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Astrology for Tuesday May 9 2023

Happy Victory Day! This is the commemoration of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Germany. The surrender was signed at 11.01 pm on May 8, 1945, in Berlin, but Moscow time that was the next day, on May 9.  Here’s the chart, with the eight hypotheticals included:

What is interesting about the chart is the Moon, at 5 degrees 56 minutes Aries. The Moon when Hitler came to power, on January 30 1933, around noon, was also at 5 degrees Aries. So the signing of the surrender happened on Nazi Germany’s lunar return.

It is thefore not surprising that the Moon in the Victory Day chart is poorly placed: it is conjunct Mars, opposition Neptune and square Saturn.

We also notice that there is an exact square between Zeus at 19 36 Leo and Kronos at 19 39 Taurus. Zeus is the planet of military hardware and military force, while Kronos represents government authority. Together we have the idea of a miliary occupation – though we should remember that because these planets are slow moving, the square lasted on and off  for over a decade. Yet Mars at 4 38 Aries makes it special – in other words, making an exact semisquare to Kronos, an exact sesquiquadrate to Zeus. It was the final trigger.

I’ve put all this and more in today’s Youtube video. If you like it, please subscribe!

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