, then completes the sextile with Saturn, at around 16 degrees Libra.  Saturn is ruler of the Fourth House, and the Fourth House is the end of matter.  Britain votes to leave.  Further support is provided by the Moon’s final major aspect before leaving Libra, an opposition with explosive Uranus.

So there we have it.  Right now it’s not just the bookies that think the UK will vote to remain, it is the markets.  The Standard and Poor 500 is still very close to its high, suggesting that market players don’t expect a vote to leave.  This complacency is surprising – a leave vote wouldn’t just lead to a big fall in the Pound, but also to a complete change in the perception of the EU – it would be seen as a declining institution, and the Euro would in all probability get trashed.  This would in turn, I think, lead to a strengthening dollar and a weakening oil price.  In other words, when the UK votes to leave the EU next week, a lot of people are going to be caught off guard.

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