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Did Russia choose the right time to invade Ukraine?

Hampton Court astronomical clockElectional astrology is the astrology of timing. The astrologer chooses the best time to do something. This could be a wedding, the start of a business venture, or an important announcement. In terms of politics, astrologer Joan Quigley claimed:

“I was responsible for timing all press conferences, most speeches, the State of the Union addresses, the takeoffs and landings of Air Force One. I picked the time of Ronald Reagan’s debate with [Jimmy] Carter and the two debates with Walter Mondale; all extended trips abroad as well as the shorter trips and one-day excursions.”

As far as Russia is concerned, I doubt that Vladimir Putin consults an astrologer. However, it might have been a good idea to at least consider the astrological picture. A good invasion horoscope wouldn’t have guaranteed success, but Putin should have pondered on the fact that Reagan was the Teflon president, and that some of his success might have been down to Joan Quigley’s advice.

When you’re choosing the best time for an event, you’re usually constrained by practicality. If someone asks me about the best time to get married, I can’t say 3.37 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Likewise, if a Moscow astrologer was asked by Putin to select the best time for the invasion, he couldn’t have suggested February 15 2022, because that was during the Chinese Winter Olympics. As many analysts predicted, the invastion would come after the Olympics were finished, and before the weather started warming up. In other words, the invasion had to happen as soon after the Olympics as possible.

As it happened, the invasion started at 4.55 am Kyev time, on February 24 2022. Here’s the chart, set for Kyev:

Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

It’s not a bad chart. The Ascendant and the First House represent the aggressor. Capricorn is rising, and there is a Venus-Mars conjunction in this sign. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and benefits from its proximity to Venus. This is the signature of a successful invasion, especially as Mars is the planet of war. Furthermore, Mars rules the Tenth House, which is the objective of the operation.

If you are crazy enough to use Alfred Witte’s hypothetical planets, you’ll immediately note that Mars at 22 degrees 27 Capricorn is making a 90-degree aspect to Zeus, at 22 57 Libra. Witte connected Zeus with armaments and gunfire, and in Rules for Planetary Pictures we read that Mars-Zeus is about “Shooting flames” and “Machines. Military Technique. Officer. Firearm”.

The Mars-Zeus square was triggered by the Moon in Sagittarius, which was exactly 45 degrees from both Mars and Zeus. The Moon is also the ruler of the Seventh House, and therefore represents the Ukrainians, the defenders. Rules for Planetary Pictures describes the Moon on the Mars-Zeus midpoint as “Strong emotion. Excited populace”. This symbolizes the Ukrainian populous resisting the invasion, and specificually, taking up arms: the Moon is the people, the Mars-Zeus combination represents the free rifles being handed out.

We also see the Moon applying to a sextile aspect with Mercury in Aquarius. This shows how effective the Ukrainians have been at communicating their message to the outside world.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that astrologically the timing of the invasion was good – given the Russians were going to invade, and they had to wait until after the Olympics. But I must emphasize that a good chart doesn’t guarantee a good result – if something is fated you can’t change the outcome by messing with horoscopes.

And right now, our hypothetical Moscow astrologer is chewing on his or her fingernails. They came up with a good chart for the invasion – sorry, special military operation – but was is good enough?

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  • SD April 18, 2022, 9:25 am

    A thought about your comment on if something is fated then messing with horoscopes doesn’t change the result. Wondering if this also applies to US politics.

    Broadly speaking, the US could have chosen different presidents than Trump and Biden, but would it have made a difference in the context of the country’s Pluto Return? The way I see it, the Pluto Return signifies a change in the US and its role/status in the world, one where the trajectory of the previous 248 years is replaced with a new direction. Collectively, the US does not seem to have truly realised this. It could therefore be argued that both Trump and Biden being elected represent the Universe sending a message that the old pattern will not hold up, despite the electorate’s efforts to keep things going as they were. The thing is, you could argue that even had those two individuals never stood for office, others with similar astrological characteristics would have been elected.

    On the other hand, if the US had collectively come to terms with what its Pluto Return meant for itself and its future in the world, individuals with different charts that reflected the reality of the situation might have gained office.

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