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Donald Trump

Sunday January 26 2020

One of the interesting things about Donald Trump’s horoscope is that he has three planets in Cancer: Venus, Mercury and Saturn.  Yes, we know he is a Gemini, and he certainly acts like it.  He speaks and tweets without much thought, and he moves rapidly from one idea to the next – indeed he can do so in the space of a single sentence.  But the Cancer planets give a different feel.

Cancer is an emotional sign, and I think his feelings do guide his actions.  It is also the case that Cancerians have long memories, and they find forgiveness difficult.  Then there is the link between the sign Cancer and the family.  The family is important to Donald, and as President he seems to rely heavily on his relatives, whether it be his children or his son-in-law.

Yet it can be difficult for Donald to express his feelings.  After all, his Venus and Saturn are conjunct.  Not only does he hold things back, but there is a distortion here.  Saturn makes Venus harsh, and I think he often cuts his feelings out.  This is partiularly the case when he is dealing with women – after all, Venus represents the women in his life.

Over the next week this matters, because transiting Saturn is opposition his Venus-Saturn midpoint.  In a few days I’ll talk more about it.

Monday January 20 2020

Today transiting Saturn is exactly opposition Trump’s natal Saturn.  The last time this configuration happened was December 15 1990, when he was 44 years old.  In December 1990 the divorce between him and Ivana as OK-ed by a court.  From a business perspective, it wasn’t a great time for Donald.  His Taj Mahal casino had serious debt, and a few months later went bankrupt.  In other words, the Saturn aspect is about having to deal with one’s past actions.  It is a moment of crisis.  In 1991 Donald had to restructure his debt, in 2020 he’ll probably have to restructure his story.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, Tuesday, and the President has a lunar return.  It happens every month, and it is the moment the Moon returns to its natal place.  Here’s the chart of this return:

Trump Lunar Return 21-1-2020

This chart, set for New York, is important, because it locks into the Saturn opposition Saturn.  Saturn is in the Twelfth House, the house of hidden enemies.  Someone unexpected might let him down.  Or something he did long ago could be revealed, with negative consequences.  Yet it is possible that Donald is tempted to do something behind the scenes.  But whatever happens, he’ll keep talking, keep Tweeting and keep being verbally aggressive.  After all, the Return chart shows Mercury rising, sextile Mars.

Wednesday January 15 2020

Saturn and Pluto are making a difficult, 150 degree aspect to Donald’s Gemini Sun.  If you’re a typical Gemini, you like to keep moving, and for best results you don’t want to stay on-topic for too long.  But things are more complicated than expected, and the complexity of political decision-making can act as a drag on the President’s creativity.

We also need to remember that Saturn and Pluto are in Trump’s Fifth House.  Traditionally, it is a House connected with children and diplomacy.  Away from the public eye, it’s a time when his children need a lot of attention.  Yes, he needs to sit down and listen to them.  In terms of foreign policy, diplomatic subtleties may be a pain in the neck.

Sunday January 12 2020

The Moon is moving through Leo, which is Donald’s Twelfth House.  It should be a time for reflection, where he can take a break from his busy life.  Of course, it’s also the weekend.

By the way, it could be argued that when you look at Donald Trump’s horoscope, you are actually looking at the horoscope of the United States.  One of my favourite films is John Boorman’s Excalibur, which is about the Arthurian myths.  In this film, Merlin is asked by Arthur what it means to be king.  He replied:

You will be the land,
and the land will be you.
If you fail, the land will perish.
As you thrive, the land will blossom.

Friday January 10 2020

Donald Trump is going to be 74 this year.  Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.  Astrologically, 74 can be an important year – Stalin was 74 when he died, so were Muhammed Ali and Jean Paul Sartre.  Of course Donald looks after himself and I’m sure he’ll be fine.  Still, it is worth noting that around the age of 74 Saturn makes an opposition aspect to its natal position.  It can be a time of crisis.  You look back at what you have achieved since your late 50s, and you often become actutely aware of your greatest failures.  You also feel a twitch of fear, Saturn being the planet of endings.

The exact day that Donald has the Saturn-Saturn aspect is January 21.  However the Full Moon today, Friday January 10, will bring this aspect into focus.  It’s a time when things start coming to light, when the truth becomes clear.  And over the next few weeks Donald will become aware of something for the first time, and I don’t think he’ll like what he sees.

Finally, Jupiter makes the exact aspect to Donald’s Mercury.  Jupiter is the planet of excess, Mercury is the planet of communication.  Pretty simple, really.

Thursday January 9 2020

It’s going to be difficult making predictions for Donald, because things are always going to be happening.  If I say, for example, that today Donald is going to be impulsive, I’ll be told that he’s always impulsive.  I nonethless have to point out that transiting Uranus is currently making a 45 degree aspect to his natal Uranus.  It is a time in his life when he is more reckless and unpredictable than usual, amazing as that might sound.

I should also point out that Jupiter in Capricorn is making an opposition aspect to Donald’s Mercury in Cancer.  Our great leader will have even more to say than usual, but he will also have a natural attraction to violent imagery.  He will be aware of his political power, and he will have no hesitation in using it.  But there is a danger that he goes too far, more so than usual.

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  • Pavani January 16, 2020, 11:42 pm

    First, if I remember nothing else about Excalibur, even after all these years I could never forget the lines you quoted.

    Second, the other day it occurred to me that Saturn, among other things, can represent solemn oaths and vows. So I decided to pull up a Bi-Wheel Trump vs. 2017 Inauguration. Result? Saturn in spades.

    However, Bi-Wheel Trump vs 2021 Inauguration: Saturn MIA.


    • Archie Dunlop January 16, 2020, 11:46 pm

      I haven’t spent much time on the inauguration chart, but I suppose it is going to be important, because it is the start of Trump’s presidency.

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