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The horoscope of Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine MaxwellGhislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died in November 1991, probably as a result of suicide.  Robert Maxwell, whatever you think of him, led his life to the full.  Born in the the former Czechoslovakia, he was a war hero, publisher, Member of Parliament, newspaper magnate and fraud.  He was also a Gemini, if you’re interested, and he was sometimes called the Bouncing Czech.  Put another way, Ghislaine Maxwell lives in the shadow of her brilliant but crooked father.

After Robert Maxwell’s death Ghislaine Maxwell became attached to financier Jeffrey Epstein.  It seems they had some kind of relationship, and at some stage she started working for him.  Part of this work included precuring young females, in some cases for sexual purposes.  While it is true that Jeffrey Epstein paid her a lot of money over the years, there is still the question of what on earth Ghislaine Maxwell was doing.  She came from a fabulously priviledged background, and was a graduate of Oxford University.  In spite of her father’s fall from grace, and the financial constraints this caused, there was no reason for her to become the professionial enabler of someone like Jeffrey Epstein.

But maybe her horoscope can be useful.  She was born on Christmas Day 1961, at 3.20 pm, in Maisons Laffitte, France:

It’s tempting to regard Ghislaine Maxwell as a Capricorn.  She not only has the Sun in this sign, but also Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  However in the female chart one must pay attention to the Moon – it is usually more descriptive than the Sun.  Her Moon is in Leo, conjunct the IC and the North Node.  The Moon is not happy in this sign.  People with Moon in Leo want attention, but they often feel that their environment is insufficiently nurturing.  From a symbolic point of view this makes sense.  The Moon is an emotional planet, and Leo, as a sign, is dry as dust.  Matters aren’t helped by the fact that she has no traditional planets in Water signs.  The emotional side of things just isn’t her department.

If we look at the chart from a Jungian perspective, she has an overall deficit on the rational axis. To explain this, according to Jungian psychology the rational axis is about thinking and feeling, while the irrational axis relates to intution and sensation.  These modes can in turn be related to the four elements.  Fire is intuition, Earth is sensaton, Air is thinking and Water is feeling.  As Ghislaine Maxwell has only one traditional planet in an Air sign, and no traditional planets in Water signs, she has a deficit on the rational axis.  In a Jungian sense, she is irrational, despite having a degree from Oxford.  In order to act rationally, you either use your feelings or your intellect.  You feel that something is wrong, and if you can’t do that, you work it out intellectually.  And she did neither.  Her Capricorn sensations – and materialism – dominated.

Another important point about Ghislaine Maxwell’s horoscope is that most of her planets are west of the MC-IC axis.  Jupiter is east, but only just – it is conjunct the Midheaven.  When you have such western emphasis, you often have someone who is reliant on other people.  Ghislaine Maxwell is responding rather than initiating.  First she was in thrall to her father, then Jeffrey Epstein.

Her Jupiter is interesting.  It seems powerful, right at the top of the chart.  It suggests career success, and the ability to be successful in her own right.  Especially as it is completely in sect: a diurnal chart above the horizon in a daytime chart, and also a masculine planet in a masuline sign (Aquarius).  However, Ghislaine Maxwell never owned her Jupiter.  Her business activities in the 1980s were down to her father, and after her father died she got sucked into the orbit of powerful men, in particular Jeffrey Epstein.

There is another, more controversial aspect to Jupiter.  It is exactly square Hades, in the 10th degree of Taurus.  I think this is important.  Hades colours the Jupiter-Midheaven conjunction, in a way that is unfortunate.  Hades is the planet of criminality and sleaze.  Her father was a fraudster, and Jeffrey Epstein had a penchant for under-aged girls.  Somehow, Hades revelled in the situation, and perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell got a kick out of serving the many needs of her multi-millionaire boss.

Jupiter is also part of a T square.  It is opposition the Moon in Leo and square Neptune in Scorpio.  The Moon-Jupiter opposition represents exaggerated or inappropriate displays of emotion.  However, Ghislaine Maxwell is not someone who is comfortable with her emotions, so when emotions and memories and the past come into play she’s all at sea.  This is further emphasized by the fact that Neptune mediates between the two, and is indeed on the Moon-Jupiter midpoint.

As far as the sexual angle is concerned, Ghislaine Maxwell has a conjunction between Venus and Mars – like Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton.  As a result of this conjunction, sex may have been an unusually important issue for her, and according to Mark Seal in Vanity Fair she was “so socially connected and sexually self-assured that she once hosted a dinner for East Side socialites on the fine art of giving a blow job, with dildos at each place setting”.

We can better understand her sexuality by looking at the Venus-Mars midpoint, at 28 degrees 11 Sagittarius.  The Moon and Neptune both make 45/135 aspects to this midpoint.  This means that the emotional confusion of the Moon-Neptune square is channelled into her sexual expression.  Reinhold Ebertin, in The C0mbination  of Stellar Influences, wrote of Neptune on the Venus-Mars midpoint: “Pathological or abnormal cravings in sex-relationship, the negation of the love-urge, the inclination to perversity. – Disappointment in sex-relationship”.

If the allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell are true, then this would seem to fit Neptune on the Venus-Mars midpoint. Sex became part of her identity, but in a way that was emotionally detached.  The lack of Water and Air in her chart prevented her from thinking or feeling through the consequences of her actions, or the impact they would have on other people.

However, the real key to her chart is probably Jupiter on the Midheaven.  Normally in astrology one associates the Midheaven with the mother, but in this case I think Jupiter on the Midheaven is the father.  A massive, dominating influence, at the point of maximum elevation.  She was always going to do daddy’s bidding, and when Jeffrey Epstein became her new father figure she might have found it difficult if not impossible to turn down his requests.  He was the new god, and if he wanted under-aged girls she would be happy to oblige.  Indeed, with Neptune on the Venus-Mars midpoint, she would perhaps be delighted to oblige.

Technical note: Ghiselaine Maxwell has the hypothetical planet Apollon at 27 degrees 34 Gemini, close to the semi-square of Neptune, at 12 degrees 48 Scorpio. Apollon is the planet of skill, talent and expansion.  It is also a networker.  Neptune might make these attributes somewhat nefarious, and may be about the distortion of talent.  Both Neptune and Apollon aspect the Venus-Mars midpoint, and sexuality, networking and confusion are all mixed together.  Ghiselaine Maxwell had the ability to reach out and find the girls that Jeffrey Epstein was looking for.

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