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The horoscope of Volodymyr Zelensky

fVolodymyr Zelensky

I held off on interpreting Volodymyr Zelensky’s horoscope. I had to consider my own biases, which might have clouded my interpretation. Also, it’s a powerful chart, and much more dramatic than that of Vladimir Putin. Indeed, if wars are decided by the interestingness of their leaders’ horoscopes, Ukrainian forces would be at the gates of Moscow by now. But interesting doesn’t necessarily mean good.

So here is Zelensky’s horoscope, set for 2.00 pm on January 25 1978, in Krivoj Rog, Ukraine:

Zelensky horoscope

I don’t want to dwell on Zelensky’s biography. He is the current president of Ukraine, and he has been much applauded in the West for his leadership and rugged resistance to the Russian invasion. Prior to being president, he was an actor and comedian.

I should also say that I have made no attempt to find out about Zelensky’s personality, aside from what I have gleaned from news reports.

When I look at a chart, one of the first things I do is consider the elemental balance of the seven traditional planets. Zelensky has three planets in Fire signs: the Moon, Mars and Saturn, all in Leo; one planet in an Earth sign, which is Mercury in Capricorn; and three planets in Air signs, which are the Sun and Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini. Zelensky has no planets in Water signs.

This raises a polarity issue. Fire and Air are the positive elements, Earth and Water the negative ones. Six out of the seven of his traditional planets are positive. If we include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it is nine out of ten planets that are positive.

Another way of looking at a chart is through the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Five of Zelensky’s traditional planets are fixed: Sun and Venus in Aquarius, and the Moon, Mars and Saturn in Leo.

Zelensky, with all his positive, Fire and Air planets, is someone who creates and initates. I don’t think he just passively responds to events. And it does seem that he has taken ownership of the War, and how it is presented to the outside world. In this light, there is some similarity between him and Winston Churchill. Like Zelensky, Winston Churchill had six out of seven traditional planets in Fire and Air signs. They also both had their Moons in Leo. The two men lead from the front, and had a sense of the dramatic.

The Fire-Air emphasis in Zelensky’s chart gives us an idea of how he operates. As an Aquarian, he is independent-minded and stubborn. Yes, he considers the facts, but he also has a strong sense of his own rightness. At the same time there is an intuitive side to him, where he intuits what is correct without having to think about it.

But he has no planets in Water signs. He may be a performer, but sometimes he can be overly dismissive of the emotional atmosphere. And I think, with his Aquarian Sun conjunct Venus, he is able to emotionally detach himself from the suffering going on around him. Perhaps this allows him to make hard decisions, but he nonetheless has to be careful.

There may be a literal manifestation of his lack of Water. Ukraine, in choosing Zelensky as president, may lose its coastline. At the moment the Russians are moving Westwards along the Black Sea coast, presumably with the aim of reaching Odessa. This would make Ukraine effectively landlocked. Whether such a capture of territory would be sustainable is another matter, but right now the promise of Zelensky’s horoscope is being lived out.

Zelensky’s ascendant is Gemini. The ascendant is the image he presents to the world. Someone who is flexible, who can move from one thing to another with relative ease. This impression is strenghened by the presence of Jupiter in Gemini. This is what helped him be a comedian and actor. It also lightens up his chart, through its aspect to the Sun-Moon midpoint.

This is important. When you do a chart, you should always check to see if there is a planet aspecting the Sun-Moon midpoint, because this planet is likely to be very prominent. The aspects you should use are conjunctions, oppositions, squares, semi-squares and sesquiquadrates. And you should use one degree orbs.

Zelensky’s Sun-Moon midpoint is at 11 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio, and his Jupiter is at 27 degrees 9 minutes Gemini – meaning that he has Jupiter sesquiquadrate the Sun/Moon midpoint. This makes him larger than life, and gives him a sense of fun and a sense of humour.

Yet Jupiter is not the strongest planet in Zelensky’s chart. That honour belongs to the Sun. On the face of it this is surprising, because the Sun is in its detriment in Aquarius. But the Sun is in the right places: it is in a daylight chart, it is above the horizon and it is in a masculine sign. Furthermore, the Sun is in mutual reception with Saturn in Leo – the two planets are in signs which each other rule.  To make matters even better, the Sun is in close conjunction to benefic Venus, and Saturn is conjunct Regulus, the royal star.

The picture I am getting is someone tough and uncompromising, who is also able to think through the sitatuion. The Gemini rising may appear flexible, but it is possibly just a front. And because Zelensky is Ukraine’s leader, his horoscope rubs off on his country.

This has a cost. Ukraine, by standing up to Russia, has endured catastrophic destruction. It is a country that won’t bend, and this reflects the fixity of Zelensky’s horoscope. And if Ukraine does lose the war, I think it will be a sudden collapse rather than a gradual decline.

I should also point out that Zelensky’s Mars-Saturn midpoing is at 14 degrees 32 minutes Leo, which is semisquare the Aries point. The Aries point is the world at large, while the Mars-Saturn pair is associated with death and destruction. When you have a politician with the Aries point on the Mars-Saturn midpoint you have the possibility of unacceptable destruction.

As far as what is going on in Zelensky’s life right now, if you’re interested you already know. I would nonetheless like to mention his solar return, set for January 25 2022, in his place of birth:

Zelensky 2022 Solar Return

It is a clean and descriptive chart. Mars is risining in Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, and the Moon in Libra is close to the Midheaven. Mars is the planet of war, it is rising, and we therefore have the signature of a successful war leader. The Moon is the public, it is on the Midheaven, and that’s the signature of someone getting a lot of public attention.

While all this is going on, Saturn is moving through mid and late Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Zelensky’s Midheaven, so it is not surprising that he has been doing so well at his job. While Saturn can be problematic, in Aquarius, a sign of its rulership, it performs well. Matters are further helped by the fact that Zelensky’s annual profection, starting on January 25 2022, is covered by Aquarius, and is therefore ruled by Saturn.

Yet I am wondering if Mars might spoil the party. On March 6 it entered Aquarius, and it stays there until April 15. It causes a huge amount of aggravation, both to Zelensky and Ukraine. His life will certainly be in danger – I know, I’m stating the obvious here, but the astrological signature is there. We also have a Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 5.

I suppose if Ukraine and Zelensky can survive in tact until April 15, they may be over the worst. But that’s a big ask, and I am wondering if Ukraine really did the right thing choosing a president with such a powerful chart. Indeed at best it might be a case of the operation being successful, but the patient dying.

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