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The astrology of Kamala Harris

Kamala HarrisSo Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick.  We already know that Donald Trump will lose in November, assuming he is on the ticket, so it seems that Harris will be the next vice president.  As far as her horoscope is concerned, she was born on October 20 1964, at 9.28 pm in Oakland, California:

Kamala Harris' horoscope

The first thing to notice about the chart is that she was born just before a Full Moon – the Full Moon was exact at 9.45 pm local time, and she was born at 9.28 pm.  By definition, a Full Moon is the opposition aspect between the Sun and the Moon.  Her Sun is at 27 degrees 48 minutes Libra, her Moon at 27 degrees 39 minutes Aries.  People who are are born on a Full Moon often alternative very quickly between the opposing signs.  In her case, one moment being very accomodating and Libran, the next moment showing the brash assertiveness of Aries.  However, we should remember that in a female chart the Moon is often stronger than the Sun, especially in a night time chart like that of Kamala Harris.  I would therefore say that she is more of an Aries than a Libran.

As far as leadership is concered, Kamala Harris has Saturn in Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven.  Saturn is in Aquarius, its own sign, and this is a signature of high office.  On the other hand, Saturn is a day planet in a nighttime chart, and also retrograde.  I am not convinced that she is fully comfortable in a position of leadership.  OK, she might feel comfortable, but will other people?  I’ve a feeling that as a leader she’ll grate, and she may not come over well in her vice-presidential debates with Mike Pence.

Nonetheless, I should have known that Kamala Harris was going to be Biden’s running mate, if I had bothered to give serous consideration to a horary question I asked on March 4 at 2.51 pm in Lakewood, Washington.  The question I asked was “Will Joe Biden be President?”.  The chart is as follows, using Regiomontanus cusps:

Will Biden be President?

My approach to this kind of horary is unconventional.  I consider my own biases.  At the time I asked the question, I wanted Biden to be president.  Although I think from a foreign policy perspective Trump is the better candidate, his approach to healthcare and the environment make it impossible for me to support him.  Because of that bias, I take Biden as the Leo Ascendant, and Trump as the Aquarius Descendant.  This makes Biden the Sun in Pisces, because the Sun rules Leo.

I do understand the counterargument.  Joe Biden is a person I don’t know, and he would then be the ruler of the Seventh House, in other words Saturn.  And that fits, because he’s the old man, even older than Donald.  However, we have to look at the overall context of the chart, and the fact that the Sun in Pisces is in mutual reception by exaltation with Venus in Aries.  This is the key to the chart, and the reason why it was always obvious that Biden would choose Kamala Harris.

Venus is the universal significator of women.  In the horary it is conjunct the Tenth House, signifying high office, at 29 degrees 48 minutes Aries.  This has to be Kamala Harris, as her natal Moon is at 27 degrees 39 minutes Aries.  And as Venus is in mutual reception with the Sun, it seems fair to assign the Sun to Joe Biden.  To my mind, the chart is not really about Joe Biden, even though I asked about him; it is instead about Kamala Harris.  She is catapulted to a position of prominence by her association with Biden.  I therefore think it a fair bet that Harris will eventually become US president – perhaps without having to win an election.  Biden might, for example, resign midterm.

Finally, a quick look at Kamala Harris’ Hindu Chart.  In July 2012 she entered her Rahu dasa, which lasts until July 2030.  Her Rahu (ie North Node) is in Gemini in the First House – so it is well placed.  This emphasizes her ambitions, and her capacity for doing whatever it takes to gain political office.  She got elected to the Senate in 2016, and she’ll be elected vice-president in 2020.  Her final step, to the White House, seems fairly straightforward.

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  • John August 23, 2020, 4:08 pm

    Thanks Archie.

    • Archie Dunlop August 23, 2020, 6:18 pm


      Glad you liked the article. Sorry it was a bit late.

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