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Astrological trends for early April 2022

New MoonApril 2022 kicks off with a New Moon, on April 1, at 7.24 am London time. Here’s the chart, set for London:
April 1 2022 New MoonThe New Moon is making a square to the Hades-Kronos midpoint, in Cancer. Hades and Kronos are slow-moving, hypothetical planets. Hades relates to death, as well as elimination and criminality. Kronos is government, authority and the power of the state.

It’s a time when governments will be doing bad things – working behind closed doors and getting rid of their enemies. I am not just thinking about Russia – the United States, the United Kingdom and Ukraine have the same propensity for evil.

Witte and Lefeldt, in Rules for Planetary Pictures, wrote the following about the Hades-Kronos pair: “Great baseness and meanness, poverty or want. Poor government. The basic formula  for a criminal on a big scale”. This is what the New Moon brings into being. Terrible behaviour, with governments being the ultimate crooks.

An important feature of the New Moon chart is a conjunction between Mars and Saturn. Set for London, the conjunction isn’t prominent. We would have to go further east for the conjunction to be on the meridian. We then find that Moscow has the Mars-Saturn midpoint on the Midheaven. If we run the lines down (Mars on the left, Saturn on the right), we come to Eastern Ukraine:

Eastern Ukraine

We already know that the Russians are changing their military strategy and are now focusing on this area, specifically the Donbas. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is off the Mars and Saturn lines. In the Mariupol New Moon chart the Midheaven is only three arcminutes from the conjunction with the Mars-Saturn midpoint.

In Rules, we read that the Midheaven on the Mars-Saturn midpoint represents “Grief. To suffer from separations or separating actions. Decease. Cause of death. Dying. Deaths of others that make a deep impression upon the mind of the native. One’s own death”.  So it does seem, in early April, that the situation is far from perfect.

We should also cast an eye over China and Taiwan – where Mars and Saturn are setting, at the time of the New Moon. Here’s the map, showing Taiwan constricted by the two lines:

China and TaiwanIn addition, early April sees the Nodal axis square both Mars and Saturn. This is more of the same… connections with other people have a deathly quality. It’s more appropriate to go to a funeral than a wedding.

But don’t worry, things can always get worse.

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  • IanS April 1, 2022, 2:05 pm

    Thank you another great article Archie, interesting that both Kharkiv the and Belgorod are on that Mars line and both running hot at the moment. I am sure China will flex its muscles soon and Bidens and his chief of staff charts are catastrophic for April. So yes I think things are going to get worse before getting better.

  • Jas April 4, 2022, 10:46 am

    Great to see you back writing articles!!

  • Daisy Dass April 4, 2022, 12:53 pm

    I am hoping that Russia does not use Nuclear Weapons in this terrible, unnecessary war. Why I am saying this Archie, is due to the gibberish spewed by some Russian official on Amanpour’s show on CNN.
    BTW, I too love the fact that you have returned, and it would of been interesting to see what your views are on the Afghan debacle, and the upcoming US Mid terms.

    • Archie Dunlop April 4, 2022, 9:22 pm

      Thanks for the welcome! I suppose all wars are unnecessary, but some are more unnecessary than others. I think this war was inevitable, and it marks a global shift. I feel that whatever happens on a military level, the baton is moving from the West to the East. And this war is the first battle as the US and the West unsuccessfully fight against their decline.

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