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Heliocentric astrology: Pluto on the Jupiter-Saturn midpoint

Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Heliocentric conjunction.Just a quick note about heliocentric astrology.  This is astrology that is based on a heliocentric rather than a geocentric perspective.  Heliocentric astrology is often used in financial astrology, and if one is tracking the unfolding of current events one should keep a close eye on heliocentric trends.

In terms of geocentric astrology, we know that there is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21 of this year.  Though at the moment, Jupiter is retrograde, and the two planets are getting further apart.  In heliocentric astrology there is no such thing as retrograde motion.  Jupiter and Saturn are therefore moving in the same direction, and their heliocentric conjunction is on Monday November 2 2020.  In other words, the day before the US Presidential Election.

However, we shouldn’t forget that there is a third planet involved in the conjunction, namely Pluto.  And on Friday June 12, in the early afternoon, New York time,  Pluto is exactly on the heliocentric Jupiter-Saturn midpoint – see the chart above.  This is a time when we can feel the full power of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  Reinhold Ebertin, in the Combination of Stellar Influences, wrote about this midpoint as follows: “A person unafraid of any trouble or work in order to attain the desired aims slowly but surely, the demonstration of immense effort. – Violent changes, separation, restriction”.

This is a time when we can feel the violent and tranformative energy of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.  We can perhaps see this violence in the markets and on the streets, and for ourselves, we need to transform ourselves so as to make the very most of the times we’re living in.

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